5 Tips to Perfect Your Kiss with a Russian Girl

Oh, these magnificent creatures – girls… How many times did you catch yourself trying hard to win their attention? Quite often, we guess. Russian women might not be that spoiled. Nevertheless, they are thought to be one of the most sophisticated girls in the whole wide world! That is why you need to design a special approach toward these fairies. In this article, we are going to discuss a rather interesting topic – how to kiss a Russian girl. We have five exclusive tips to go. But beforehand we would like to point out possible peculiarities of your approach towards these girls.

First, Russian women are prudent and religious. You would often meet a girl still being a virgin in her mid-20s – not because her beliefs or parents force her to remain so but because she is in need of the one who would make her happy. That is why your assertiveness should be accompanied by generosity and respect. Second, in contrary to general opinion, Russian women are hot-tempered. They know what love is and how to apply it. Therefore, your gestures and acts ought to be colored with romance and affection, or she will decide you are cold and loveless.

russian girls kissing

Therefore, here are five tips to perfect your kiss with a Russian girl:

1. Perfect circumstances. Yes, there are some things you have to think of in advance. A Russian girl would prefer to bump your lips for the first (and any other) time not in a crowded place. For example, a movie theater or a café are bad choices. On contrary, your home or an emptied park would work out ideally. If you are home, try to turn off as much lighting as you can, light the candles and turn on romantic music. Do not forget about your breath!

2. Perfect tension. The more sexual tension there is between the two of you the more electric that first kiss is going to feel. To build that tension you want to stand close to the girl while holding strong eye contact. Note: this should not be a predator-prey eye contact, so try to soften your gaze. Put your hands on her hips or waist but do not overdo it! Such actions might seem vulgar and frighten her off. Breath rhythmically – try to catch her heartbeat and harmonize your breathing with it.

3. Perfect moment. When you feel the girl is ready for a kiss, you need to make a move. What you should not forget is that you are the one who determines the moment for a kiss. If you feel that strong desire to kiss her and she is standing there, close to you, holding your eye contact – then she knows exactly what you want and eagerly wants it, too. If you feel nervous, remember – a Russian girl will forgive your manly actions but will not handle you overall sensitiveness.

4. Perfect measurements. Do not overdo it! Start with soft pecks; you might even start with kissing the corner of her lips and then move on to something bigger. Control your tongue! No need to invade her mouth with it; however, we recommend keeping your mouth slightly open to make that possibility available. Who knows how far it could get. Her passion might force her to start exploring your mouth, so do her a favor – give it a chance. Close your eyes the moment before your lips touch and keep them closed throughout the kiss – you will not miss anything special to see but will avoid creepy looks. They are creepy and you know that.

5. Perfect hints. We have already mentioned it – be aware of how your breath smells. It will not ruin your kiss but the impression it might make will be hard to forget. As well, we suggest you both are sober when you initiate the first kiss. A glass of wine “for courage” makes sense but not more than that or your first kiss will turn into a sloppy and pathetic mess. Remember: this kiss might not be perfect! It has to demonstrate your appreciation.

Kiss on a First Date With Russian Girl: Pros and Cons

The first date is a serious test for both of you. You're nervous, trying to be smart and sweet at the same time, keeping up a conversation while glancing at your watch. But if everything went well, a new question arises: is it possible to kiss goodbye? Here are the opinions of Russian women who have been in such situations.

“I leave this opportunity for the second or third time. It depends on the person, but at the first meeting, you can find other ways to show him your favor! But I don’t know whether it’s right to do this or not. ” Darina, 24 years old.

“I almost never do that. More precisely, it sometimes happened, but then I was very drunk. " Alina, 25 years old.

“If he doesn't kiss me after the first date, then he is not interested in me. I love flirting and always take opportunities. For example, to hug goodbye and look into the eyes so that you can't get away from the kiss! " Galina, 23 years old.

“People have strange notions of what can and cannot be done on the first date. I do not like this. If you both want this, why not ?! " Alexandra, 24 years old.

