How to deal with a jealous girlfriend and keep the passion alive

Table of contents:

  1. Reasons for girl's jealousy of her man
  2. Effective ways to help you forget about jealousy forever
  3. How can a woman get rid of feelings of jealousy

A jealous girlfriend is an actual hurricane of passions in one person, capable, figuratively speaking, of tearing down and drowning a relationship that was previously afloat. It is said that only a loving person is qualified for jealousy, but this is a myth, an imaginary satisfaction on the partner's part. Relationships in which jealousy rules people either fall apart or go to a completely different level if both partners follow specific rules.

how to deal with a jealous girlfriend and keep the passion alive

What to do if a girl is jealous? How to deal with it so as not to hurt the other? If a man truly loves, he can save the relationship, harmonize and strengthen it. However, if one wants to act more deliberately, it is worth first reading about the true causes of jealousy; then, fighting the "disease" will be much easier.

Reasons for girl's jealousy of her man

A person's self-esteem is formed in childhood. But throughout life, we experience a decrease and increase in self-confidence. It is due to many factors in general. For example, unsatisfaction with their partner, problems in the relationship at work, and lack of time for oneself can lower the bar of confidence; such people tend to show jealous behavior more often and nag their second halves with humiliating nagging.

If things change for the better, a person's behavior transforms. In other words, society influences those who allow this to happen. But, as we have said, the bar of confidence can be raised, and one can get rid of the nasty property of blaming everyone and always suspecting one's partner of cheating.

Now let's look more closely at what else can contribute to a girl or a guy showing jealousy in a relationship. 

Even earlier, people believed that if a person is jealous, he loves and cherishes. On the other hand, psychologists and relationship coaches denote jealousy as a sign of insecurity and lack of respect for the other, especially if the reasons for which this feeling manifests itself are merely innocent flirting or looking toward the opposite sex.

The reason may be a desire to justify one's cheating. Suspicion arises in betrayers. They divert the attention of their mate from their situation, shifting the blame onto her and projecting it onto the person they love. A woman may also become jealous in a new relationship if there was cheating in the past.

The next cause of jealousy is insufficient communication in the couple. In a superficial relationship, there is no mutual understanding; partners cannot rely on each other and become suspicious and accusatory. At the acquaintance stage, a woman can be jealous at the beginning of a relationship. The jealousy is more potent if the experience is unsuccessful. 

A common cause is dissatisfaction in intimate relationships; the root cause comes from childhood. If a girl was taught to be "behind" her husband, not to flaunt her virtues, then dissatisfaction in adulthood will take its toll. She may have been surrounded by hyper-parental or vice versa; the sum does not change if the addends change, as they say. The girl quickly determines where to throw her discontent if she fears talking about her feelings. Jealousy, in this case, indicates the degree of female infantilism, dissatisfaction with herself, her appearance, her financial situation, or her sex life.

Sometimes, a woman needs to get more attention when her partner is away from home, at work, fishing, hunting, and at various gatherings with friends. Such behavior cannot help but cause legitimate jealousy, although there is no reason. That is, a wife or girlfriend has not seen with her own eyes the fact of infidelity while jealous. This situation is typical. This is because you are away from home for a long time. In this case, the man can do much to make jealousy leave your life partner forever.

And the last reason for jealousy, which is logical and gives a woman the right to be jealous, is the man's behavior. If he willingly discusses with many women, and the topics of their conversations are far from business, then he jeopardizes personal relationships. A man may flirt and even touch women in the company of women but not engage in sexual intercourse with them. It is called moral treason and stokes the fire of contradiction, anger, resentment, a cocktail of love and hate in a lady. Perhaps one day, the last drop of her patience will run out, and her marriage or relationship may fall apart because of the man. 

