The worst thing a husband can say to his wife

Never say never before delivering anything inappropriate to your wife because her possible rampage is something you know. Instead, you better count on your own experience with her before minding any provocative acts of defiance like offensive words, for example. What turns her on in bed is inappropriate at the dinner table and is guaranteed to turn her off next time at the exact time and place.

The worst thing a husband can say to his wife

Counting that you mainly cater to her, you have gained her admiration and respect, so any little mistake you make won’t be a catastrophe. You must ensure that you learn from your mistakes and strive to be a real gentleman with ethics, benevolence, and generosity, no matter how long it takes. She will inherently feel attracted to a reliable guy who knows how to court a lady with dignity, and her affection will grow.

The worst you could say and could do

The worst you could say is nothing compared to the worst you could do to her, like leaving or destroying your nest. But whatever you shout is echoed in her heart, and if you like mocking each other without taking it seriously — you deserve it. To accumulate resentment from that toxic relationship, your wife should:

  • Not get offended or angry by things you say and let things roll away because life is too short and you are dumb, but she loves how you are.
  • Always anticipate situations entailing your brutality and coarse language with a light-hearted attitude.
  • Feel guilty for what you are doing and justify the harshness of your responsibility.
  • Let you feel excited about being the jungle king with an unlimited obscene vocabulary.

At the beginning of your journey, your wife will be willing to forgive your manipulative escapades, not enumerating the “wrong” words you award her with. But remember how quickly interrupted and highly fragile a psycho-physical state, especially of a birthing woman. Her postponed grievance will accumulate hysterical anxiety, contaminating your relationship and keeping you both in the grip of your manlike ego.

A few things to avoid saying to your spouse

If you want to build a harmonious relationship with a woman you love and respect, here are the things not to shoot off your mouth:

Anything that makes her feel stupid

Your disparaging attitude towards your wife’s cognitive abilities is critical for developing trustworthy relations. Even if it is not far from the truth, making subjective derogatory remarks concerning her incapability to continue her thoughts will humiliate her self-esteem and reconsider her self-perception. It is also the shortest way for a woman to lose respect for her man.

If you regularly criticize your lady, you will see her imminent emotional shutdown, which is not usually motivated by her mind. A self-preservation mode will begin with communication gaps and eventually demolish your family structure. Any woman needs to feel a bit of respect from a guy, and such a disparity makes a feeling die.

Anything that makes her feel older

Any lady usually feels insecure about her physical appearance, and your marriage gave her only a little break as she is inevitably getting older with all entailed risks. The drastic change in her looks, either from aging or pregnancy, bears tremendous pressure, making your sweety much more susceptible to your words ruining her confidence once and forever. Your comments about her fading beauty will make you accidentally lose touch with one another and speed up the breakup.

The worst thing a husband can say to his wife - image 2Whether you like her wrinkles or not, don’t forget that you are not getting any younger, too, but she can’t leverage it because she values more outstanding features other than your looks; just ensure she’s not fantasizing about it. A woman’s real value is much more than her beauty but is something you begin appreciating only with time, not in advance. This is not just her respect for you that motivates your love but also her harbored hope to spend the rest of her life with you. 

Your wife’s appeal, already endangered and estranged by your words, causes the insatiable desire for attention from other men, potentially allowing her to feel sexually resolved. To reduce the margins of such risk, take responsibility for your actions and consequences, and don’t make your woman lose herself, dragging your relationship down. She puts enormous effort into having a stunning look in your eyes and would never trade your false adoration for your sincerity by her own will.

Some other things to avoid saying to your wife 

The following pivotal points could be dramatically correct and life-changing in some matters, so be careful:

Anything that makes her feel dependent on you

You won’t stop sharing your opinions and judgments in the longer perspective, and God forbids you to end up hurting your better half with a wrongly chosen word. Whatever her love for you, it’s impossible to ultimately shift her mindset not corresponding with yours regarding any life circumstance. As a man, you would be willing to keep things under control on the surface as a tried-and-true method for quieting her fears and urging her to trust the effective management of your shared living space, although not forced to worship your mastermind.

When securing your mutual comfort zone, remember that your honey's private space doesn't have to conform to yours; moreover — it's unstable and depends on her well-being. Remember that due to her dependable standpoint, your physical and mental condition largely influences hers. It’s a susceptible question that doesn't have a simple, sufficient answer for both parties.

