Russian women: What they want from you in bed

Each nation has a different notion of sex. The sexual revolution in Russia started much later than in Western countries. So Russian women are still considered as prudes who don’t share their sexual fantasies with their partners. That makes their sexual desires so hard to understand. On the other hand, all women are unique, and making a complete list of their preferences is a tough task. So, do Russian women love sex?

Russian woman in bed

Yes, they do. And here are some things that almost all Russian ladies would like you to do in bed.

A Russian woman enjoys doing it in the missionary position. That way she can look into partner’s eyes and kiss him, which brings the maximum sexual excitement. Some women can have an orgasm from a single kiss. If you have clean, well-groomed hair or a short haircut, it’s a plus. Both would be pleasant to touch. Besides, it would be great to have silk bedding: the softness of silk feels like a caress.

Some women name doggy style as the best sex position. It’s not surprising, as it is the natural position for most of living beings. The missionary position, which is uncomfortable and limits both partners’ sensitivity, became popular only a few centuries ago.

Sex with a Russian woman has to be creative. Try biting her palms, fingertips, and her neck. Sometimes it’s even better than a touch. Find a new erogenous zone on her body. Pay attention to her buttocks creases and a small area right below the knees. Take her bra off; don’t leave it hanging around her neck. Same thing with her panties, it’s better not to leave them hanging on one leg. Whispering in her ear and caressing the inner surface of her arms and thighs works as well because the skin there is particularly sensitive. Do not hesitate to say that you want her and how beautiful and sexy she is. Touch her cheeks, lips, and the chin with your fingers. It’s the easy way to satisfy a Russian woman in bed.

Some ladies like melodic songs. A low, velvety voice increases sexual arousal. But high female voices, on the contrary, can cause nervousness and anxiety. So choose the music wisely. Also, girls like the cucumber and strawberry aromas. The freshly cut cucumber or strawberry aroma affects women excitingly. The smell of fresh dough has a similar effect.

A sexy Russian woman wants her partner to take her in his arms and allow her to touch his body wherever she wants. Oddly enough, but a lot of men admit that they don’t like to be the object of their partners’ sexual attention. According to psychologists, such behavior can be caused by homophobia or the fear to attract the attention of a person of the same gender. It can affect men so much, that they don’t let their wives touch some parts of their body.

Russian women can be unpredictable in sex. There are ladies, who ask men to tell about how they lost their virginity. They also like speaking about the most unexpected sexual desires. But woman hates when someone asks her if she fakes orgasms.

A Russian girl likes being on top, but her partner still has to take the initiative: raise his hips over the bed and move in rhythm with her. She also loves when a man braids her hair. In general, many women confess that combing and laying their hair can cause sexual arousal. From a scientific point of view, it’s explainable. Women have much more nerve endings on the scalp than men, and hair combing disturbs them.

Surprisingly, even a suntan can play some role in sexual relationships. A tanned skin is smooth to the touch. Some women like to leave at least one piece of clothing on them during sex. Many ladies are too shy to undress completely because of their body figure. And most of the girls prefer not to take their bra off. Also, some like to have sex in the dark. Russian women love sex, and it’s totally fine. Some of them readily give up allegedly more important activities to spend a night passionately making love to their partners. Russian women are great for sex. However, you will only find that out if you embark on a close acquaintance with one of those cuties!

What are Russian women like in bed? When it comes to sex, every woman has some secrets that she refuses to give away. However, she would be very glad to share them with her partner, and even better to implement. Do you dream about Russian women in bed? Despite their modesty, they are very passionate lovers and their desires may seem too vicious to some men. However, it's no wonder that in an era when the vice became accessible and allowable, many people think about new types of pleasure, such as role-playing games. Many girls are afraid to hear the words of condemnation, although, in fact, maybe such things will only strengthen your relationship, and relieve her of bad thoughts and you of jealousy. Do you want to possess Russian girls in bed?

Call her whatever you want

what are Russian women like in bed​All the girls like compliments, beautiful girls like them not less. To tell a Russian woman in bed that she is the most beautiful, clever and amazing girl is a good way to conquer and charm a girl's soul, but when the light turns off, many women prefer a more capacious and colorful language. This does not mean that every night you should call her different swearwords, accompanying with spanking, however, for a diversity in your relationship, you can become an intense lover a couple of nights a week.

A new role is a new pleasure

If you dream about Russians in bed, be ready that it will not be just usual sex. Everyone has different fantasies, some women are excited by the man in uniform, for example, police uniform, and others are too fond of, well, films about pirates (it also happens). And it happens, when you imagine a lady who looks like a student, has sex with a man in an image of a teacher, and there is a sinful desire to try it with your partner. Such role-playing games will diversify your relationships and bring freshness into mediocre sex. At the same time, you can give vent to the fantasy and try something new. Of course, not all girls like such games, you should ask your partner about her fantasy and then decide what you are going to implement in your bed.

Broaden the horizons, you can have sex not only in bed

The bed is undoubtedly a convenient place for sex. However, be prepared that this bed comfort will bother your hot Russian girl sooner or later, and she will wait that you offer some more exotic places. So, take into account, the girls are not against sex in the most unusual places, in the most unexpected moments, whether it's a shower, a kitchen, a sofa or even floor, the world has so many different places to make love. The unusualness of the situation or the place in addition to the fear of being noticed only heighten the desire. Are Russian women good in bed? Yes, and not only in bed. The main thing is that she should be ready for that because, otherwise, you can scare her. Some girls are too modest for that.

