Russian women: What they want from you in bed

Each nation has a different notion of sex. The sexual revolution in Russia started much later than in Western countries. So Russian women are still considered as prudes who don’t share their sexual fantasies with their partners. That makes their sexual desires so hard to understand. On the other hand, all women are unique, and making a complete list of their preferences is a tough task. So, do Russian women love sex?

What they want from you in bed

Yes, they do. And here are some things that almost all Russian ladies would like you to do in bed.

A Russian woman enjoys doing it in the missionary position. That way she can look into partner’s eyes and kiss him, which brings the maximum sexual excitement. Some women can have an orgasm from a single kiss. If you have clean, well-groomed hair or a short haircut, it’s a plus. Both would be pleasant to touch. Besides, it would be great to have silk bedding: the softness of silk feels like a caress.

Some women name doggy style as the best sex position. It’s not surprising, as it is the natural position for most of living beings. The missionary position, which is uncomfortable and limits both partners’ sensitivity, became popular only a few centuries ago.

Sex with a Russian woman has to be creative. Try biting her palms, fingertips, and her neck. Sometimes it’s even better than a touch. Find a new erogenous zone on her body. Pay attention to her buttocks creases and a small area right below the knees. Take her bra off; don’t leave it hanging around her neck. Same thing with her panties, it’s better not to leave them hanging on one leg. Whispering in her ear and caressing the inner surface of her arms and thighs works as well because the skin there is particularly sensitive. Do not hesitate to say that you want her and how beautiful and sexy she is. Touch her cheeks, lips, and the chin with your fingers. It’s the easy way to satisfy a Russian woman in bad.

Some ladies like melodic songs. A low, velvety voice increases sexual arousal. But high female voices, on the contrary, can cause nervousness and anxiety. So choose the music wisely. Also, girls like the cucumber and strawberry aromas. The freshly cut cucumber or strawberry aroma affects women excitingly. The smell of fresh dough has a similar effect.

A sexy Russian woman wants her partner to take her in his arms and allow her to touch his body wherever she wants. Oddly enough, but a lot of men admit that they don’t like to be the object of their partners’ sexual attention. According to psychologists, such behavior can be caused by homophobia or the fear to attract the attention of a person of the same gender. It can affect men so much, that they don’t let their wives touch some parts of their body.

Russian women can be unpredictable in sex. There are ladies, who ask men to tell about how they lost their virginity. They also like speaking about the most unexpected sexual desires. But woman hates when someone asks her if she fakes orgasms.

A Russian girl likes being on top, but her partner still has to take the initiative: raise his hips over the bed and move in rhythm with her. She also loves when a man braids her hair. In general, many women confess that combing and laying their hair can cause sexual arousal. From a scientific point of view, it’s explainable. Women have much more nerve endings on the scalp than men, and hair combing disturbs them.

Surprisingly, even a suntan can play some role in sexual relationships. A tanned skin is smooth to the touch.

Some women like to leave at least one piece of clothing on them during sex. Many ladies are too shy to undress completely because of their body figure. And most of the girls prefer not to take their bra off. Also, some like to have sex in the dark.

Russian women love sex, and it’s totally fine. Some of them readily give up allegedly more important activities to spend a night passionately making love to their partners. Russian women are great for sex. However, you will only find that out if you embark on a close acquaintance with one of those cuties!

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