Imagine she's expecting the three of you — making up a peaceful environment on a contradictory basis may bring misunderstandings between you. Your wife's duty to take care of you shifts to taking care of a baby more precisely following your advice, which puts her in a more subordinate position. Your efforts should be invisible to her because soon she will realize, if not yet, that you're the only one who cares the most and that you aren't invincible.

Anything that puts her in charge of relations

Regardless of your wife's office floor, back home, your family hierarchy should remain traditional, with your solid heading role. On behalf of a  loving husband, any decent woman would be willing to have a chance to count on him at any time, as this is the fundamental motivation of marriage. Her feminine nature depicts a family scene with her supporting character of a real lady around her gentleman, with all the privileges. 

Your assumption that her leading role at work smoothly transferred to the family is wrong because any woman gets tired of her challenging environment and wants to feel free of responsibilities. It’s exceptionally accurate if your wife doesn't hold any principal position but assiduously tries to keep your home alive. She inwardly doesn't see herself as a substitute for your charging role but wants you to guide her.

Although such a policy might seem on the edge of total control, you won't evolve into a control freak by accident unless under her permission. Your spouse doesn’t want to rule the relationship because it ruins her concept of a perfect family and might diminish her sexual attraction to you. Building a sound family unit is impossible without a trustworthy dialogue between two avoiding shifts of responsibilities on a woman.

Anything that proves your immaturity

No matter how ambitious your plans are, your lack of clear purpose in life is a sign of immaturity and prematurity in taking responsibility for yourself and the family. It's even worse if you have the opposite outspoken and repeated frequently, as it dramatically decreases trust. Whatever your goals are, they shouldn't stand in contradiction with your past, present, and future stance because you won't find an  excuse for failing to pursue them.

The worst thing a husband can say to his wife - image 3You risk focusing on your wife's wins too extensively, exaggerating her achievements, and overreacting about your losses. Moreover, you could turn into an over-controlling husband, always minding a plot to protect your precious wife from the attention of other, more successful life stories. Having plenty of free time at your disposal, you get your wife pinned as a butterfly, making her a research subject with sometimes not well-distinguished variables.

A faithful woman, your better half won't be willing to play your object of investigation, as most women don’t like to feel suffocated in their relationship due to your constant attention that grows toxic. Of course, some women feel more secure being under the control of a predominant freak, but most prefer their men to have their own goals instead of living a woman's life. Such an occasion might cause her affection for you to fade since your masculinity no longer answers her feminine calls, and the imminent breakup is touching the horizon.

Don’t take her for granted if you don’t want her to do the same

Hopefully, you don’t take your woman's love, respect, and attraction for granted because she might still feel deprived no matter your breadwinning strategy's success. If providing your spouse with anything she needs makes you feel that burden doesn't increase her romantic commitment to you, you should point it out politely. Instinctively, she fell in love with you, not your occupation, because you are more than that. 

Whatever you are to announce with pride and honor, you should watch your mouth as it may grow or reduce her love for you — her husband who promised to part to death. In most cases, your basic instinct hints straight what to articulate and what to keep to yourself, but ensure it is exemplary in each relationship aspect and works out for your mutual benefit. Don’t let her faith in you diminish at the beginning of your path because she isn’t fond of it.

Remember that your spouse won’t ever address any logical issue directly to you if she feels deprived of your overcontrolling tactic that constrains her essence. Although it isn’t the best strategy to hold silent about your insecurities that result in pressing on her, she is a woman expecting you to be in charge of anything in the family unless you give her an excellent reason not to. For any sort of family issue to be addressed to her, it is always best to appeal lovingly and respectfully.

Accidental conclusion

Reciprocated emotional support is one of the most significant benefits of a relationship, among other influential and noticeable elements. Whatever life challenges you encounter, your loved one can offer compassion and solace by looking for solutions and validating your sentiments in the same venue. In a romantic connection, you might turn to your partner for this support and anticipate their involvement — such cooperation is called a family unit, with proper support and guidance, especially in the long run. 

You both shouldn’t worry about an emotional interdependence but be able to speak out, discuss ideas, and listen to each other. This turns out to be paramount since hearing and listening are two different processes. If you find yourself not listening or, what is worse, unspeakably happy backfiring anger at what your wife is saying or planning — your time is probably gone.

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