What to Wear on a First Date? 20 Tips from Experts

The first date is probably the most important one as it will most likely tell you everything you should know about your partner, and the success of this date is a very crucial issue. True, you will not be able to discover all the things about a person in just one date because it is impossible, and you should not perceive it as your goal. A first date is a preview of things to come, it is a summary of the things you will most likely experience in the future.

Thus, with all of the pressure that is associated with this event, lots of people are just unable to think of a good way to dress up for this event, they go out and buy all sorts of new clothes to look fresh and sharp, but they end up feeling uncomfortable. They decide to stick to their guns and go on a date in their usual attire – they end up looking like complete idiots. What should a person do in this situation? Is there some universal truth? What to wear on a first date? Well, let’s answer all of these questions.

what to wear first date

What to Wear on a First Date: Basic Rules for Everyone

The most important thing you have to remember when it comes to clothes and life as a whole is that we are all different and no advice can be applied to all the people that hear it. We are all visually distinct and thus, some things just don’t fit us all that well. Some of us are curvy, some of us are slim, some of us are tall, some of us are small. However, you should remember that, despite all of these differences between people, there are some common rules that should be followed. They are important because they are not dependent on these differences.

Choose what suits you best

What to wear on the first date? A sense of identity is the key to any successful outfit. This doesn’t mean that you should find your late grandma’s hat and accompany it with a new pair of Yeezus, this will not work, that’s an irrational combination. What we mean by “a sense of identity” is the ability to pick the right outfit that will suit your facial features and your body.

Dress the clothes you feel comfortable in

In my honest opinion, this is the most important rule of choosing an outfit for a date or for any other important event at that. Just imagine feeling even a slight form of discomfort throughout the date. Just imagine that you’ve just bought a new jacket, and it was fine in the store, but now it squeezes all the life out of your shoulders and chest. Does that sound like something you would want to experience? I don’t think so.

Take care of your clothes' neatness

The importance of the previous point should not diminish this one. Sure, a sense of comfort is the most important part of any piece of clothing, but you can at least try to hide your discomfort, you may sit in a certain position so as not to feel it for some time, but you will not be able to hide your dirty shoes or a stain on your shirt. Looking like a homeless person is not a current trend of fashion, and it will never be one.

First Date Styles Mistakes

Fortunately enough, it is extremely unlikely that you will ever have a date with a person that has a giant stain on their shirt, that would certainly be the dumbest mistake one could make. This is a somewhat unrealistic scenario, but it is still a big mistake, nonetheless. Let’s talk about some other mistakes that you can make or encounter in your dating life. Sure, there are probably thousands of possible mistakes one could make on a date, but we’ve decided to stick to just a few of the most widespread ones for the sake of your convenience.

what to wear on a dateWearing brand new items you're not sure about

This goes back to our previous point about comfort. Would that be a good idea to wear a piece of outfit that you are not sure of on a date? No, not at all. Even if it is a gift from your lovely mother who told you that it would be just perfect on you. It doesn’t work like that, you should always try out a piece of clothing you are planning on buying.

Flashy and bold accessories

Now here is a great way to look like a pretentious asshole. I wouldn’t say that accessories should be avoided, no, not at all, but they should be just that, they are accessories, and they should complement other parts of your outfit and not stick out like a sore thumb. You wouldn’t want your partner to be constantly staring at your bright green tie.

Showing too much skin

This may sound like a counterintuitive rule, especially when it comes to women. People like nudity and a young body will always attract interested people. The more of it is, the better, right? Well, not exactly. There is a certain line between looking like a shy person that was barely able to get out of their home and a complete slut. Be sure to not deviate from this line too much.

Too much makeup

This, of course, applies to women, at least in most cases. Sure, makeup is a great tool that will allow you to hide lots of imperfections of your face and skin, but, no matter how hard you try, it will always be just that, a layer of makeup that will always be noticeable. The truest beauty is the beauty that you’ve got from nature, not a layer of chemicals that were produced on a Chinese factory.

Mismatching with your type of date

A type of date you are planning on is very important. Sure, if it is summer, it tells you that you have to wear something light and airy – sure, you don’t have any other option. But to wear a T-shirt with a logo of your favorite metal band will be a dumb decision if you are going to an opera. In the same manner, an expensive dress will not fit a casual date after work at some local fast-food place.

