5 Tips on Dating a Female Doctor

According to statistics, Female doctors have big problems on various dating sites because they are not very popular among men. The aforementioned happens not only due to the prejudices that people have about doctors but also because doctors are very busy people. They don’t have much time that they can spend on various dating websites. Add here the fact that they may unexpectedly disappear from online chat due to their work, and as a result, it is not surprising that single female doctors are not very popular among men on dating websites.

dating a woman doctor

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dating a Female Doctor

Even though there are many prejudices about dating a female doctor, there are also positive aspects of this process. First of all, you must understand that a female doctor is, first of all, a female. She is a person with her own ideas about this life and wishes. So, each female doctor has her personal particular qualities, but there are more or less common pros and cons of dating a female doctor. Keep reading this article to learn more about them.

Female Doctor Dating Pros

To prove our words, we are going to list the main pros of dating a female doctor. Of course, this topic is very personal, and while something is an advantage for you, it may be a drawback for someone else. But these general facts more or less suitable for everyone.

1. She is smart

There is a stereotype that men like women who “play dumb,” but it is completely not true. Strong men always prefer to date clever women instead of dating "bad actresses." Women doctor has come through a lot of scholarships and had to study very hard. Not everyone can do that, so she probably has a very good IQ. For you dating a woman doctor means having a very intelligent person on your side. She is not going to try to change you and will easily accept you for who you are. Plus, she is not going to be “hot and cold" in relationship with you because she exactly knows what she wants.

2. She is a good listener

She does not just like to talk but also knows how to attentively listen and support. Doctors usually spend a lot of time listening to their patients and trying to catch useful pieces of information from their words. Don’t think that she will approach you the same way how she approaches her patients. She will just use her abilities to listen to you and give you a bit of nice advice. Her professional skills will help you catch all your emotions. She will easily understand the reasons for your bad mood.

3. She is practical

Doctors are very practical people because usually, they work in a very tough environment, she is used to achieving maximum, having a very small amount of resources. She is not going to waste your money since practicality is the standard of life of a hot female doctor. For some, it is a burden, while for others, it is a fashionable feature. And sometimes women doctors don’t even realize the degree of their practicality. Marrying a female doctor is especially a good idea if you lack practicality in your life. Thus, you will compensate for each other. Of course, she will be very happy to receive useful gifts from you, but you shouldn’t also forget about giving her flowers too.

single female doctor4. She is strong and reliable

Female doctors are very strong and reliable people. God only knows how many terrible things she has seen during her medical practice. But she has come through, and now she is very strong and reliable. She doesn’t create problems, she solves them. This quality attracts those men who know what they want from this life. You won’t have to worry and search for ways how to please her to maintain your relationships. Doctors are not those people who run away from problems. If there is real love between you two, then she will always be there to help you deal with problems in your life.

5. She is financially independent

She earns a lot of money. Of course, you should never date someone just because he or she earns a lot of money. But still, you can’t avoid this fact at all. She is working remarkably hard, but this allows her to earn a decent amount of money. If you want to date a woman who is completely self-sustainable, then a female doctor is your best shot. Since you won’t have to struggle to provide for both you and her because she already has everything she needs, except for you. Thus, you will be able to concentrate on the romantic side of your relationships.

Cons of Dating a Single Female Doctor

As you can see, there are many pros of dating a female doctor, but why they are not very popular among men who use a single ladies website? There are some traits that women doctors possess, and unfortunately, those traits repel men from them.

1. She is very busy

Doctors are very busy people, and we all know that well. Very often we face this fact with some level of sarcasm, “Of course she is busy. I am busy too. I also have a job, you know.” However, here you must know that doctors usually spend more than 8 hours in their working places. Of course, it depends on her specialization, but still, usually, doctors work more than people of other professions. The same can be applied to her day-offs and holidays. This is why it is very hard to find a time when you both will be free and able to spend time together without interruptions.

2. Her patients are always on the first place for her

Very often, doctors are forced to go to their jobs in their day-offs because they have to save someone’s life. It also pretty normal for a doctor to stay at work longer than expected or even to stay there for a night. This is why you may see her leaving you in the middle of your date, as something was wrong between you two. And there is nothing you can do about that because she is not going to change her job.

3. She expects a lot from you

She has spent many years studying medicine, and now she has a respected and very-well aid job. She probably expects you to match her achievements. This is why her requirements and expectations of you will be very high. If you are not ready to work hard to satisfy her with your achievements, then this is better to avoid dating a female doctor. Plus, this explains why usually those girls suffer from loneliness. It happens because, for men, it is very hard to outdo their achievements. Generally, a few men would agree to live with a girl who earns more than they do.

4. Constant moral stress

Doctors quite often have to deal with situations that can lead to stress. And sometimes it is very hard to recover from it, especially if work constantly adds more and more of it. As you may know, due to stress, people can become irritable, sad, and upset. So, in dealing with a doctor, you should be patient and learn how to react to her stress correctly. Otherwise, your relationships will decay very fast, and there will be nothing else except for irritation and anger between you.

