How to Make Your Girlfriend Laugh: 11-Step Guide

If you think that the necessary condition for the success in love affairs is wealth, then you are mistaken. There is a much more accessible, but no less effective tool - it's humor. If you can make a girl smile, consider that you already won her.

Laughter is a universal weapon. With its help, you can both destroy and create. It's amazing how little attention men pay to the sense of humor. We try to make girls like us through our appearance, a bank account, or ability to say compliments. Yes, all this is good, and at some stages even necessary. But laughter greatly simplifies the process of seducing women and creates a better and long-term relationship than mercantile interests. Read our new guide and learn how to make a girl laugh in the easiest way.

how to make girls laugh

How to Make People Laugh

The ability to joke is one of the most useful communication skills. It not only significantly facilitates interaction in society, but also positively affects health. If you know how to make girls laugh, you can be called a doctor. This is a proven fact, not a lyrical exaggeration or a marketing move of sellers of humorous shows.

Scientists from America found that laughter positively affects not only the attitude towards a person in society but also their health. By stimulating certain areas of the brain, laughter increases the production of the hormone endorphin in the blood, which improves the mood of a person. In addition, laughter from the heart is an excellent face stimulator that prevents wrinkles, as smiling people use more than 15 facial muscles. Why is it still useful to learn jokes to make a girl laugh? Check out this list:

  • Reduction of internal stress;
  • Elimination of a depressive state;
  • Strengthening of the immune system;
  • Enrichment of blood and internal organs with nutrients, oxygen;
  • Analgesic action.

So has it ever happened to you that sitting on the TV and watching a comedy show, you caught yourself thinking: how to learn to joke as good as that guy from the stage? If you understand the nature of humor, then you will not have problems with joking. You cannot surprise anyone with old jokes and expressions, so it's important to learn how to create them yourself. There are several common ways to create jokes:


One of the simplest ways to learn how to make women laugh. It is not difficult to come up with an ironic joke. The main thing here is to evaluate an event or phenomenon with words that are in contrast to words that arise in this context.


Another technique is based on the use of a jump from characteristics having a common feature to a description not combined with the previous one. The unification of uncombined things is the common way of using a Jump.


In this case, the joke is based on the use of words with several meanings. Choose such word, add to it a value different from the previous one and suitable for your situation and use it.

Original stamp

And one more trick on how to make women laugh, although not the simplest, is an inverted stable expression: a proverb, a wise saying or a quote from a film. To take advantage of this technique, you will have to strain all your imagination.

how to make girls laughHowever, no tricks will help you learn jokes to make people laugh without certain experience and knowledge. Undoubtedly, it is easiest to master this skill for those who are erudite and have a good speech. How to achieve this? Read more, watch movies, not only comedies but also other genres. In other words, enrich your vocabulary in all possible ways. This will allow you to use the techniques as efficiently as possible since most of them are based on wordplay.

What else is needed in order to learn how to make a woman laugh easily and witty? Without a positive attitude, even a good joke will not work. Learn to be happy here and now, set yourself up for a good mood. Watch yourself and your loved ones and determine what brings you joy and positive emotions. Well-developed thinking also helps master the art of making others laugh. Becoming witty will help the electoral associations and the assessment of what was said or heard. To develop a sense of humor, there are several useful exercises: for example, funny rhymes for words game or something like this. Use your imagination.

Learn to look at things, phenomena, and behaviors deeper, viewing them from different sides. Wit is nothing more than going beyond the logical judgment. Having found and suddenly realized a logical mistake, you can create a unique and long-remembered joke. Remember: humor should be appropriate. Rough and inappropriate jokes can not only spoil the mood but the attitude of others around you. Try not to make fun of other people not knowing how they will react to your specific humor.

Funny Questions to Ask a Girl to Make Her Laugh

Funny questions can be a great pastime even on the first date. If you feel that the serious intonations in your dialogue cause a tangible psychological strain, it is better to take the strain off. Do not start asking funny questions that will ridicule any personal qualities of the girl - this scenario is more appropriate for the second and subsequent dates.

Why should you ask funny questions?

First, they create a fun and relaxed atmosphere. The girl relaxes and starts joking. Accordingly, on her part, the trust to you increases. And perhaps feelings too.

Secondly, in this way, you can check how well developed the girl's sense of humor is. After all, if she does not know how to joke and cheer, then she is a real downer. Therefore, look for the girl with whom you will be on the same wave.

