First date savvy: mastering the art of a memorable encounter

  • Нow to end the first date to leave a good impression
    It is better to plan your steps to end the date correctly. If you want a follow-up, you should act accordingly. For example, if you decide that this will be the last date with a girl, everything is in your hands. You can find simple recommendations on how to behave without losing your dignity in this article.
  • Proven methods for a great first date
    When you go on a first meeting with the weight of a previous relationship behind you, it's hard to set yourself up for the right kind of communication. We often pretend to be someone we are not, compare women to our exes, and jump to conclusions. In this article, we will lay out all the stages of preparation for a date, the rules of communication on it, and possible options for ending it. Consider all the nuances so that your date will succeed and become the beginning of a solid and happy love union.
  • How to make the first date pleasant and not be nervous about it
    Increased anxiety on a date is not good for you. Spend your time according to your plan, and use simple tips. Relaxing music, a warm bath, and other ways to restore balance are helpful for such situations. The only thing that remains is to enjoy pleasant company.
  • Good ideas for a first date: unchanged classics and non-trivial options that will win her over
    Are you wondering where to invite a girl to the first meeting? It is a difficult question, even if you’ve known her for a long time. And if you know each other only a couple of days, even more so. We can advise you. Dates for all tastes and wallets that will make your date aghast. Save this list to wow her every time.
  • What is the difference between a first and second date? How much time should elapse between such meetings?
    Every man tries to find the harmony of time between the first and second dates. Someone dreams of meeting the next day, someone adheres to the waiting rule, and someone waits a week or even more. What is the correct option? Are there any nuances that should be considered before proposing the next appointment?
  • Ten proven ways to make a good impression on a woman on a first date
    The first meeting is always very exciting for him and her. And the best way to spend it ideally is to prepare in advance. You can think out even the topics of conversation in advance, so you don’t have to think about how to fill the awkward pauses. Our methods will help you plan a meeting from the beginning to the last seconds so that your date will be a vivid memory for both of you.
  • How to proceed to kiss a woman on the first date
    Some ladies prefer to kiss at the first meeting and do not see anything wrong with it, while others categorically do not accept it. However, with the right approach, the heart of any girl will melt and set in the right mood. If you know specific methods and do everything right, she will reciprocate, no matter what principles she previously followed.
  • What to expect on a first date? The top 16 differences in the perception of men and women
    As a rule, ladies and gentlemen have very different expectations of a first rendezvous. This can be explained by different psychology and life views. How not to spoil everything by misperception, and how to understand the psychology of the opposite sex. We give you 16 pertinent tips in the article.
  • From nervous to confident: how to act on a first date with grace
    The first date is always exciting. What do we usually expect from such a meeting with the person we like? Usually the same “spark” that fuels our interest. Ease of dialogue is also only one factor. But remember that even the first impression made on the groom can be pleasant and repulsive at the same time. So what should be considered when meeting a potential companion? Read our article.
  • Where to go for a first date: the best recommendations to impressing her
    We have collected the best places to meet a girl for the first time so that you can have a good time together and enjoy your company. You will find out where you should not invite your girlfriend so that there are no uncomfortable situations, and the girl wants to go on new dates. And finally - a few tips for those who rarely meet with the fair sex, but want success in love affairs.
  • A first date and what to ask at the meeting?
    Learning the tastes and preferences will allow you to get closer to your companion. It is worth making preparations before the meeting to get the necessary data. Do you want to spend your time pleasantly or in awkward silence? Actual examples will help you calm down, forget the excitement, and get acquainted with a beautiful stranger.
  • What to do on a first date: Top ideas to make a first date unforgettable
    Organizing and finding the best place to spend the first meeting with a possible future wife seems challenging for most men. There is no need to rack your brains now because here are unusual and exciting options for spending time together. You can refuse the boring meetings in a restaurant and give your beloved real emotions, showing an unconventional approach to the choice of a meeting place.
  • What exciting topics to talk about on a first date, and what is better to remain silent about?
    On a date, a man should behave naturally, smile, look into the lady's eyes, be polite and attentive to her words. He should demonstrate his interest in her life, but he must avoid asking unpleasant questions. The main thing is to ensure that the first meeting brings pleasure to both.