How to date a Cancer Woman

Representatives of the sign of the zodiac are born from 22 June to 22 July. These are the most mysterious women in the entire horoscope. They are so mysterious that their behavior should be solved like some kind of puzzle. The most interesting thing is that these ladies are feminine, vulnerable, and sensitive natures. They can conquer men with one look. The representatives of the constellation are attractive and have a fine mental organization. Moreover, over the years, they become even more beautiful and often marry younger men.

how to know if a cancer woman likes you

Cancer Woman Traits

This is an unusual sign of the zodiac, and even the best horoscope will not help you fully find out what is inside her. But still, when we talk about a Cancer woman personality, the image of a romantic and kind girl appears. What else can be said about her?

They are very feminine girls. They have some special charm, which attracts the attention of others. A Cancer woman is very sensual and understanding nature, she is created for warmth, romance, and comfort. But the requirements of modern life make her change, demanding her participation in providing the family on a par with a man. After getting married, this lady is entirely devoted to family concerns and is ready to make any sacrifices for the sake of loved ones. You will never find a better housewife and mother for children.

Her whole appearance is filled with inner harmony. A Cancer woman adores looking nice. She most often chooses classics in clothes. But she prefers to do makeup in dark shades, which adds even more mystery to her look. The unique characteristic of a Cancer woman in love is the ability to become younger from year to year. Outwardly, she is incredibly attractive, has the perfect body that many young men like. Her languid eyes enchant any man and will not leave indifferent. And the inner mystery interests men – everyone tries to understand what she hides behind this mask. But only the chosen and closest person is worthy to know what she has in her heart.

Cancer woman traits include such a feature as patience. These ladies also treat other people with understanding but forgiving the offender for something is extremely difficult for them. It should be noted that most of the representatives of this mysterious sign of the zodiac are empaths. They can acutely experience and sympathize with even unfamiliar people, presenting themselves in these situations. It also manifests itself in communication: a Cancer girl can very quickly get close to a man, becoming a friend for him as soon as possible. This can be justified by the fact that single women online are consciously or unconsciously looking for soul mates – people who are close to them in outlook and understand their inner world.

cancer woman traitsDespite her good nature and predisposition to any intercourse, the Cancer woman is a representative of a closed constellation. From the side, she seems very charming, sociable, and ready to give out all her secrets. But actually, she can skillfully bypass sharp corners, smooth out conflicts, and avoid unpleasant topics. If the situation is too tense, she doesn’t hesitate to say boldly that other people’s questions are too intrusive or inappropriate. However, the main disadvantage of women under the sign of the zodiac Cancer is that she gets used to living in the past. She is very attached to her first love and during her life, she often remembers it.

Women of this zodiac sign can confidently move up the career ladder, make progress, but excessive tearfulness and a sea of emotions negate all their work. Colleagues can trust them all the secrets because they will never tell them to anyone. But if such a woman successfully marries, and there is a question between family and work arises, then a Cancer woman will always choose family. However, even though they are hard workers, the characteristic of the sign of the zodiac in the work is more negative than positive. Such a woman can start a new business with pleasure but will hardly bring it to the end. Therefore, not every representative of this sign can reach heights.

Dating a Cancer Woman: Tips and Advice

If you are one of those who want to remind about your love every day and satisfy your darling, then such a lady is perfect for you. For her, constant confirmation of love, caress, intimate conversations, and support is the main thing in relationships with men.

If you are going to have a relationship with such a lady, then know that she is not scandalous, moreover, you will get an intelligent life partner. Being involved in dating a Cancer woman, you will always be listened to, and she will not burden you with tedious talk about her problems. However, a sense of ownership should be added to this. As a result, you get a good woman who doesn’t forgive cheating and insults, so that by deceiving her once, you risk losing her forever. But in any case, even if a little quarrel happens, you have to take the first step, not waiting for it from the Cancer woman.

The Cancer woman in a relationship will always remain loyal. But she will expect (even demand) from the man the same. Physical betrayal has no excuse or justification for this lady. Also, in the relationship, she needs constant care and attention. Then the woman under this sign will be just happy. This lady needs her man to be not only the love of her life but also her best friend. The couple should have a mutual understanding, then the woman will receive satisfaction from this relationship. So, if you want to be with such a girl, be a real man in a relationship.

