10 Reasons You Should Never Date a Russian Woman

We bet that you have thought about making a couple with a girl from Russia. Indeed, how bizarre! But let us slow it down. Do you know what to expect from her? What secrets do Eastern European women hide? This is what you must figure out actually. Read and decide if you are strong enough to take the adventure of dating someone with a dissimilar mentality.


1. You must deserve such beauty

Russian girls are not only blessed by Mother Nature but also treat their appearance like the greatest value ever. No matter whether they go to a fashionable cocktail party or just to a local supermarket – they always look splendid, for this gives them self-confidence and wonderful mood. Do not forget: a beautiful lady merits a good-looking man, so you will have to take care of your clothes, boots, and hairstyle. So exhausting!

2. Her faithfulness is mesmerizing

The core element of any Russian girl`s credo is to be committed to her second half. Building a strong family is essential for the entire Slavic culture. Therefore, Russian ladies seek a real bond from the beginning. When you are in a trouble, she will stand by you and do anything to work the situation out. If you are not interested in serious relationships and prefer having fun with a new girl every night, Russian women are not your type.

3. Her big family may appreciate you

When you start dating a Russian woman, remember that you will have to become close not only with her but with all her family members. As we have already mentioned, all Slavs are devoted to their relatives – parents, grandparents, uncles, aunties etc. Do not be surprised if you discover that she still lives with her dear ones – this is the norm. It means that your love will regularly invite you to her place for long dinner parties and intimate conversations with her parents.

4. She is too strong-minded for you

In Russia, not many gallant princes can be found, a well-known stereotype about local men a.k.a. wild bears is relatively right. Due to this fact, Russian women attempt to be self-sufficient in any aspect of life. This includes receiving a qualitative education and professional and personal achievements. Although your girl dreams about a tender and reliable sweetheart, she struggles to prove her worth as well. Will you be able to stand this?

5. You will have to change for the better

OK, we all know that you are a good guy. But do you think it is enough? To be an excellent partner for a Russian girl, you must show her that you are the right man: brave, smart, kind, generous and courteous. Do not take it for perfectionism! Just think: how a beautiful, educated and gracious lady can fall in love with someone lazy and tedious? Surely, it is impossible, so you must demonstrate all your best character traits to her.

6. Respective wooing is difficult

Russians definitely have some national peculiarities. As you might know, one of them is introspectiveness. That’s why meeting a Russian girl for the first time, you may consider her as a shy and introverted person. Not so fast! As any other Slavic woman, your beloved looks for a truly special man; hence, she cannot simply give her heart to anyone. What you should do is to care about her properly. See our recommendations above.

7. You can get used to Russian cuisine

Food is a significant part of Russian culture. In keeping with tradition, a true Russian woman must feed hand-cooked meals to her guests, and the portions have to be really large. Prepare to taste Beef Stroganoff, kholodets, syrniki and lots of other weird stuff that you might think is not so delicious. Do not be scared. Eventually, you will like it – we promise.

8. She can make a hurricane in your bed

Of course, different girls like different things and have contrasting fantasies. At the same time, every Russian lady will certainly impress you with her growing appetites and powerful imagination. We have no doubt that you wish to please your woman in return. Now, answer the question: how are you going to handle that passion? You had better plan it for instance!

9. She may turn out to be intelligent

Great literature is another reason for Russians` pride. Pushkin, Tolstoy, and Chekhov – have you ever heard those names? “Education must be all-embracing”, that is what Russians say. This tendency occurred in the Soviet Union era and still flourishes. What if your woman will be much smarter than you?

10. Her talents are uncountable

Self-growth is something young Russian women are obsessed with. Apart from fantastic culinary and sex skills, your potential girlfriend might be a dancer, a needleworker or even an advanced sports player. You know, Russian parents merely encourage their children to be many-sided. Thus, she will probably share some of your hobbies. On the one hand, this is amazing. On the other hand, how much have you accomplished?

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