15 Signs a First Date Went Really Well

The first date is always special and important because it helps you understand what kind of person you are going to date. Obviously, there are a lot of worries when you think about the first date: is she going to like you, is she going to like the place, what will you be talking about and if she likes the date, how will you understand it? First of all, let's talk about the first date and how to make it perfect.

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What Makes a Great First Date?

If you want everything to be perfect and organize the date she would like and remember, then you have to follow some rules and read the tips on how to do it.

Attitude and approach. The way you behave on the first date really matters because it is her first impression about you. Stay calm, care-free and smile. Women like when men are relaxed and confident, so that women can relax too. Do not avoid eye-contact. When she is looking at you for several seconds, don't hide your eyes, smile to her and keep looking at her as well. Eye-contact will help you form a connection between you.

Conversation. Everyone has communicated with a person who speaks only about themselves, not allowing the interlocutor to say a word. But even this is better than trying to talk to a person who has not uttered a couple of phrases for the whole evening. Situations and people can be different, but if a girl is interested, she will be attentive to what you say and will be glad to know more about you. After a successful date, you will feel that you have found a common language and common ground with a woman.

Be creative and original. Women like it when men try to impress them with creativity, so try to come up with an original idea of how to organize a date. If she is interested in fashion, you can visit the event that is somehow connected with it. Or you can prepare some quotes from her favorite book or visit a place that she has mentioned before. Anyway, it should be something unexpected for her.

Looks. First of all, when choosing a place where you are going to spend the evening, inform her what kind of place it is, so that both of you can put on something appropriate for the event. Providing she comes in evening dress, and you go to the amusement park, she will feel embarrassed and odd. Talking about you, make sure that your shoes are clean, jacket and shirt are in good condition as well as your socks, even if she doesn't see them.

Be patient. Of course, you are very excited about this evening, and you want to know more about her and maybe even hope to continue the evening at your apartment. Do not hurry, give her time to relax and enjoy the evening. Supposing she feels good with you, she will tell you more about herself later.

Place. This is a vital part of the date as it can both create an amazing atmosphere or destroy all her expectations about this evening. If you want to know her better and have a deep conversation, choose a cozy quiet place where you two can be alone and enjoy the communication. On the other hand, if you want to get some emotions and make her laugh and feel excited, you can visit the attraction park, so that you feel more relaxed and have the chance to talk in a friendly atmosphere.

TOP 15 Signs a First Date Went Well

When the evening is over, and you walk her home, you start wondering if she liked the date. You try to remember all the details but still, you have mixed feelings about the evening and look for signs a first date went really well. The amazing fact is that such signs really exist and here they are. Read and check if there are signs of chemistry on the first date.

date went wellYou immediately felt comfortable. You may feel stressed at the beginning of the date, but the more you talk, the more you calm down and relax. It's all about enjoying the evening and feeling natural with the partner. If you enjoyed the evening and felt comfort while talking to her, that's amazing.

The date went longer than expected. One of the main signs of a good first date is that it lasted longer than you expected. No one wants to spend time with a boring person. Therefore, if she offered to drink coffee or take a walk after the planned part of the program came to an end, you can be sure - this is a good sign.

You both participated equally in the conversation. It is great when there is a free flow of conversation, comfortable for both when there is no need to comment on the weather outside the window to avoid long awkward pauses when topics appear by themselves when you want to listen to each other and don't pretend!

You kissed. Well, this can mean that there may be strong feelings after the first date. Providing you kissed, she definitely liked you, and it is one of the strongest signs that the first date went really well. Congratulations! You certainly have to think about asking her out on a second date.

You laughed at the same things. A similar sense of humor means there is a connection between you. Besides, when we like the person, we often laugh at his\her jokes. Therefore, if you managed to make your partner laugh with a funny story, then you are definitely on the right track to win their heart. Well, if you laughed together and perfectly understood each other's jokes, then you can be sure that this is an answer to the question, “How do you know if a first date went well?”

You made eye contact with each other. To look into the interlocutor’s eyes, not trying to avoid eye contact is not just a polite manner, it is also one of the signs of chemistry between people. The woman you are interested in as a sexual object is likely to look at your body. A woman who has romantic feelings for you will look into your eyes. But do not forget that the interest of a woman always begins with sexual attraction.

Neither of you shied away from physical contact. Her hand in your hand, when she doesn't mind you helping her get out of the car, touching with your shoulders, when you walk too close, all these subtle touches should excite and stir up interest. Such contact will be the answer to the question, “How to tell if your first date went well?”

You didn't have the urge to take your phone. We all know that checking the phone during a date is rude, but we often neglect this rule, wanting to avoid an awkward pause or escape from boredom. The date was definitely successful when you realize that you didn't use the phone during your date. If you had a huge desire to check Instagram (or notice that your partner scrolled the news feed), you may not be the perfect couple.

You don't feel very nervous during the date. As you understand that your partner and you have a connection, you stop worrying so much. A good date is when you behave naturally, and your hands are not sweating because of anxiety. If you just let it go and don't think what to say, that's one of the signs a date is going well.

You added each other on social media. It is unlikely that a person who did not like you would ask how to find you on Facebook or Instagram. If the date went in the worst way, she would simply delete your phone number and forget it forever. So if you received a friend request from a woman after your first date, then you can hope for continuing communication.

You spoke about "future" plans together. For example, next time you plan to visit a new exhibition in an art gallery or go to a concert of a group that you both like. Such spontaneous decisions mean that you have found common hobbies, and secondly, this is one of the signs she is interested in you after the first date.

The conversation went further than small talk. Providing you didn't just discuss the weather or some simple facts about each other like work or education but went on talking culture, childhood or sharing funny stories about each other, you can ask her for a second date. She will be interested in talking to you one more time.