Effective ways to help you forget about jealousy forever

It is believed that people need seven years to "get used to" each other in a relationship, so all the troubles and minor problems subside at the end of this period. However, this term does not sound promising; does one have to endure attacks from his wife or reproaches from his girlfriend for seven years? Go the other way. You can constantly improve your relationship, even if you hit a dead end. Just follow the advice.

how to deal with jealous girlfriend tips to save the relationship

First, analyze your behavior and ask yourself if there was any flirting. Most importantly, be honest with yourself. For example, if you've been away from home a lot lately to sit with colleagues or pay attention to your hobbies, she may be jealous, although she can't prove the fact of cheating. 

If it didn't happen, don't say no, but give the proper attention to your beloved girl. Show that you are willing to do a lot for her, say sincere compliments, and give her a lot of pleasant moments. Then, have an evening of revelation and talk privately. In this case, it is essential to show loyalty on the part of the man and not raise your voice if the lady starts to snap. And this can happen, given that during your absence, she has twisted many adverse events in her head or somewhat fantasized about what did not occur in principle.

After getting enough attention and a portion of love, the girl will forget her tormenting feelings and blossom. Teach yourself to look less at others, especially in her presence, and stop flirting with friends of your favorite woman.

If the girl's jealousy has no serious reasons, it is essential not to give in to tricks to avoid showing dependence, but you should not be rude. The best helper in the fight against jealousy is a calm conversation. Ask where to get quiet if you do not have the strength to figure out the relationship. Everything in life is possible; the main thing – is to want to change yourself and let your partner do it. If everyone sought help from psychologists, the problems would disappear, but this is not the case. Learn to trust yourself and your partner. This fact is essential in today's world.

So, talk about limits and freedom of action. You give a woman freedom and do not discriminate against her. Then why doesn't the girl do the same? Suggest to her do a pleasant hobby in your absence. The main thing is to do what is necessary; continue showing signs of attention to your beloved. Otherwise, she will think you will do anything to escape her.

At the beginning of the relationship, discuss the norms of behavior. Talk about what is typical for the lady and what is normal for you. For example, a kiss on the cheek and a smile in the direction of a girl you know is probably just a sign of politeness for you, but for her, it's like a knife in the back. Try reassuring the girl that you are so used to it; it doesn't mean you will trade your beloved for another person.

Make the jealous woman trust you, open her secrets, and tell you how her day was and what she bought in the supermarket. A lot depends on trust; you should try to finish what you started before the end; women feel falsehood in their voices, so be sincere and tell the details of your day or plans for tomorrow. So that she fully trusts you, send her a message on her phone occasionally; it is pleasant and gives your beloved a reason to get rid of her "air" jealousy. 

How can a woman get rid of feelings of jealousy

Psychologists advise you to love yourself, become self-sufficient, communicate more actively, and find a hobby. After that, the fear of loneliness and insecurity will disappear. For example, if a girl believes in her strength, realizes her sexuality, and copes with problems alone, she has nothing to be jealous about. On the contrary, a free and spiritually whole person respects her space.

how to deal with jealous girlfriend

A man is also in a position to help her get her life together for the better. Go shopping together and determine what interests her. To look more attractive, the girl can go to the gym, eat right, and allow herself to visit beauty salons and hair salons.

A self-sufficient woman knows what to do while her chosen one is absent. She will not be annoyed that the man is late for a meeting. There can be many reasons for this, starting with traffic jams. And the fact that he came to socialize with friends will be perceived as an indicator of her partner's sociability and good companionship. A confident woman perceives innocent flirting as being well-mannered by her life partner. 

In addition to self-development, psychologists advise dealing with jealousy in steps. First, you need to take responsibility for your worries. Then, it would help if you calmly talked about your fears instead of passive aggression and accusations. Perhaps a man who better understands her worries, rather than her clenches her teeth, will remain angrily silent or irritated for any reason.

Psychological techniques are used to get rid of the painful distrust. To do this, imagine that jealousy is a bowl of deadly poison added to the tea daily and consciously consumed. Then, mentally repeat that it is impossible to kill yourself with poison. After that, the problem will be a thing of the past.

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