What Russian Women Want in Relationships?

Russian women can turn out to be the most challenging things to understand and when it comes to their thoughts on relationships, it can actually drive men crazy! So what do Russian women want in relationships? Reading their thoughts might give us the right answer but since that is not possible, we'll stick to the common methods to understand Russian girls better. My long-lasting relationships with three Russian women have taught me few lessons and I would like to share them with everyone who really wants to know what women think when it comes to relationships.

Sex, which men often give a lot of priority to, is not the first choice for women when it comes to relationships. All Russian women want to stay intellectually and emotionally connected to their partners. They want to communicate and are eager to dig deeper into the hearts of their partners. Actually, Russian girls, as men often tend to think, are really not that complicated and they are always ready to work on relationships. They want to be respected and loved for what they are and not just be men's trophies. Russian women want to play an important role in men's lives, that's why to win her heart you need to open yours firstly.

To answer the question about women's attitude to relationships, always stay clear and true in your intentions towards a woman. Be ready to make commitments as well. Women usually open their hearts to men who listen to and care for them, sex comes much later in their priority list. You cannot win her heart for a long by giving diamond rings and pearl necklaces because she wants more than a physical representation of a man’s feeling.

Russian girls always want your time and they want to know whether you are really serious about putting the efforts to make the relationship work. To establish a relationship is one thing and to make it work for the rest of your life is another. Believe me, men don't think too much on relationships whereas women plan for the lifetime. You have to think all your steps over as each of them is measured by a woman as for its impact on the long-term relationships. Men often tend to ignore this and only think of the short term goals and achievements.

Russian women want their men to show respect towards them and to give them constant attention. They hate being treated as just sex objects and often end relationships where nothing but the physical bonding matters. Only a kind and attentive man may be lucky to win a Russian woman's heart. Believe me, Russian women are ready to continue relationships with such men even when hard times come.

Russian brides prefer romantic partners, so men should try to walk the extra mile in keeping the romantic flame burning in relationships. Sometimes love fizzles out of relationships because while dating, men start to take women for granted. This is the point when all the troubles start and women begin to lose interest to their partners.

Relationships are not about you but about your woman as well, so it is very important to tell her about your life goals and her important role in them. She wants to achieve these goals together with you and earn the respect she deserves during this process. There are women who are very touchy about getting married as soon as they feel the time came, but men often ignore this. Do not ignore “marriage” questions and if you really have problems with this issue then it is better to explain your concerns. Every woman will understand this, so you will not have to always run away.

I might sound a little preachy but this is how I felt while living with Russian women I loved. It took me some time to figure out what they want in relationships: do not give up easily if you really love her – you will certainly make it if your intentions are honest.



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