Are the watery astrological element Pisces and the earthly astrological element Virgo compatible in a relationship?

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If you look at the circle of elements, the two considered signs are clearly on opposite sides. It should indicate that the representatives of these signs have different character traits and are very different from each other. This statement has the right to life, but this circumstance does not prevent the couple from quickly attracting each other with even a relatively small set of primary contact points. Fortunately, the relationship between the water and earth elements shows that an alliance is still possible. 

Pisces and Virgo compatibility

The earth sign traditionally tries to create a particular island of stability and firmness. It helps him to act in many areas of life, having more confidence due to a reliable rear. In contrast to the practical Earth, a fickle water sign, on the contrary, has seven Fridays in the Week, making his life and his partner's life more exciting and eventful. As you can see, the couple's success is possible if the partners learn to accept the differences and use them to their advantage.   

Pisces and Virgo sexual compatibility in bed

In this aspect, the couple has nothing to brag about, as the situation leaves much to be desired, especially in comparison to other signs. It's all about different approaches to the process. Water likes a lot of romance, all kinds of foreplay, experimentation, and new emotions. On the other hand, the Earth concentrates solely on achieving physical pleasure, ignoring the spiritual component of the process. Therefore, partners will have to discuss nuances, pointing out various essential moments constantly. Naturally, this state of affairs does not suit everyone, and one party may feel acute dissatisfaction.

Pisces and Virgo friendship compatibility

Regarding the ability of signs to be friends with each other, astrologers have well-founded doubts. In this union, the parties must see a mutual benefit and understand the goals for which the friendship is maintained. Only this can make the parties do the personal work to adjust to their partner. If there is some kind of incentive all the time, then people may even change themselves in the name of the affair.

All this happens because of the extremely low emotionality of the earth sign. It can simply not react to events with a whole kaleidoscope of emotions. As a result, the water sign begins to feel uncomfortable, believing that he does not see the proper return from his partner. At the same time, it can be difficult for an earth element to get along with a seemingly unpredictable water adept.

Pisces and Virgo compatibility percentage

Pisces and Virgo compatibility percentage

Are Pisces and Virgo a good match to be soulmates?

At first, after meeting, this pair may have excellent compatibility because people attract and intrigue each other with a significant difference in character. Moreover, each side seeks and finds in this union something unique. The water sign wants stability, which is why it is happy to find a partner like Virgo. In turn, the earth element is glad to have the opportunity to help someone with the right advice and to guide the partner along the suitable vector. But everything is possible only if the parties succeed in accepting the other half or even in becoming soul mates.

Potential problems in a Pisces and Virgo relationship

The critical problem in the union of different signs is often excessively high expectations. And this concerns both love affairs and specific aspects of the partner's character. Therefore, it is essential to approach the matter with as few illusions as possible. It will save a considerable amount of nerve cells and not think that your story has come to a blind corner or has gone the wrong way.

Both elements are susceptible to such an aspect of the character as fidelity. We can see this at the start of a relationship. Every wrong move aside seems like an annoying betrayal in the background of the fascination with a person. And it is not necessarily true. For this reason, it is strongly recommended from the beginning to respect other people's privacy and build everything solely on mutual trust. Separately, living in captivity of your own invented delusions is extremely dangerous. There is no need to over-idealize the partner. You should also not invent problems literally from nothing.

Pisces and Virgo marriage compatibility

Experts consider the first time after marriage the most difficult and dangerous time for the couple. The difficulty usually lies in trying to establish a life together. Ordinary and everyday things often knock out the partners and become the cause of conflict situations. And each side will react to them in a completely different way. For example, the earthly sign is traditionally stingy in manifesting emotions, while the Water does not hesitate to show its exuberant nature.

There is no need to hide the fact that partners will have to reserve a titanic amount of patience for pass the period of adjustment successfully. People will have to accept all the peculiarities of each other and then develop a working model of behavioral response to them. Fortunately, the signs show flexibility, meaning the difficult path almost always ends with a happy outcome. And indeed, the marriage of such people is characterized by strength and observance of fidelity.

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