Are grounded Taurus and fiery Aries compatible in a long-term love tandem?

The chances of a harmonious union between the fire and earth representatives could be better. They find common ground difficult because the flamboyant Fire and the inert Earth represent different elements. The fiery character of the former consists of contradictions that are difficult to come to terms with. The latter's characteristics are emotional stinginess and insufficient decision-making agility. Reaching a mutual understanding with such polarities takes work.

Taurus and Aries compatibility

The mutual search for commonality between the signs can significantly increase the couple's chances of achieving harmony. On the other hand, it is difficult for Fire to accept the inertness of his earthly partner, so his increased irritability can arise. His expectations of activity and determination in the union are in vain because the slow partner is incapable of it. 

Earth strives for respectful observance of personal boundaries and regards any encroachment very sharply. It is practically impossible to shake him, and this quality irritates the dynamic Fire. In fairness, breaking his composure in difficult situations is not easy. He does not act in the heat of the moment, preferring deliberate actions. In the case of falling in love with such a pair, it is realistic to maintain it. For it to grow into a mature feeling, the partners must show openness and mutual trust. Long-term union in such a not similar couple is unlikely.

Sexual aspect. What is the likelihood that Taurus is compatible with Aries in bed?

The agile Fireman and the slow Earthman are better combinations for a close tandem. Fire craves hot sensations and passionate expressions. A thoughtful partner for him needs more initiative and causes boredom. On the other hand, Earth wants sensitivity from the emotional sign in a sexual matter and is not thrilled with his assertiveness. This difference in temperament leads to disharmony between them. There needs to be more than the potential possessed by the representative of the Earth for the Fire sign. Achieving a balance, though challenging, is realistic.  

The Fire sign should hold back a little ardor and show patience to the partner. A representative of the Earth element can learn to trust and enter into sexual games without fear, perceiving the partner's activity as a confirmation of their sexuality. Romantic foreplay, unconventional places, and willingness to experiment can improve the union. Even though the chances of finding common ground are below average, there are happy exceptions to every rule.  

Two stubborn partners in friendship. What will be the compatibility if Taurus makes contact with Aries?

In this controversial pair of the zodiacal circle, it is more appropriate to talk about a buddy tandem than a close friendship. The rapprochement only sometimes happens because of opposing views of the world. Thrills and excitement attract Fire, while Earth seeks quiet relaxation, so it can be challenging to agree on a joint leisure time. Finding compromise on hobbies and interests is practically impossible. Fire is irritated by the slowness and outward indecisiveness of the earth sign, and Earth does not feel comfortable in the maelstrom of Fire energy. It is not easy, and often there is no reason for them to get close because there are more opposites than commonalities in such a pair.

Taurus and Aries compatibility percentage

Taurus and Aries compatibility percentage

Will Taurus be a good match for Aries? Will the partners be able to become soulmates?

Creating a lasting and productive alliance between these two signs is difficult. The primary condition for success is the right accents and agreed roles. Fire is significant as part of the generator of ideas, but they sometimes need more patience to see things through. A sensible earthly partner, to whom it is better to entrust the routine part of the work, perfectly compensates for this quality.  

It is difficult to move and shake responsible and thoughtful Earth. Still, it is possible to count on the successful accomplishment of monotonous work. Planning events, travel and budgeting is quite an achievable responsibility. Impulsiveness and poise can create a good balance. Reasonable interaction between these zodiac representatives is possible in a partnership union. At the beginning of an acquaintance, impulsive Fire and prudent Earth will see some difficulties, and further development of the partnership largely depends on mutual interest. If circumstances force them to solve common problems, they can achieve success. 

Will Taurus hold out and Aries run away if potential problems arise in the relationship?

The diversity of the partners brings a certain amount of misunderstanding into their communication. Intolerance, which is especially noticeable in a couple with a calm and thoughtful Earth, characterizes the hot nature of the fiery representative. The latter is accustomed to analyzing events and making deliberate decisions. Therefore, Fire's emotional core disrupts his life's measured pace and brings chaos. The couple sees the ideal tandem differently and is unlikely to find an understanding of critical points. The union of the two opposites is unlikely to last long because mutual attraction doesn't have any fuel.

How likely is communication between Taurus and Aries to be good?

These two are complex people, so it is hardly worth hoping for a positive outcome. Each partner always stands on their own. They adhere to the thought and do not give in to disputes. If this continues for a long time, the couple will simply part. It takes a lot of effort to establish a good union.

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