Not only men like oral sex

There are women who like to give a blowjob, but there are those who cannot stand doing that. Moreover, they are insulted by the position, "So I have to, and he does not have to please me?" Here, of course, you can take offense or to show yourself an amazing lover and answer with oral reciprocity. However, remember that all girls are different and not everybody likes cunnilingus. Maybe, it is so just because not every man can do it right. So, be aware that your girlfriend does not mind you to try to do that. And if she likes it, make this a small ritual and a part of your foreplay, especially if you take pleasure in licking her there and watching her sweetly writhing naked body. Russian girls are amazing in their uniqueness and desire to be not just a good life partner but also a passionate lover.

  • Bonus: unspoken female desires 

Women are still tormented by stereotypes and prejudices about how sex “should be”. They behave indecisively, but this indecision is useful: thanks to it, relations with a partner become more balanced and equal. Women have become freer, they are more open and honest in sex nowadays. Perhaps now many couples have finally got a real chance to hear and understand each other. But if your girl still stays silent about things women want in bed, here are some wildly honest ideas for you to consider.

  1. Being seductive in her man's eyes

We’ll tell you one secret. When a woman believes that you consider her beautiful, she flourishes. When she believes that you like her face, her body, her fragrance, her taste, the way she moves, and everything about her, she turns into the Goddess of Love ... And when she knows that you like to have sex with her, she turns into the Goddess of Sex. How does a woman know all this? Naturally, you should tell her about this yourself. And not just once, but to repeat all this constantly. How to please a woman in bed? Tell her about it when you are in bed. Tell her this when you are out of the bedroom. The more often you tell her how beautiful she is, the brighter she will blossom.

  1. Feeling weak but protected

What do women want more than anything? They want to change the life of their partner so that thanks to their help he can achieve everything in the world. Nothing can make a woman feel more loved, valued and dear. Please do not forget about it, dear men! Women want to be the main thing in your life, it's center and meaning. When you tell a woman that she is everything for you, that she is your comfort, your refuge, your joy, the woman feels that her goal has been achieved, that your love is limitless, and then she surrenders to you with all her soul.

Remember that the source of genuine passion is always the heart, not the body. The heart is an invisible kingdom where all feelings begin. The ocean of passion remains calm until it is awakened by the only thing that can cause genuine passion. And this is the only thing - not affection and not touch, but only the care of a loved one.

  1. Being highly aroused before intercourse

If you have ever seen a well-made erotic film, you probably noticed that the director necessarily includes a scene of a woman’s slow undressing. The camera follows the hands of a man when he carefully unfastens the buttons on her blouse when he removes jewelry from her when he pulls off her skirt and allows it to fall on the floor. He kisses her when there is nothing left on her. He is in no hurry. By the time the heroine is completely naked, erotic energy reaches its highest peak. 

Too often, we neglect the possibility of such sensory arousal by jumping into bed completely naked. What women want in bed? Both men and women love to be undressed slowly. Slowly, carefully removing clothes from a partner, we allow our erotic self to get complete freedom. If you act slowly enough, then your partner herself will rush you and tear off the remnants of clothes from her - so she will be aroused by the fact that you began to undress her. Stripping a partner does not have to be part of making love. Sometimes it becomes a wonderful first part of your own erotic story.

If you saw two women making love, you probably noticed that women touch each other’s bodies very easily, almost imperceptibly. They do not go directly to the erogenous zones, but circle around them, easily glide nearby, get closer and closer, but do not touch. Why do lovers behave like this with each other? Because, being women, they know exactly what their partner wants, they know exactly how to excite her the most. Men need to learn from women. 

What women want in bed? Women love to be touched. In fact, direct stimulation, especially at the beginning of a sexual act, nothing excites more than a gentle touch. Women sigh disappointedly when you immediately start from their nipples or clitoris. Thus, you miss the most wonderful part. Remember how to make a fire? First, put small pieces of wood, and only then large logs. The same is for lovemaking. The longer you caress them, the more fire flares up in women. Very soon they will beg you to touch them in those very erogenous zones. They will begin to grab your hand and direct it to where you have not yet reached. And then you will feel their excitement.

  1. Experience a little roughness

Women now know how to build houses, plant trees and raise sons. Sometimes they want to be weak, and they fulfill their desires with the help of sexual fantasies on the subject of domination-submission. To be dominated means not to be responsible for what is happening. Scientists have proved: the less responsibility a woman bears for the outcome of coitus, the more she loses control over the situation and the more vivid orgasm she is provided with. Ask if you can tie her up, only agree in advance that in case of pain and other inconvenience, you can immediately stop everything.

What do women want in bed? Every woman likes to feel welcome, and hard sex can perfectly diversify her life. Psychologists also argue that the dream of "rape" is a very often case. They consider such sex to be something dirty but nevertheless would like to try it. The formula "he himself came and took me, I am not to blame" in this case is ideal for them.

It is unlikely that you will play such a scene with a woman you have been married for long. For many, such attempts end up only in laughter. But you can always try sex as hard as you are able to have in your couple.

  1. Dominating and controlling the process

Nothing excites a woman as much as when her beloved man stares into her eyes and she is on top of the process. At such moments, they feel the love energy flowing from his eyes into her heart, spreading throughout her body, like hot lava that floods everything around. One glance can excite a woman more than an hour of the most skillful caresses. How to please a woman in bed? Let her take the initiative, bite you, tease you, tie you up and make you beg her to let you cum. Not all women love to be dominated, some of them were born to dominate you.

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