Why Are Russian Women Special?

Without any doubt, Russian women are some of the most beautiful women in the world. With long hair, slender legs and the most feminine of attitudes, men of all ages desire to be with them. These women are known to pay special attention to what they wear and how they look and spend considerable time in maintaining their gorgeous bodies. Generally, Russian women are famous for their friendly nature and openness, and legendary for their beauty and elegance. Here are some traits Russian ladies possess that make them so desirable for every man.


Unlike women from other parts of the world, who are regularly seen protesting to get the same treatment as men do, Russian women are incredibly feminine and are very proud of it. Although they want equal opportunities with men on education,  they understand the role society has set for women and act accordingly.

They believe that a woman should act like one so her man can act like a man. Russian women expect their men to be chivalrous and polite, holding the door open for their ladies and taking care of the household financially. They, in return, cook delicious food, keep the house clean and maintain their beautiful bodies for their men to admire.


One of the most important traits to understand about a Russian woman’s personality is that she is a dreamer. The Russian way of life is very harsh and only optimism and dreams help the women get through the daily tests and discontentment they face. Very positive in their approach towards life, Russian women are known to wear a smile even in the worst situations, just to show their partners and family that everything is good.

Smart and Practical

They might be dreamy and imaginative, but that doesn’t mean they’re not smart and practical. The rough Russian atmosphere and harsh culture has made Russian women very savvy. They know how to get things done and take care of their own personal needs.


Russian women love dressing up. They wear the flashiest of clothes in the most elegant ways. What most westerners would consider club and party clothes, these girls wear in their normal routine. Yet, Russian ladies dress in a much more stylish, ladylike and classy way than their western counterparts. Their femininity and elegance is further highlighted by the height, hair, weight and natural beauty that these cheerful and energetic women possess.

Well Mannered and Cultured

Russian women highly value traditional family culture and respect their partners’ cultures and family like their own. In Russia, a successful marriage is deemed better than a successful and promising career for a woman. Russian girls make sure their husband and his family are pleased with her and adores them the same way they’d love their own family.


It is a fallacy that because of Russia's serious economic problems, its people are not very educated. Russians in general have a very rich intellectual life and take pride in their literature and rich history. Most Russian women possess a college degree and are as capable of any job as any of the western women. Russians usually speak 2 to 5 languages owing to the multicultural population.

Strong character

What makes Russian women great wives is their strong character in tough times. Emotionally or financially, these women are known to bear pain and loss without a single tear shed. In spite of this though, they can be the gentlest mothers and the most caring wives. Tales and lessons of loyalty to the husband’s family are taught to them since childhood.

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