Perks and Problems of Dating a Skinny Girl

Female beauty is a relative concept, it doesn’t fit into certain generally accepted frames. The eternal female question is “What women do men like more – cute skinny girls or plus-size girls?” Many men will answer that they prefer hot skinny girls. But is it really so nice to date such a woman and where to meet girls?

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Why men love skinny girls

Skinny girls... They are tender defenseless. Many men like these women – it is easy to feel strong and courageous next to them. Carrying hot skinny women in your arms is a pleasure. Why else do men love these ladies?

1. Stereotypical thinking

It turns out that mainly stereotypes, which accompany the human population almost all their lives play a role here. For example, media that calls “90-60-90” the standard of beauty. Accordingly, once in the head, these thoughts give their results at a subconscious level. Men want to start dating a younger woman who is skinny.

2. Men themselves look better

It is noted that if the most ordinary and unpretentious man of any age has as a pretty, slender, tastefully dressed, skinny blond girl, he will look like a completely successful modern man. And on the contrary, the rich and confident man will not look good enough without a charming sexy skinny woman.

3. Men are sexually attracted to these women

Scientists cited another counterargument as to why men like sexy skinny women. It turns out that they pass the stage of puberty earlier and faster. At the instinctive level, men are attracted to young skinny girls. Accordingly, they are in demand from a young age.

4. With a skinny girl, the instinct of a defender wakes up

These girls look fragile and defenseless, as a result of which men instill an instinct to protect their women. Visually, small and fragile women look cute, charming, harmless, and physically weak.

5. Flexibility of a hot skinny woman

Sexologists say that men feel better in bed with them. It makes sex life more diverse. And during sexual games with such a girl, a man is more comfortable. He feels like a dominant and master of the situation.

hot skinny womenAdvantages of dating a skinny girl

If you like a skinny busty girl, then this is a big plus to your relationship. Why? Look at these advantages:

1. You will dominate

It is all about the desires of men to be the head in everything and everywhere, to subjugate and dominate. He wants to always remain the head of the family. And a hot skinny girl is associated with humility and obedience like no one else.

2. She has a high self-esteem

Skinny women are satisfied with their appearance (and with themselves in general) 1.5 times more often than women with normal weight, and 3.5 times more often than women with excess weight. Trying to analyze the causes of this curious phenomenon, psychologists came to only one conclusion that beautiful skinny women are more consistent with the ideal of beauty accepted in modern society.

3. She doesn’t have complexes

Well, even if she doesn’t like something in herself, it is not so obvious to others. Being with a girl at some event or in some place, you will be amazed at how men and women look at her because she feels like a queen at any place.

4. She has a lot of energy

She has time to do everything and even more. She gets up early, has an expand the circle of communication, she is respected by other people. But most importantly, she will always have time and energy on your relationships.

Problems you may face when dating a skinny woman

Skinny girls are good. However, you may face some problems being in relationships with them.

1. She may not like her body

In fact, many skinny petite girls suffer from their thinness and dream of getting more kilograms. And they can be understood. Some clothes just don’t fit them because they may have not such rounded forms as plus size girls have. Many skinny busty girls want to get better, feel more confident, be sexier, wear beautiful clothes, and so on.

2. She is always on a diet

If a girl like diets, then she will be on a diet constantly, even being pregnant, thereby, depriving your child of everything necessary. By the way, the child’s health is laid precisely during pregnancy. That is why pregnant women should eat a lot.

3. She may have problems with health

Being too skinny is not always good from a health point of view. According to doctors, the body is more difficult to resist disease when you are too skinny. With malnutrition, nervousness increases, sleep worsens, a person is constantly in a state of malaise. It is much more pleasant to communicate with a cheerful person, and not with a bare nerve.

4. She may begin to “corrode” relationships with her behavior

If she considers herself unattractive, she has many complexes and feels extremely vulnerable. In a relationship, such girls attack partners because of their deep complexes. They project their complexes on their men.

5. She can’t believe that men fall in love with them

As a result, they are looking for a selfish motive for the relationship and don’t believe in the love of a man. They are jealous of all men, and especially with a sports body.

6. She requires a man to admire her

They are waiting for compliments that they didn’t deserve. As a result, they hear false flattery and understand this.

7. It is impossible to eat with her

But going to cafes, fast food, and restaurants is a huge component of any date! This is torture for her and she turns any meal into torture for you. When you eat, she may not order herself anything at all or ask for just a glass of water, saying that she is not hungry. You will feel uncomfortable eating a steak when your girlfriend is sitting in front of you and eating nothing.

Do guys like skinny girls?

Many men think that a woman who has excess weight will not be able to cope with household chores well. And this also indicates that the woman doesn’t care for herself and will look even worse in the future. But all this is not about slender girls. They are different. However, some men don’t like skinny girls and understand that they may have even more problems. And it is quite understandable. So, everyone has their own preferences. But it is better to think twice before you start dating a skinny girl. So, why not date a thin beauty?

Skinny girls are obsessed with their appearance and spend a completely unhealthy amount of time in front of the mirror. They are always dissatisfied with themselves. Your jokes will not save the situation because they are too sensitive and vulnerable and will take them seriously. Any phrase that doesn’t even have a hint of her figure can still be received with hostility because her brain works only in this direction and is constantly looking for a catch in your words.

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My girlfriend is skinny, but she never keeps on diets. Moreover, my beloved can eat whatever she wants without gaining weight. This is probably the dream of all women.
21.08.2020 11:22

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