Dating a Scorpio Woman: a Complete Guide

An insecure man will never conquer a Scorpio woman. Only a real man can cope with her, firmly knowing what she wants. A Scorpio woman is very emotional, tender, and demanding. She is not interested in easy flirting or a partner for one night. A man who doesn’t consider it necessary to bind himself with obligations may never win the heart of this woman. She is jealous, but, at the same time, she is adorable, charming, and compelling. She excites in the bedroom and entertains in the living room. This woman is surrounded by some aura of mystery. So, how to date such a wonderful woman?

how to date a Scorpio woman​

What’s so special about Scorpio women and how to take advantage of it

Scorpios are known for the fact that romantic relationships with them are full of paradoxes. That is why it’s so exciting and difficult to date them!

1. Scorpios always dominate and control everything

This quality of a Scorpio woman can be both a huge value and a real punishment. Her imperious nature manifests itself in unlimited love and care for family members, children, and her husband. However, she often may turn into a real tyrant. A Scorpio woman likes to set her own rules in the house and rarely compromises. When something doesn’t go as she wants, then conflict can’t be avoided.

2. Scorpios don’t like control

Scorpio always works to maintain a perfect balance of power in a relationship. You have the right to your opinion, but if you want to convince a woman in something, you should know that you can get strong victories only through strong arguments.

3. Scorpios are very curious

Curiosity is another happiness. This is what a Scorpio woman thinks. And she is right here. She is ready to show curiosity everywhere and always, but, at the same time, she doesn’t like gossip. Curiosity for her is a stimulus to new hobbies, work, and knowledge. She draws information thanks to them.

4. Scorpios like mystery

Scorpio is the very sign that can’t be frightened by mysticism, but, on the contrary, it attracts Scorpio women. Some people think that they are crazy. In fact, representatives of this zodiac sign really believe in everything magical. Don’t be surprised that when you come to visit a Scorpio woman, you will find massive candles arranged in the corners of her house.

5. Scorpios are fans of black humor

A Scorpio woman is characterized by sarcasm and a habit of sneering at everything. This is manifested in her leadership qualities and the ability to see people through. And, sometimes it manifests itself in too stinging jokes and black humor. Those who want to connect their lives with Scorpio women should be ready for it.

6. Scorpios love with all the passion

Love of Scorpios women is always so intense, deep, passionate and fiery that it’s possible to shoot a Hollywood story on it. No romantic novel can be compared with the romances of Scorpios. They want to know you from head to toe.

7. Scorpios are able to determine the truth better than a lie detector

It is almost impossible to deceive a Scorpio woman. She recognizes lies from the first minute. This especially applies to members of her family and close people. For example, children, who have a Scorpio mother, usually get accustomed from childhood that it is always better to admit to a bad deed than to try to think of some excuse. The reason for this is a flexible analytical mind, which forces her to analyze any information she hears. In addition, Scorpios women have a well-developed intuition.

8. Scorpios don’t care what others think about them

Scorpio women are strong and independent. But they are often surrounded by people who somehow condemn their free character. But they completely don’t attach importance to other people’s opinion. The main thing for them is to correspond to their own idea of morality. They are guided only by their principles and seldom yield to the opinion of the majority.

how to love a Scorpio woman9. Scorpios are the sexiest women

They not only attract representatives of the other sex more often than women of other zodiac signs, but they are also the most liberated. Also, every Scorpio woman considers sex one of the most important things in her life. At the same time, her imagination is unlimited. She pays a lot of attention to sexual compatibility with a man. If she doesn’t like something in sex, then you have no chance to build a healthy relationship with a Scorpio woman.

10. Scorpios are fair

There are so many lawyers and doctors among the representatives of this sign. It is not for nothing. The ability to sympathize with someone else’s grief, empathize and provide all possible help is developed mostly in the characters of representatives of this sign.

11. Scorpios are very honest

Honesty and sincerity are perhaps the main virtues of Scorpio women. They hate liars and don’t lie to people too. They will not tell you undeserved compliments if they don’t think so. Dating a Scorpio woman, you can always be sure there is not a gram of lies in every word she says in your address.

