What russian moms like in men

It may seem, on the face of it, that despite the origin all women like and value the same things in their men. Well, in most cases it’s true, but on the other hand we shouldn’t forget that cultural and historical peculiarities as well as customs and traditions can also make their contribution towards a woman’s idea what her man should be like.

Russian moms don’t generally long for something extraordinary in their men, on the contrary their wishes and desires are quite down-to-earth. It can be explained by the fact that almost all of them associate their personal happiness with a quiet family life, that is, with a loving and caring husband and healthy joyful children. But despite the obvious modesty of Russian mom’s claims, nowadays all these things are hard to achieve and demand definite traits of character from their husbands.

what russian moms like in men

So, let’s try to find out what Russian moms appreciate in their men most of all.


Any Russian mom is exceptionally faithful and there is nothing unusual in the fact that she expects her husband to behave the same way. If the man commits adultery and she finds it out it can lead either to a long-term coolness in their relationship or even to divorce. It’s not important for a Russian woman if her husband experiences any deep feeling to his lover or not. The only thought that her husband is unfaithful to her makes her existence unbearable. In the course of time, she may even forgive her husband but she is unlikely to forget that offence.

Love and care

It doesn’t matter how old a Russian mom is she still wants to be loved and cherished by her husband. The realization of the fact that she is the only one and the most desirable woman for him inspires her and makes her forget about both her age and all the difficulties, which her family is facing at this period of time or has ever overcome before.


You might have heard the Russian proverb saying that for a woman who lives with her beloved even live in a shelter of branches can seem a paradise. The proverb actually claims that wealth isn’t that important for a happy family life. Well, that might have been true some decades ago but these days a constant lack of money will sooner or later lead to serious problems inside the family. It happens not because Russian moms long for luxury. On the contrary, they can feel fulfilled living quite a modest life. The thing is that they want to be sure in their children’s good future which is impossible if the family lives in poverty or even in misery. And here in Russia it’s considered to be the man’s responsibility to provide the family with all the necessary things, though nowadays a lot of Russian moms combine their parental role with hard work and very often they earn even more than their husbands.


Russian moms find intelligent men more attractive than handsome ones. Besides, a lot of Russian women have got higher education and it’s quite important for them to communicate with the partner who can be an interesting interlocutor for them. They also adore men with a good sense of humor which intelligent people usually also possess. It makes them relax and enjoy the time they spend with their man.


Any beauty is eye-catching and is the first thing any woman notices when she sees a man for the first time. It actually catches her attention and conjures up her first interest in him. But after some time the man’s physical attraction recedes into the background as for any Russian mom the moral standards of her husband or the man she is dating are a top priority.

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