Thirdly, this is an excellent training for the development of communication skills. You ask a girl a question, then you develop a conversation from it, insert humor, etc.

Make your choice in favor of neutral humor. Here are a few questions and jokes to make her laugh:

1. If for one day you became a man, what would you do first? Let her use imagination and tell what, in her opinion, is the best thing about being a man. Believe me, it will be very funny. In addition, this is an excellent beginning for a discussion about gender roles in modern society. But if you need just funny stuff to say to make people laugh, a conversation about gender roles is not the best thing to do.

2. If your life was a TV series, how would it be called? But this is already a real test for the ability to generalize information and the ability to be ironical about oneself!

3. How would you behave if a girl came to you to meet you? Do not know how to make your girlfriend laugh? This question will put her at a dead end, mate.

4. In the depths of your soul, do you dream that Santa Claus really existed? Everyone dreams about this! Let's see how she will get out now.

5. What is the sexiest and most unsexy name? Perhaps your ideas about what is sexy and what is not will be so different from each other that you will laugh to hysterics.

6. If suddenly and without explanation, you were arrested, what would be the first assumptions of your friends and relatives - for what? The most ridiculous and provocative question from the list. Do not forget to ask it, do not miss the opportunity to laugh and learn something interesting about your new girlfriend.

Jokes to Make a Girl Laugh

If you decided to take a course of humorist before going on a date, you deserve all praise. And if you decide to take ready-made universal funny jokes to make a girl laugh until she drops, then you are a real genius. It was for you that we wrote this article. Do not waste time improving your humorous skills if the date with the beauty is scheduled for tomorrow.

Take all the jokes from the list below, combine them with funny questions that were written in the previous section of our article and you will get a universal 11 steps instruction. The main thing is, do not bring your girlfriend to colic!

  • I already look like Brad Pitt or should I order you another tequila, madam?
  • When I was in college, our doctor said that I and arrhythmia are completely incompatible things. I wonder what would he say now?
  • Have you ever been to Jupiter? No? You will not believe it, but I've never been there too! We are so similar, it's fantastic!
  • Well, I know what you did last summer ... how about repeating it this fall, girl?
  • How do you manage to do this? Are you from another planet? The girl - what are you talking about? You look so cool!

how to make a woman laughBelieve me, even if the girl does not laugh at these jokes, she will surely smile and break the ice between you. The main thing, do not say all the jokes in a row - it will be stupid and not funny. Choose the right time to joke. It is best to do this when there is a pause in your conversation.

And one more important point is your intonation. It should not be ... caustic and evil. Joke with maximum placability. Show with all your appearance that your only goal is to cheer her up and make your date unforgettable. Then she will be happy because she agreed to meet with you, bro.

How to Make a Girl Laugh Over Text

But what about some funny text messages to make her laugh? Check this info to be the best guy in it. How much time can we spend with each other while living in a big city? If a young man and his girlfriend work, then they can’t organize a full-fledged date, except on weekends. All the rest of the time you have to communicate through various gadgets, including a mobile phone. The last one is a very common thing - every adult, and almost every child who can read have it. And not just a phone, but a smartphone with access to the Internet.

A few simple rules on how to make someone laugh over text:

Always use unobtrusive humor. That is, you should never just send a girl a banal anecdote, which you accidentally found on the net or heard somewhere. It's better to remember an amusing incident that you two watched or participated in. Restoring it her memory, you will surely make your girlfriend smile. Best texts to make her laugh come from real life.

Write to her about a funny event or story that you read or heard about, share the cheerful news with her. After all, this is a full-fledged communication, in contrast to the banal retelling of anecdotes.

By the way, a good anecdote can still be told, but present it in the better way, as a case from life, for example, as a situation that happened to your friend or relative.

Try to intrigue your girlfriend. Everyone knows that many girls simply adore horoscopes and other esotericism, which is sometimes difficult to take seriously. But sometimes it can be good for you. For example, you can write her an intriguing text message, something you learned about her that she does not know about herself. Or, in a mysterious way, you found out what is expecting her today.

For example, you found a little-known yet way of predicting the future or surprisingly accurate horoscope. If the girl is really interested and starts asking questions, then, of course, you will have to answer, but it's better to do it in jocular form so that it becomes almost immediately clear that you just joked.

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