12. Scorpios are able to keep secrets

If you want to tell a secret, you will not find the better ears. These ladies know how to keep other people’s secrets! Therefore, you can share anything with them. Even if you quarrel, a Scorpio woman will never tell anyone about your secret. Honesty, correctness, and principles are much more important for her. There is no better friend than a Scorpio woman – she is completely devoid of all these ladies’ tricks like gossip and secrets. Friendship is very valuable for her.

13. Scorpios win in all spheres of life

If you look for a Scorpio woman for dating, then you should know that most likely this woman loves excitement and competitive moment. She may demonstrate others what she is capable of. In this regard, she often achieves success in different spheres of life and is able to conquer every man if she wants.

14. Scorpios don’t like surprises

How to date a Scorpio woman? Well, of course, you can try to impress her. But, most likely, she appreciates intellectual and talented people. Therefore, Scorpio women see the falsity immediately! Sometimes it becomes a problem. But don’t worry. Just be in touch with Scorpios and always be yourself. If a Scorpio woman made you her companion or lover, then she loves you despite all your shortcomings.

15. Scorpios are devoted

The people of this sign choose the best partners for themselves. If it is you, then a woman has already found her ideal. And she will never look in anyone’s direction again. Scorpios don’t doubt their choice. If you won the battle for the Scorpio’s loyalty, we congratulate you. Now she is completely in love with you. Life with them is easier than it usually seems.

16. Scorpios are loyal

They know nothing about forgiveness. They can be very vindictive and ruthless people, especially when someone shows disloyalty in their attitude. If you decide to live with a Scorpio woman, then forget about cheating because it is a taboo for you. This is exactly how to love a Scorpio woman. If you are not ready for this, then it is better not to start.

17. Scorpios think that they are the best

As we have mentioned, Scorpio women are very selective in choosing a couple. They are looking for an improved version of themselves. If a Scorpio woman chooses you, we are ready to bet that you are almost perfect in her eyes. Therefore, contrary to popular belief, Scorpios women are ready to be the second number, but only if they perceive you as a deity.

Sex with a Scorpio woman: how to make it best

Every night with her will be infinitely long. She will whisper with pleasure all the erotic fantasies in your ear. Even talking about sex can excite both of you. You will get the best sex in your life. Maybe it sounds like bragging, but it’s long been known that Scorpio women are the best mistresses. They are not just talented and attentive; they know how to make love!

Scorpio is one of the most ambiguous signs. According to astrologers, the sexuality of Scorpio women is at the peak of the zodiacal circle. The diversity of personalities within a single zodiac sign is presented as brightly as possible.

Scorpio women in bed

Sexual energy of Scorpio women is used to realize their creativity and strengthen the position in society. Experiencing sensual physical pleasure, they always receive spiritual energy in sex and draw inspiration. The borderline between love and hate is very conditional among the representatives of this sign. Deep perverse inclinations always dominate and take precedence over sublime romanticism. Preparing for sex, a Scorpio woman carefully plans her steps, not wasting time in vain and without showing excessive haste. She is straightforward and persistent; few men are able not to react to her physical passion. She reveals the entire sensual potential of a man with whom she has an intimate relationship. This woman is a unique lover because she really understands the needs of a man and tries to satisfy him if nothing is threatening her.

Scorpio women constantly transform throughout life, so sexual preferences and desires are changing rapidly. They don’t tolerate monotony in sex. A Scorpio woman and boring sex are not compatible things. If the chosen man doesn’t meet the requirements, a Scorpio woman may have an intimate relationship on the side to satisfy her desires completely. Having met a worthy partner, representatives of this sign remain faithful, refusing to communicate and flirt with representatives of the opposite sex.

Sex tips with a Scorpio woman

If you want to maintain a stable relationship and be best sex partner for Scorpio woman, you need to adhere to several rules:

  • Scorpios always dominate in relationships. So, you will have to obey.
  • Restriction of personal freedom, control, and obligations are unacceptable for them.
  • Never try to attract attention with the help of jealousy and don’t compare a Scorpio woman with an ex-partner.
  • Scorpio women don’t like flattery. They prefer to cause sincere delight and admiration.
  • Don’t turn down sex with a Scorpio woman under no pretext.
  • Due to the fact that Scorpio women “transform” during life, the most stable union will be with a Scorpio of mature age.
  • If you are ready to submit to the will of the chosen Scorpio woman in the bedroom, then you can build a healthy relationship.