5. She may bring her work home

No, we are not telling you that you will have to receive patients at home (but this may also happen if she is a psychologist). Here we are talking that in addition to the constant disappearance at work, she may bring some paperwork home. Nowadays, doctors often have to work with tons of various documentation. Depending on a clinic, she may have to fill personal patient cards, various documents, reports, and other things. This is why she may bring all those documents home and start filling them on your weekend instead of completely devoting all her time to you.

Dating a Woman Doctor Tips

Dating a woman doctor usually is not that hard as it may seem. She is a doctor, but she is still a woman too. Standard dating tips are going to work on her just fine. But still there are some differences, and if you notice them and can do the right things about them, then your relationships will be very happy and pleasant for both of you. Women doctors are very caring and providing, but they also need your support and understanding. Many people type in google search something like “dating a doctor, tips” because they want to know how to make their partners happy. Here, you can read our 5 main tips on how to date a female doctor to understand how to make her happy.

1. Don’t talk about work on dates

The worst thing you can do when dating a doctor is to ask her about work. Believe me, she doesn’t have too much free time, and she is tired enough to discuss it during your dates. Imagine how long she has been dreaming about a date with you before she managed to have a day off to finally meet you. Your questions and talks about her work will only disappoint her. You should talk about her work only if she begins telling you something about it. In this case, ask her a couple of questions and then gently switch the topic.

2. Get used to spending a lot of time alone

This is especially crucial if she works in the ambulance. Very often doctors are called to work at night, and there is nothing else she can do, except for going there because she is responsible for other people's lives. All that you can do is to live with it. She desperately needs your support and understanding, the last thing she wants to see from you is your disappointment. If she has to go at night, then instead of muttering, wake up with her and make her a cup of coffee, or even better, a whole thermos flask with sandwiches.

3. Help her deal with stress

Doctors usually work in very high-stress conditions. Often, they spend more than just one working day on their job. So, it is very important for her when she goes back home after a long hard-working day, not only to understand that you are very happy to see her but also trying to provide her with comfort. The best way to deal with stress is to provide her with comfortable conditions. You can also try to give her small presents. Besides, a warm bath helps relax after a long working day.

4. Search for charity events

She has chosen this profession and then become a doctor for one big reason: she wants to help other people. Yes, she does it daily at work, but I am sure that she will gladly spend a day-off with you as a volunteer in a pet shelter. Usually, female doctors have very kind hearts, and they simply can’t feel happy without helping others. She will be the happiest person ever if you enjoy helping other people or animals too.

dating a doctor pros and cons5. Let her take a nap after work

Of course, you would like to spend time with her more actively, but you must understand that she gets very tired during her work. At first, napping may seem like a nice thing to you, then it might start seriously annoying you. Don’t let yourself fall into those negative emotions. Remember, what seems strange and unnecessary for you is crucial and lifesaving for her. Take this time to do your own stuff, and after her quick nap, you will be able to spend the rest of the day together (in most cases).

Where to Meet Single Female Doctors

The other very hard question is where to meet single female doctors? It seems that the answer to this question is very simple, but meeting girls at the hospital while being a patient is not the best way to establish any romantic relationships with them. Because they all will see a patient in you, maybe a very polite and handsome patient, but nothing more. But don’t despair, there are still places where you can meet a single female doctor who will be happy to date you.

Medical universities

Medical universities are the best place to search for young single female doctors. Hundreds or even thousands of young girls may be studying medicine in your local medical university. You may try meeting them there or visiting parties in dormitories. But there is only one restricting factor: it is better if you are a student or a teacher there. If not, then this option may not be that good. But still, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have any luck there. You still can try to get acquainted with a beautiful female doctor right in front of her university.


As we have said before, trying to date a female doctor while being a patient is not the best idea. But in some cases, it works. Mostly because not always you visit clinics because of some illness. Besides, no one says that you have to be a patient there. You may also try meeting female doctors outside of your local clinic. Of course, this will look rather strange if you behave too pushy, but this possibility is still optional for you.

Professional events for doctors

Probably, one of the most unexpected options for finding a female doctor. Usually, those events attract the most successful doctors from all around the country. But there is also a problem here. If you are not a doctor yourself, then getting access or an invitation to those events may become a very hard task. Plus, people on professional events are not in a mood for dating. We don’t think that you should seriously count on one of those professional events that you will start dating a female doctor. But still, if you have an opportunity to visit one of those events, and you want to date a doctor, then you definitely should use this option.

As you can see, there are many options where you can find a female doctor, but online dating is the best option for you. You will have a hard time finding a website that has been specially made for doctors, but still, other websites provide you with a decent amount of options. Mostly because doctors are busy people, and online dating may be the only possible way for them to find someone special. We have given you the information, and now it is up to you to decide if you want to date a female doctor, or not.

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