How to Find Russian Ladies for Marriage

All we need is love. This universal knowledge cannot be wrong, as so many generations have proven this statement. We perpetually look for love; some of us may not even feel complete without relationships.


Men in the Western world struggle to find a date because of numerous reasons. Someone experience a severe lack of time, others are too tired of useless meetings with zero outcomes. However, the most horrifying fact is that European and American girls have become too fastidious and selective. The sexual revolution of the 1960-s has made its job properly and now girls are 100% freethinking and autonomous. On one hand, it’s totally good because girls have the same rights and, consequently, the same range of possibilities as men have. On the other hand, it’s had become much harder to win a girl’s heart.

In this case, we have a great solution for you – single Russian ladies. These precious creatures are less selective and value true mannish features. Our dating site has nothing to do with the advertisement or any other commercial purposes. Shifting our attention to Russians was a thoughtful decision. We have several perfectly understandable explanations:

Russian girls are beautiful. Sorry for starting with something that obvious but this topic has to be discussed in details. We are not claiming that these girls are the most beautiful in the entire world. It’s typically a matter of one’s taste. However, Russians are averagely a beautiful nation. They have various genomes mixed in their blood – Slavic, Asian, Northern – and this mix makes the women exceedingly attractive. Moreover, Russian wives take care of their exterior, maintaining perfect looks even in the early morning. Beauty is a significant feature because it can only exist as an accompaniment to health. And only a healthy girl can give birth to a strong child. Quite a simple equation, isn’t it?

Russian girls are brainy. Don’t know about you, but nothing excites us more than a woman that can keep the conversation going. Russian girls are truly intelligent. Yes, some of them have troubles with English, but if you will be patient and pay a little love and attention to teaching your girlfriend – she will sound quite well in a year or so. The Soviet Union has left a significant heritage of school and university education, so children in Russia are usually well educated. Therefore, a Russian woman will not only become your wife and housekeep (which they are extremely good at) but also a loyal assistant and adviser in your every activity.

Russian girls are family-oriented. Since we focus our endeavors on connecting these flawless girls with decent and eligible men, a family-oriented mindset of Russian women become an important part of their characters. They can hardly imagine a life without family and children. The majority of them have interesting jobs and hobbies, but they will, without doubts, give up all their activities and prefer having a family. In the modern world of equality and feminism, such loyalty and devotion become unique and, therefore, highly valued. These girls just cannot stand a childfree concept of relationships, so if you are against having children – a Russian girl is not the best choice for you.

Now that you know why we chose these girls for our site, we should pay some attention to how to date women from Russia. As we have mentioned previously, these girls are not the same as their Western sisters, no matter how much they want to imitate the similarity. Therefore, you need a special approach, which consists of:

1. Good manners. The concept of chivalry still exists in minds of these girls. Your good manners are the best instrument of gaining Russian girl’s attention and fondness. Opening a door, moving a chair for her, bringing flowers – everything works! These girls usually seek modern gentlemen as they don’t get enough of it in Russian men. Use this advantage!

2. Manliness. We all know that a real man is determined not by his age or talks but by his doings and maturity. That’s exactly what you need to date a Russian girl. They highly value mannish behavior and, one the contrary, stay away of boyishness and immaturity. Of course, it does not mean that you should be grumpy and sullen all the time.

3. Respect. Yes, these women know everything about respect (and disrespect, too). They look for it in foreigners because Russian men are not keen on it. However, there’s something more about respect: you should know and admire her culture, relatives, and traditions. It might sound strange in the contemporary world, but Russians are truly fond of their culture and demand a special approach towards it.

4. Reserved assertiveness. You know, there’s no need to rush. Single Russian ladies are inclined to start any relationships gradually, at a slow pace. First, you need to know each other better and understand each other’s mindsets at least partially. Only after that, you can think of anything serious. Nevertheless, a man is the one who initiates the whole thing, not the girl. Bear this in mind.

Hope you find this advice useful! But there is another thing – where to find a Russian girl? Well, we have three equally effective options. Each of them, however, require a different amount of efforts:

1. Visit Russia itself. To be honest, Russia is a huge and beautiful country. You may find numerous places worth visiting. But to look for a woman for marriage, we recommend going to Moscow or Saint-Petersburg. These are the biggest cities in Russia. They both are situated not far from Europe (in a so-called ‘European part of Russia’). If you do not manage to find the love of your life, you will at least have a chance to see historically important and interesting cities.

2. Russian diasporas. You may find Slavic people living literally in every county. Russian migration process, mostly related to the dissolution of the Soviet Union, remains widespread while Russian diasporas are one of the biggest in the world. You can search for such people in your country and get in touch with Russian girls. They have nothing against contacting with decent men and gladly meet for coffee or a dinner.

3. Online dating services. It’s probably the most convenient way to get acquainted with a Russian girl. Russian brides are always happy to meet online on dating sites. Our service, being one of the most popular Russian dating sites, are designed precisely for Western men to have a nice chance to meet gorgeous Russian girls. You will not have to spend a fortune for traveling to Russia. Likewise, you can have several conversations simultaneously to find the one you really like. It’s also a great choice because girls on such sites are not focused on just hanging out; they look for dating and marriage.

We hope you found this article useful. No matter if you are going to look for Russian brides online or want to seek them in Russia, your aim is to make them believe that you have exceptionally good intentions. Otherwise, they will not want to contact with you. Kindness and respect are your best friends in terms of winning Russian girls’ hearts. In their turn, they will make your life heaven-like. Have a good luck!

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