Common Bro Code Rules that Can Never be Broken

A bro is a man who will give you his last shirt and do anything for you. This is a person who will not stop his attempts to rescue you from any bad situation whatever it takes. He will always come to the assistance, unless, of course, he needs the assistance by himself. Bros are all those who have ever supported you in the tough moments and readily spent with you the happiest days of your life.

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What Does Bro Code Mean?

A bro code is a whole collection of friendship etiquette rules and recommendations that are dedicated to one single purpose - save the friendship between friends and rescue them from complicated situations. These rules are also frequently called "man laws." Some people call them guidelines, while others estimate them as bible rules that can’t be omitted or broken whatever the situation is. Non-compliance with the bro code rules means a betrayal of friendship between friends and leads to disrespect. The bro code rules are also the combination of ideas about friendship that have been collected and popularized by the American popular sitcom known as “How I Met Your Mother.” Later, the bro code ideas were published as the paperback “The Bro Code” in 2008.

That's the Bro Code!

When your best friend moves out from his parents to start his life with a girl or a wife in a new flat, the best present for a housewarming would be hard to choose. However, after this story, you will definitely know how to greet your friend appropriately. Usually, the guests give different presents: money, pots, pans, glasses and a lot of different things that may come in handy in everyday life in a new flat. But what you have to present to such a friend is a huge bag with detergents, washing powders, pipe cleaners, all kinds of washcloths and toilet papers. Just think over the most frequently used cleaning stuff and buy it for your friend. After a couple of days, he will appreciate your initiative and will be remembering you each time when cleaning his house with stuff you have presented to him. bro code rulesMake your present to be the most valuable housekeeping investment in the life of your friend. Any friend will be happy to obtain such a housekeeping starter pack for those who have recently relocated. The bro code tells to help in any situation whatever it takes.

The Bro Code Rules - Most Important Rules

Some bro code rules demand some special attention.

Among all the bro code rules about dating the most important is to prevent your friend from sacrificing his dignity for a girl. There are man’s principles that can never be forgotten or omitted even if it is about conquering the heart of the most beautiful girl. A man should not try to conquer a girl if she obviously pushes him to a friendzone, neglecting his deep feelings and using them for her benefits. Men should always stay calm inside, and they should neither show girls their dependence on them even if it takes place nor put themselves in a chasing position to prevent any girls from having a chance to manipulate their feelings and actions.

The bro code dating rules demand a real friend to always cover his friend’s back as well as to cheer him up in the moments when he unreasonably loses his hope. A friend, sticking to the idea of undoubted support, should do his best to increase the success chances and boost the likability of the friend to get what he wants. If he wants to turn the attention of a beautiful girl, you should help him in any way possible.

The bro code rules about girlfriends require a man to always ask his friends if they don’t mind him to date her. You should neither cheat on your friend nor ever hit on your Bro’s girlfriend. These unwritten rules should never be broken unless you really want to lose your best friend and his respect.

Never mess around with the ex-girlfriends of your friends. Except for the case when they permitted you. The topic of friend’s exes may always be touchy, so you should respect his feelings and be accurate with whom and how to talk. You should better avoid being involved in dating ex-girlfriends of your friend. But, if this situation cannot be avoided, it would be better to ask your friend if he doesn’t mind, extremely in those cases when these people were dating for more than a year.

Five Bro Code Rules About Girlfriends

  1. A bro should always go before women until it is about your wife or sister.
  2. Stupid things are allowed to be done both by your friends and you, girls are not the exception.
  3. A real friend will never date your sister, but he will always make compliments to her.
  4. A real bro will never publicly tell about the number of girls whom he has ever dated.
  5. Friends are never angry at each other when they are not invited to the wedding of each other.

What is the Bro Code Rules for Dating

A Bro and a Brother are not the same things. These two roles should always be distinguished according to the bro code laws. A bro is a person who has been your best friend for a certain time and regularly supported your interests and your friendship at any cost. This person can sacrifice a lot to help his friend reach his goal. Whereas a Brother is a family by blood. This person should always be the closest one, and his point of view should also be taken into account.

bro code rules for datingBeing the real bro not always means to share solely positive moments. Always tell your bro if his girl cheats on him even if this means to resist the powerful denies from his side and get into a complicated conflict. Be ready to prove the truth and rescue your real friend from the toxic relationships.

Never shame your bro for getting rejected. All your actions will always affect the life of your friend, so you both have to remember that you share the same part of the responsibility for each other’s reputation. Don’t allow people to laugh at you or your friend.

Never force your friend to feel uncomfortable and ashamed for hooking up with a girl you don’t find attractive. Instead of teasing your friend for his relationship with a girl who seems to you not beautiful or smart enough, it is better to cheer him up. It is not you with whom he will have to date. So don’t be jealous of his success or life even if you are not fully satisfied with all what happens.

Always help your best friend get better with girls. Assist him, teach him how to get the phone number of a girl who would likely reject him without your assistance. Remember that you help him because you are friends, and you should be interested in his happiness. Tell him your secrets of hooking up with girls and help become popular among girls also. Always help him physically when it is needed. If he moves to a new flat, help him with his stuff. Moving heavy furniture together is always easier. You can also help him with your talks. Being sad, he will never tell about it, but you will find out if you are close enough to hear him out.

A real bro always appreciates his friend’s freedom. That is why a bro doesn’t allow another bro to get married until they are at least thirty years old. This is the age when all men can be 100-percent sure about their soulmates for the rest of their lives.

Friends of your friend should also be your friends. They are the people whom your friend has chosen, and consequently, you and they have a lot in common and will likely be friends also. So, never let your friends down and be open to new people to come in your life.

If you still don’t know the bro codex, you should immediately learn how to become a friend of people with whom you want to spend all your free time and will readily share any secrets. Life goes easier when it is full of good friends who can always support you in any moment of your life.

The bro code represents the perfect scheme of friendship where all men are actively participating in the life of their friends. This is the codex that dictates the behavior manner for friends. Following these simple rules, one will always feel secure and proud of his friends who represent only who you actually are.

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I’m a girl and some bro code rules seem and ridiculous to me. For example, the one about that a guy should ask his friends whether they don’t mind him dating a girl. It’s very funny.
21.08.2020 11:50

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