These women are the owners of a rich inner world. They perceive everything in a romantic way. If you want to build a relationship with this person, then it is best to show yourself as an attentive person. Show a Cancer woman that you need her like air or water, and that your life is simply unthinkable without her. This is exactly what a girl born under such a zodiac dreams of. Take care of her, meeting her from work, taking home, putting your jacket on her shoulders on cold evenings, and so on. Remember that your attention and protection is more valuable for this girl than any gifts.

However, obsession is also unlikely to enjoy this fragile person. Don’t be too pushy, this will surely scare the woman off. Although she needs a strong defender, she doesn’t like the pressure. Interestingly, being quite reserved and cautious, the lady of this sign prefers open, quite predictable men. In addition, she loves adorable and lively conversations. When you meet single girls, get ready for the fact that on the first date, they can enthusiastically discuss their favorite movies or books. Be open with her and tell her about yourself and your favorite things too. If you don’t know something, then just say so. Don’t impersonate who you are not. These ladies feel false immediately.

For a Cancer woman to finally fall in love with you, you must invite her to your home for a self-made dinner. She should see a man at home, appreciate his economy and care. You have to tell her about your desire to have a family and, of course, children. Indeed, in her man, she, first of all, wants to see the father of her child. How to know if a Cancer woman likes you? You will be able to understand that she feels something for you after the first intimate date. She has been preparing for this for a long time as for an important event in her life. If the girl takes the first step to the beginning of sexual relationships, it means that she has deep feelings and is ready to connect her life with her lover and give birth to children from him.

Cancer Woman and Intimate Relationships

This woman is too prone to prejudice in sex, so she will take gentle encouragement from the man so that she can fully open up and succumb to her wishes. One wrong step and she immediately closes in herself, becomes timid and indecisive. She will not be able to get pleasure. But if a man manages to encourage her confidence in herself, to show attention and care, she will reward him in full because such a girl can be very passionate in bed. She is very sensual. But most of all, she wants the man to feel at the top of bliss and will do everything possible for that.

cancer womenRepresentatives of this zodiac sign don’t hesitate to express their desires and preferences, demanding that their partners show imagination and readiness for experiments. Sexual relations are perceived very confidentially, so both partners are obliged to fully trust each other. If they manage to tune in to one wave, they will have a synchronous and very strong pleasure.

Cancer personality female traits in bed can be described as sensual. Such a woman doesn’t know how to imitate sensations, but that’s what turns her on. At the same time, violently responding to the passion of a man, she can drive you crazy. And when the relationship reaches a pleasant peak, most likely, the girl will invite her chosen one to a romantic dinner with candles. And she will expect affection, attention, beautiful words, and admiration. If the partner meets her expectation, she will be free from prejudice and will do what she likes most in bed.

Despite her softness, this zodiac sign loves to dominate in bed. Only here she changes her line of behavior, aimed at meeting the needs of men. The sexuality of this lady is manifested in sex. Passionate behavior is directed to personal needs. In the intimate sphere, a Cancer woman cares about bringing pleasure to a partner and leads the process. If the man takes the initiative, then this impulse can be quickly suppressed by a woman. Most of these women, want to experiment in bed.

Cancer Woman Compatibility

A Cancer girl has the best compatibility with Taurus men, with whom she can have a long and strong relationship. Compatibility of the two most sensitive signs – a Cancer woman and a Pisces man will turn out to be a union of people who fully understand and trust each other. The only thing that these two people should work on is their excessive daydreaming.

Being involved in dating a cancer woman, a Capricorn man will not have an incredible passion or constant attention from her. However, he will be able to provide financial independence, stability, and security. A Scorpio man pulls to a Cancer woman like a magnet and, despite many problems that often arise between them, they can stay and work well together.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, despite all their secrecy, Cancer women know how to love and are ready to demonstrate to their chosen one all the strength and fervor of feelings, but they will require the same emotions from men. Now you can understand how to keep such a woman nearby. If you sincerely love your girlfriend and are ready to patiently follow all the recommendations, you will have a faithful wife who will love you forever.

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I’m a Cancer woman, and my husband is Pisces. We have been married already for 9 years. I can say that we are very happy with each other and have 2 children.
21.08.2020 11:08

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