Tips and Survival Advice for Dating During the Lockdown

Those who in these hard times live together with their partners probably spend much more time together than those don't live with their partners. The second type suffers much more from this situation. Still, some people suffer even more, for example, those who are just in the middle of their honeymoon because this situation literally kills all the magic of the honeymoon phase. Plus, we cannot forget about those who haven't met their significant others yet. As you may know, dating has recently become very complicated, and the only way those people can find romantic partners is to find some nice dating site to meet women or men.

Even though things seem to be very bad, there is still light for everyone. You see, the good news is that no matter whether you are hunkered down together with your partner, live apart, or even not yet found a significant other, you have many options to stay connected with your lover or find one. Your only task is to learn how to keep your relationship going if you are living apart, learn to deal with arguments and boredom if you live together, or learn to use modern means of communication to find a perfect dating partner.

mantaining relationships on lockdown

Hidden Bonuses of Self-Isolation for the Dating Life

Even in these hard times, when everything seems to be very bad, we still have many options to be happy. The Internet is full of various couples' activities aimed at maintaining relationships on lockdown. Furthermore, now, you have much more free time, and fewer things can distract you from your goals and hobbies. Just like anything else in this life, the lockdown has its own pros and cons. Today, instead of focusing on obvious cons of solitude and lockdown, we are going to share with you hidden bonuses of self-isolation for the dating life. Way too many people believe that their romantic life should be postponed for a better future, but today we want to deal with this myth once and for all.

1. More time for building an emotional connection

One of the main features of dating during the lockdown is that you don't have to hurry. You see, normally, people spend at least half of their time for work and other matters, but now, you have as much time as you want. Thus, there is no need to rush things between you because you can invest up to 90% of your time in your relationship. Your task is to effectively use this free time and improve your relationship with a current partner, or just find a new one. Building an emotional connection is a very time-consuming process, but now you have plenty of time to invest in your lover and relationship.

2. You can truly get to know your new romantic partner

It is obvious that online dating is the best tool for dating from home, but normally, people tend to rush things to have a real date as soon as possible. Well, real dates are not much of an option nowadays. Consequently, people tend to spend more time texting and having a voice or video calls. If you are searching for a new romantic partner, you can use this to your own advantage to learn more about him or her. This will help you avoid disappointments and awkward first dates with people whom you don't really know. Plus, you will see how he or she reacts to stress.

3. More time to understand yourself

You know, sometimes people change partners like gloves, and every new partner brings only more disappointment in their lives. Eventually, those people begin to believe that they were meant to be alone. Surely this is nonsense! If you are one of those people who can't find someone to build a long-term relationship, then you can benefit from this terrible state of affairs. The time has come to make a pause in dating and spend some time alone to sort your own emotions and feelings. You will never find a nice partner if you can't understand your own needs and desires.

4. More time to learn to please each other

Here we are talking about the emotional and physical aspects of this life. Dating under lockdown gives you a great opportunity to learn more about each other, even if you are not living together. In this case, you, via texting, voice, and video calls, will learn what compliments your partner likes, what his or her favorite topics to discuss, books, and hobbies are. Thus, when this situation ends, you will pleasantly surprise your partner with your ability to please him or her. Things get even better if you are hunkered down together. In this case, you have plenty of opportunities and time to learn what your partner likes and enjoys in every aspect of life.

online dating during the lockdown5. You will share new hobbies

In the 21st century, lockdown and relationships can match very well. For example, during a lockdown, you and your partner can share new hobbies. You both now have plenty of free time, even if you are not living together, you still can do something together while having an online video chat. For example, you can arrange a cooking competition. If you don't have a romantic partner, you can use your hobby to find one. Thus, you will ensure that you will have topics to discuss and ice breakers to start a conversation. The main idea is to actively search for new things to do together with your romantic partner.

6. You will learn to act as a real team

You can already find many funny lockdown love stories when partners decided to marry, shortly after they found themselves locked together due to the situation in the world. If you already have a romantic partner and found yourself trapped together, then you have two options. The first option is to bury your relationship under your quarrels, pain, and anger. The second option, also the most preferable one, is to learn how to deal with everything together. If you want to choose the second one, you must understand that it will require a tremendous amount of effort for both of you. However, this will pay off, and eventually, together, you will be able to deal literary with everything.

7. You can spend the whole day on your bed

One of the most interesting things about lockdown dating is that you can spend the whole day on your bed together with your romantic partner. Normally, you both have to wake up early in the morning to make sure that you won't be late for work, and even when you come back home, you feel too tired or even exhausted to spend quality time together. Well, everything has changed since the lockdown. Hence, you can spend the whole day while lying in your bed together with your partner. Bring your laptops to be able to work, coffee, and cookies to feel comfortable and make pauses to be able to cuddle from time to time. If you are not living together, then you can use video-calls to achieve approximately the same with the only difference that cuddling, and kissing will be substituted with funny emojis.

Main Rules of Lockdown Dating

Of course, a few people want to be in the situation we find ourselves in these days. Probably nobody could even imagine it. However, the positive side of this whole thing is that now we know that self-isolation and dating are not two opposite things. Nowadays, we don't even have to leave our homes to date people. Online dating is a very nice tool, but it can be helpful only if you know the main rules of lockdown dating. It is obvious that, under current circumstances, arranging real dates sounds like a very foolish thing to do. Thus, today, we are going to discuss the main rules of lockdown dating that will be suitable for everyone, no matter whether you have a romantic partner or not.

