Possibilities for the future of Gemini and Virgo together

Our heroes belong to two different elements. Air’s Gemini men are masters of the house, which attracts women. Their qualities are charisma, crazy sociability, emotionality, and a strong temperament. A rich imagination is what will help in winning the heart of the Virgo woman. Representatives of the element Air tend to do several things at once. A love of freedom and a craving for renewal characterizes them. In addition, Gemini can boast of a peculiar sense of humor. Their jokes can win over a Virgo woman and scare her away. Therefore, be vigilant. The thirst for adventure in men of the air sign gives a great attitude and desire for constant movement.

future of Gemini and Virgo together

Virgo women are most often calm, balanced, and like stability. They are down-to-earth in their desires. Confidence in the future is essential, but they also like pleasant surprises. The rational approach of earth sign women applies to all spheres of life, from work to marriage. Sometimes the calculation extends even to marriage, which can scare away a man. A joint romantic future of these representatives of two different elements is unlikely, but still, there is a chance. 

What are the commonalities between two such different signs? Gemini man and Virgo woman are under the patronage of Mercury. They are very friendly and enjoyable conversationalists. Finding common ground for intellectual topics or discussing pressing problems will be easy for them. Maintaining a conversation with elements of humor will be a lot of fun. 

Gemini and Virgo compatibility is at a low level, but still possible. At the first meeting, these two experience mutual interest and wild physical attraction to each other. However, the latter factor can also become a repulsive factor for the representative of the earthly sign. 

These relationships may not take place because the representative of Air tends to remain a child at heart. He wants to find the same soul mate, which is not inherent in women born under the patronage of the Earth element.

Virgo is very self-critical and critical of society, pedantic, and looks at the world too seriously. Such characteristics of a girl often scare away Gemini. 

The sexual life of these two representatives of different elements is not in the first place. They prefer exciting conversation rather than passionate intimacy. In a long-term relationship, there may be disappointment sexually. Still, short-term romances between a Gemini and a Virgo can bring a lot of pleasure.

Scandals between an air sign and an earth sign are not uncommon, as they have very different outlooks on life, from marriage to raising children. Even if the union took place, over time, there might be a rift that leads to divorce. The blame lies with the irritability of Gemini and Virgo. They will not tolerate each other’s shortcomings. Even the friendship of these two elements can be only for personal gain. 

Is there more no than yes?

If talking about real compatibility, business is the only sphere where your union is possible. There is a reason that men belonging to the element Air are called windy. Today, they love their beloved, but tomorrow there will be no trace of their feelings. In business, they will have purely business relations which will lead to fruitful work, nothing more. 

The romantic union of the representatives of Air and Earth is too dull. Their only point of contact is a word. Gemini people consider their Earth wards to be too prim and prosaic. Here are a couple of recommendations that will make your union more real:

  • give way;
  • consider your partner’s wishes;
  • don’t react to “silly jokes,” for some people; they are hilarious;
  • standing up for your boundaries is not a weakness but a strength of your character;
  • childishness is fantastic; you need to rest your body and soul;
  • be wiser than your partner;
  • don’t hide your feelings, be direct and say them whenever you can.

The Virgo woman can bring many exciting things to family life. The Gemini man is willing to do anything for her if he is regularly supported, not focusing on the shortcomings. 

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