“Not every time, but it happens that the date goes well and you want to kiss. If I am dating on the Internet, I usually need more time. But if we didn't kiss on the second date, then we won't see you again. " - Marina, 32 years old.

“I will kiss a man if I like him. If not, I'll think about it again. Any of us can initiate this because men sometimes get so nervous they forget how to kiss girls. " - Valeria, 24 years old.

“I had many such experiences. Onee a guy had a runny nose, he had to break the kiss to blow his nose! Since then, I hate to do that. " Elina, 23 years old.

Types of Kisses: What Do Russian Ladies Love the Most

It is not uncommon for passionate Russians to leave marks on the skin of a loved one, and this happens quite painfully. But if you are on the same wave of passion, together you reach a certain stage, which with some stretch can be called euphoria, then at such a dizzying moment, you are unlikely to be against even such a tough manifestation of your partner's attraction. What else do Russian girls kissing enjoy?

There are women who kiss more gently

But such a temperament is already formed from the characteristics of personal experience, life circumstances, environment, and what situations occurred in intimate relationships earlier.

No public show of affection

It should also be noted that Russians, despite all the desire they put into kisses, allow themselves to kiss less often in public places. But this does not mean that they do not like their partner. A kiss is the culmination of passion for them, and therefore it should happen only at the right moment.

Smacking is not about passionate Russians

To smack you in cheek or forehead is not what a Russian will do. Being in a relationship with such a person, you have to get used to their champion onslaught.

A kiss is important for Russians

For a reserved and modest person, kissing with these women can be a real test, but, as practice shows, people find compromises even in the presence of much more complex disagreements than their attitude to the manner of kissing. Many Russians are very responsible people, for whom it is important that everything is right. Therefore, it is not uncommon for them to find it difficult to stop "sweating" even while kissing.

Mind the cultural difference

For some women, it often becomes a strenuous activity, like an exam, where you need to show your best side. The partner, of course, remains pleased with the dedication with which these women kiss. How to kiss women from Russia? Listen to your sensations and they will tell you.

A Russian kiss is no less intimate than sex

In itself, this action is of particular importance for Russians. This is not just a momentary manifestation of passion, but also a way to express your deep sensual affection for a person. A kiss is more than a gesture, it is a way to have fun, and therefore it is so important to carry it out correctly, with the greatest skill.

They prefer skillful partners

Most people born in Russia how to kiss wonderfully because it is normal for young boys and girls to kiss at parties and start dating at 11-12 years old. They know how to give pleasure, and therefore their every movement is verified with mathematical precision and is a skillful choreography.

Do not be too intrusive

Nevertheless, despite such a thoughtful approach to affection, Russians bring passion and pleasure to the fore. Therefore, it is so important for them that there is an attraction to a partner, and only those techniques that are really pleasant for both are used in kissing. You should first make sure that a Russian woman trusts you and only then kiss, especially on the first date.

Less passionate than Italias, but still

There is nothing surprising in the fact that Russians love long kisses because they like to be in this very state of contact with a loved one. They willingly kiss at the beginning of a relationship, because they find it an integral part of everyday life.

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Alisa Boyd
To my mind, a lot depends on your Zodiac sign because all people kiss differently. Like Aries who are representatives of the element of Fire, which affects their way of kissing. These are passionate, emotional, hot kisses. Representatives of the first zodiac sign love to kiss a lot and often, covering their partner's body with hot lips.
01.12.2020 14:13
Of course, not all Russians kiss with vigor and enthusiasm, but most of them should expect just such behavior. These women are rarely shy in the heat of passion, and therefore, even with strangers, they can show pressure from the side similar to aggression.
01.12.2020 14:15
I first kissed at 21 and somehow kept my eyes open. Recently there was a conversation and he admitted that he noticed it, but did not ask anything. How embarrassing!
01.12.2020 14:16
Clifford Ford
I like Russians because they are open. You can feel their excitement when you know that you do everything right. Of course, this tactic is appropriate not only in relation to kissing, but in general it is the preferred behavior with Russians if you want to save them from unnecessary worries.
01.12.2020 14:16

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