Style Tips for Women

It is quite likely that the majority of people that are currently reading this article are women. And there is no real surprise there, women love to look nice and to perfect their image in any possible way they can. Those who do not watch their looks are usually perceived as rebels and nonconformists. Some women, in their attempts to chase everything that is trending, lose their sense of identity and end up falling flat on their face.

Wear Heels Only If You're 100% Sure

Heels are a problem, it is not fun to wear them, at all. Well, maybe some women feel a sense of joy out of it, but probably only because of how hard of a feat it is. If you are not a heel-person – don’t try to experiment. This is not the day to try them out.

Be attractive, not approachable

Does anyone want to look like easy prey? I highly doubt it. The keyword is being attractive and presenting yourself in the best way possible. You don’t have to look like a hooker to attract a man, especially if you are planning on starting a serious relationship.

Give up on perfumes

Don’t get me wrong, perfumes are great, but some people are just unable to handle the great power of this tool of fragrance. They overuse it and, instead of making themselves smell great – they achieve the opposite result. Your partner may have asthma, and if you like perfumes – that will be the end of your relationships.

Style Tips for Men

Men, in my experience, rarely care about their appearance that much. Sure, it depends on a man, and they are all different, but they still must remember some important rules to follow. Here are some of the most crucial ones. Let’s find out what to wear on a first date for men and what should you keep track of.

Take care of your beard and hairstyle

A good beard can make a man, and it can turn an unattractive guy into a real playboy. But, to achieve this sort of a result – you have to watch after your beard. A basic shampoo for your hair won’t work, on the contrary, it kills facial hair.

No silly T-shirts

What is the chance of you meeting a girl that will get a joke that you’ve got on your T-shirt? It is probably quite low, especially if you are into something weird. Don’t experiment. It is better to gradually introduce a person to something that you love.

Wear clean shoes

Like we’ve said, first comes the comfort, then comes the tidiness. And it is especially important when it comes to male’s choice of shoes, they should always look neat and tidy. While you may be absolutely in love with your old pair of sneakers, they’ve been through a lot, and it shows. Let’s now look into some first date outfit ideas.

First Date Outfit Ideas

first date outfit ideasWith all of the things that were discussed during this course of the article, some may think that it is impossible to come up with anything creative when it comes to a first date outfit. These people will not be further from the truth, there is a huge window of possibilities, and there is always room for experimentation. The only thing that matters is to fit that window into that room.

What to wear on a coffee date?

What to wear on a casual first date at a coffee shop? Don’t wear anything that you value as there is always a chance that you will spill some coffee or tea on yourself. Don’t overdo it, there is no reason to be grandiose about this sort of an event, it should be very relaxed and chill.

What to wear to a concert?

This is probably the right time for all of your silly T-shirts with all the references that you’ve got. Once again, forget about expensive dresses and ridiculously pricy jackets, they can all be ruined in a swift second by some drunk guy next to you. Don’t bring anything of value.

What to wear on the first date for drinks?

What about some first date outfits if you are going for some drinks together? If you are going for some drinks in a decent restaurant – a T-shirt will probably not fit this situation. This is the time to switch things up and bring out the big guns. A black dress will be perfect for women, a side bag will also be of use. Guys can be a bit more open about such dates, something rather casual will be great with a pair of black jeans. A dark-colored shirt will be just fine.

What to wear on a first date to dinner?

What to wear on the first date for guys and girls at a restaurant? For women – something airy and light, a maxi dress will be perfect for such an event. As for men, they can wear a simple shirt with black jeans and some nice shoes. Guys, remember the importance of shoes, no dirt is allowed, especially when we are talking about a proper date at a restaurant.

Now that we know how to dress on a first date, let’s conclude all of the things that were discussed.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are a lot of rules one should consider when it comes to what to wear on a date. But the basic gist of all them is this: be comfortable, don’t experiment, look tidy and fresh, don’t overdo it with makeup and bold accessories. Always remember that when it comes to first date outfit ideas, fashion trends are only important when you like them and you think that a given trend will suit your image, otherwise, they should be avoided. Be yourself and don’t try to be anyone else but you.

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