1. Avoid being needy

These are very hard times for everyone, but it doesn't mean that your partner is your cry pillow. Offloading your emotional baggage on your significant other is a very bad idea, believe me. Remember, your partner also suffers from this, and you will drag him or her down by constantly talking about how bad you feel because of this situation and not being able to hug and kiss them. Additionally, it is not possible to be messaging 24/7, because you both still have other things to do and problems to resolve, especially if your partner is a key worker.

2. Plan your future

The biggest problem in isolation dating when you and your partner under lockdown in different places is to maintain hope and believe in a better future. Usually, you can spend time together every day, and it seems to be normal. Hence, you never value this as much as you should. But, in the case of lockdown and dating, you need to constantly support your partner to ensure that he or she has something to look forward to when the lockdown is over. Making some funny plans is a very nice way to ensure this, and to keep your relationship going while you are forced to self-isolation.

3. Express your feelings and talk about your emotions

We are in the middle of a massive lockdown and self-isolation, and it is absolutely normal to feel stressed, worried, angry, and even frustrated. In happy relationships, partners never fear to vocalize their feelings and emotions, because this helps them connect. However, be very careful, because there is a tiny border between sharing your feelings and emotions and using your partner as a cry pillow. Thus, you should always give your partner time and opportunity to express his or her feelings and emotions. Always listen to what your partner has to say very attentively and carefully to be able to provide necessary support and help.

4. Stay in touch with your partner

The worst mistake that you can do now is to go on radio silence and completely disappear from your partner's life. Choose any messenger you both like and make sure that you can always stay in touch. You don't even need to write big messages. For example, it is enough just to write something like, "How are you?" or "I am watching TV, how about you?" These small conversation starters help you stay in touch and show your partner that you still remember him or her. Even if you want to stay alone for some time, before going offline, tell your partner about this and schedule your next communication session.

5. Exchange funny gifs or memes

Online dating during the lockdown can be a very hard task from an emotional perspective, but there are ways to make it easier and even funnier. Hence, every time when you find something interesting while scrolling your Twitter or Instagram account, send it to your partner. dating during the lockdownThis is especially perfect if those funny gifs or memes remind you of your partner, but even generally funny things are great. It will make you both feel that you are on each other minds, which is very nice for emotional connection because it can lift your spirits.

Apps and Dating Sites for Dating During the Lockdown

If you don't have a romantic partner yet, then you can use this lockdown as an opportunity to find one. However, you need to know that these days, the online dating market is overinflated with various dating apps and websites. If you are just making the first steps in online dating, it may be very hard for you to find a perfect dating app or a website. The world of online dating is filled with fraudsters and just inadequate people. Hence, we've decided to share with you the top 4 trustworthy apps and dating sites for dating during the lockdown. Of course, you can use whatever app or website you like, but this will be a great start for you.

1. Tinder

When people talk about online dating, Tinder is the first app that comes in mind. Not without a good reason, Tinder has become so popular. It has very advanced search algorithms and filters, plus it has a very user-friendly design. Thus, it is very easy to use. You only need to download it, sign up, fill your profile data, choose age, and set a distance limit. That is it. Now, you are good to go. Just swipe right those you like, and if they do the same with you, you will have a match. Even though either of you can start a conversation, it is still better to have some ice-breakers in mind.

2. Coffee Meets Bagel

If you prefer quality over quantity, then this dating app is perfect for you. The developers claim that this app exists only for serious and meaningful partnerships. This is why they allow their users to have only one match a day. However, if you match a person who doesn't do the same, you will have to wait the following day to be able to match someone again. Consequently, we don't recommend this dating app as the main one, but it works well in addition to other dating websites and apps.

3. Romancecompass

According to the fact that you, in any case, need to wait until the lockdown ends to have real meetings and dates with someone, then why don't you try to find a foreign romantic partner? Romancecompass is one of the best websites aimed to help people find international romantic partners. It is very easy to use it, and it often provides nice and relevant matches due to advanced search algorithms and filters. Additionally, you have nothing to worry about if you don't speak other languages because it has a built-in translator for foreigners.

4. Hinge

Some people even believe that this app is the Instagram of dating apps. Although it is just a little bit less popular than Tinder, this apps gives you more accountability. According to the latest surveys, Hinge is setting up a date for someone every four seconds. Another feature of this app is that they use many various questions and quotes to help you make a perfect dating profile. Consequently, you will learn a lot about other people from their answers way before having a conversation with them. This is a very nice choice for those who avoid making random swipes.

To be honest, nowadays, one of the most disturbing questions that bother almost everyone sounds like, "Can I develop my relationship in a lockdown?" Personally I believe that nothing can stop two loving hearts from being happy together, even on distance. Additionally, there are many examples of people who feel very happy together. Also, isolation in no way means that you can't find a new romantic partner. The Internet provides us with almost infinite opportunities to date other people by texting them or having voice and video-chats.

We hope that after reading this article, you have a clue about how to date on lockdown. Remember, your current inability to have physical contact with your lovers provides you plenty of opportunities to develop your emotional connection. Rest assured, it is just enough to have a smartphone to work on your emotional connection with your partner. You may even fall in love with someone way before you meet in real life. Of course, it may not be possible to prove your feelings without physical connection at some point, but no one says that the lockdown will be eternal.

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