You told your friends about the date. We always share the good news with our friends. If you have the desire to tell your friends about the woman you have just spent the evening with, she really impressed you! Most likely, she will tell her friends about you too.

signs a first date went wellShe seems genuinely interested in you and your life. If she keeps asking you questions during the meeting and listens attentively to everything you say, it means she is really interested in you. Genuine interest of the woman in your personality is one of the first date signs she likes you.

You didn't want to say goodbye. If your meeting didn't end without explanation, but you are both are planning to see each other again - this is a big success. If none of you left your first date earlier, explaining that you have to feed your pet or get up early tomorrow, then it was a good date.

What to Do After a First Date

Relationships can be a little awkward at first, especially after the first date. Think about whether you want to go on a date again, and if the answer is yes, then let your partner know about it. There still can be some embarrassment at the initial stage of the relationship, but a few etiquette tips will help you smooth it out to fully enjoy each other’s company after your first date.

Play it cool. Remember, this is just a first date. People sometimes rush to conclusions after the first date. When thinking about the impression of a meeting, consider different perspectives. This is just one date. If you didn’t really like it, or vice versa, you had a wonderful time, remember that this is only one meeting, and do not hurry with conclusions.

Even if a spark did not flash between you, this does not mean that there is no point in meeting this person one more time. If you had a good time, then give her a second chance, if, of course, there were no obvious alarm signals.

Try not to over-analyze. It is important to listen to your feelings after a date, but try not to go into too much detail, this can do more harm than good. Do not dwell on the meaning of every touch and hug, or other gesture. Although sometimes such small details can tell about some features of a person, at the same time they may not have any meaning.

For example, if your partner checked her messages during dinner, you might think that this is a sign of disrespect and indicates inattention. If this happened just once during the whole date, maybe she just checked what time it was, or was waiting for an important call.

Think twice if you want to go on a second date. Sometimes you are dead sure that you have to meet her again, and sometimes it is not that easy to decide. Nobody forces you to go on a second date if you do not want, but if you had a good time, then you should give a person a chance. At the same time, if you felt uncomfortable on a date, and you were neither interested nor amazed, then you should try your luck with someone else.

Chatting or hanging on the phone. Send her the message that you enjoyed the evening if you are interested in a relationship. There is no need to pour out all your feelings about a wonderful time, a simple and easy message will be enough. For example, “I had a great time yesterday. Let's spend some time together again.” There is no necessity to wait around three days to text her. You can do it immediately when you got home or the next day.

Chat on social networks. You can reply to a tweet or make a post on Facebook. This will show the person that you are interested in further communication. Very often after the first date, people feel more relaxed while communicating as they know each other a little bit. Communication via networking sites can make your feelings even stronger. There is no need to text her every hour and tell all the details about your day.

Do not bend over with messages. If a person does not respond immediately or gives short answers, she may be busy or she doesn't want to talk right now. It is quite normal to send a lot of messages to her if she supports correspondence, but if there is no answer, then it is better to slow down a little. You do not want to seem desperate, it can seem irritating. You can send her a funny photo or video, ask her about her day and wish her a good night.

Organize a second date. If you feel there is a chemistry between you, it is worth asking this person out on a second date. If you want to see her again, tell her about it. Do not wait too long since she may decide that you are just playing with her, and you are not serious. In a day or two, send a similar message, "When will you have some free time? I would be very happy to meet again."

When choosing a place for the second date, consider what you already know about her. If she told you that she hates overcrowded places, it is a bad idea to go to the shopping center. If she mentioned that she wants to visit a new restaurant, park or center, you have a great chance to do it together.

good first dateIt is too early to go to the cinema. Try to come up with a place where you can talk because it is better to find out more about each other at this stage. Visiting a place where you could have fun would be the best choice for the second date.

Kiss. Basically, it is the first thing you can do right on the second date. People usually are not that intense and behave naturally. Find the right moment for it not to scare her. It shouldn't be a complete surprise for her. You can start talking about more intimate things like relationships or something pleasant. It would be great if there were only you two.

Do not rush with the kiss. If you see that she is not ready or she doesn't want to do it now, give her a little time. Maybe she needs time to open. Women appreciate when men understand them and are not in a hurry. On the other hand, do not wait too long to do it. You can kiss her at the end of the second date. It is just a perfect moment to see whether there can be something more than friendship between you.

If Everything Went Wrong

Learn to accept rejection. Everything can happen, and if suddenly you realize that she didn't like you, don't be disappointed. Sometimes a person just does not experience the same feelings as you. If she told you that she doesn't want a second date, try to accept it with dignity. Thank the person for her sincerity and wish her all the best. As an example, say that you appreciate her sincerity and wish her good luck in finding a soul mate.

Remember that failure is not a personal offense. In most cases, romantic rejection is not an attempt to offend you. If a girl does not want to go on a second date with you, do not rush to think that she considers you to be bad or unattractive. Each case is unique, but usually, the refusal is not addressed to "you," but to your proposal to go on a date.

Consider the possible reasons for the refusal. Mentally returning to failure is unpleasant, but after a period of sadness, you will understand the situation better and close the topic. If you think that the girl refused because she does not like a certain aspect of your personality, then think about whether it was worth changing or is it a matter of personal preference. It should be understood that the refusal could be due to other reasons that have nothing to do with you: the girl is too busy right now or experiencing personal or emotional problems.

The most important is not to despair and remember that you can always meet a girl online while scrolling the social networks, forums or special dating sites. Many lonely women want to be loved and look for a soulmate. So you can try using such websites anytime. The advantage is that you can stay at home while looking for love.

So if you ask yourself again and again, “How do I know if a first date went well?” read this article and try to remember if there were these signs. Anyway, it is worth checking and asking the woman for a second date. Good luck with it!

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