Scorpio woman compatibility

According to Scorpio compatibility horoscope, her ideal life partner must necessarily be ambitious and purposeful. But the most important thing is a lively immediate character, an unusual view of the world and a sense of humor. A Scorpio woman is ready to devote herself only to such a man.

Pisces man - Scorpio woman 

A Pisces man Scorpio woman union has good prospects for a long and happy life together. In this couple, the dominant position belongs to the woman but this doesn’t have negative consequences and also allows the partner to gain additional confidence, reveal her own talents and demonstrate the ability to act in unusual situations. In addition, in such a relationship, each of the partners gets an opportunity for their creative development. The intimate life of Pisces men and Scorpio women is full of emotions and brings a lot of positive emotions to the couple, and they can cause interest in each other even after many years of living together.

Cancer man - Scorpio womanScorpio women in bed

Usually, in a Cancer man Scorpio woman relationship, the leading role is given to a Scorpio woman, whose tremendous energy and strength can turn out to be constructive for this couple. It is a Scorpio woman who is able to inspire a prudent Cancer man to bold actions, make him believe in himself, and generally change his life for the better. On the other hand, a Scorpio woman is often annoyed by the passivity and slowness of a Cancer man. However, these two people always have a chance to make peace – they are both sensual natures and are perfect for each other in bed.

Leo man - Scorpio woman

Perhaps, at the first meeting, they realize that they have found exactly the person they need. Independent and with a certain share of adventurism, they are ready to go against society, and the presence of a reliable partner in such a situation becomes a serious help. But peaceful Leo man Scorpio woman coexistence is possible only until one of them wants to acquire unconditional leadership in the family. In such a situation, conflicts can’t be avoided. In intimate life, a couple will be accompanied by passion and they can carry it even after many years of marriage.

Virgo man - Scorpio woman

Such couples have high potential, including due to the ability to adequately respond to criticism of a partner and make adjustments to their behavior. At the same time, the discussion of third parties is contraindicated for them. Due to the love of comfort and material prosperity, a Virgo man Scorpio woman couple has a serious common foundation, which allows them to constantly work to achieve their goals. A Virgo man and a Scorpio woman have good compatibility in intimate life. The calmer Virgo man doesn’t have a huge temperament, therefore, he should always give the woman a little more than he wants just to saturate her more passionate nature.

Taurus man - Scorpio woman

The desire to develop and achieve new material and spiritual heights is peculiar to both a Taurus man and a Scorpio woman, so a Taurus man Scorpio woman union is successful in most cases and partners help each other achieve their goals. Even a different character doesn’t prevent them from feeling support in each other and living together for many years. Mutual attraction and a tendency to diversity make the intimate life of a couple as saturated and interesting as possible. The main thing here is not to plunge into a routine because these two people can’t stand it.  

Aries man - Scorpio woman

In this Aries man Scorpio woman relationship, both are able to find everything that they unconsciously strive for – harmony, love, mutual assistance, and understanding. They have excellent sexual compatibility and many similar character traits, such as energy, sincerity, independence. However, this doesn’t mean at all that a quiet family life awaits them. The harmony of the relationship between the Aries man and the Scorpio woman is not a balance of a quiet backwater, but a raging whirlpool of feelings, desires, and passions that periodically threaten their family boat with collapse, but bring brightness, meaning, and fullness to their life together.

Scorpio women are famous for their unpredictability, but there are several general rules that can guide you. Listen to Scorpio women very attentively. You can’t pretend here. Any Scorpio woman will always feel insincerity and everything will end for you. Remember that the main feature of Scorpio women is curiosity. So, never tell them about something without adding details and reasons. Otherwise, you will be considered boring or superficial. Such people are not interesting for them. Also, Scorpio women are prideful, serious, and don’t tolerate when their opinion is laughed at (even in a friendly manner).

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