Basic Ukrainian phrases for the first conversation: how to say "Hello" to a Ukrainian woman?

Table of contents:

  1. So, when to start communicating with a Ukrainian lady?
  2. Where to start communicating with a Ukrainian lady?
  3. Before you begin sharing your wit, you should remember the following:
  4. Finally, what would it be not too stupid to proclaim after you noticed a glow in her eyes?
  5. Conclusion: Don't overuse vocabulary on your first date

For a gentleman, the word is the first to impress a woman you like, but when it comes to expressing your brilliant mind to a lady of a different culture, syntax, and vocabulary are twice as influential. Her number one impression of your genius happens only once, and the way you deliver might be fundamentally fatal. Unfortunately, the insufficiency of your language may cost you a nice gal due to a misinterpretation of your sometimes frivolous speech.

how to say hello in UkrainianWhatever wrong her imprint may be, she subconsciously focuses on your tone, either warm and sincere or stormy and captivating, according to your plan. So, naturally, the first tactic will attract more reserved girls while your more off-the-cliff linguistic culture manifests your status as a bad boy that magnetizes the chicks of the same kind. But, no matter the plot, the story begins with chapter one, with a first line that starts with a first word, widely known as "Hello!"

First and foremost, you must distinguish the physical environment you are in, online or offline, where many applicable linguistic tools make your conversations a piece of cake. Besides, admit it you prefer and tend to use English in most of your conversations, so as your beautiful vis-a-vis. But, even online, you would want to astonish her with your proficient knowledge of the most common Ukrainian phrases.

Greeting a Ukrainian girl in real life can be incredibly complicated if your anxiety about a country or women or the awkwardness of finding yourself in the situation of chasing girls abroad all mess up with your prominent linguistic talent. Sometimes, more introverted individuals feel restrained in physical interactions with people of both sexes, preferring to use chat or video chat to speak with Ukrainian women.

You rarely find the best words to say to a girl on a first date. But, regardless of her looks and character, you must learn when, where, and what to say. Following the nature of this chronology, it is better to start with the first — time.

So, when to start communicating with a Ukrainian lady?

Whenever you meet a stunning girl, and, most importantly, she meets you, too! However, when you see an attractive woman, a snowball of thoughts rolls down your frontal lobe, building a massive stack of good and bad memories. Beware of over-surprising your new acquaintance with your hidden neurotic stance.

Even if your exes were not all A-listed, you still have plenty of crazy things to remember, and tossing up possible resentments is a way to go before riding a wave of love with a hot girl from Ukraine. However, while some of these things influence your current lonesome status, the others look too obvious to reckon them as somebody else's fault. So, leave your poker face for business and let the new day bring you this new wave.

Sometimes being a middle-aged gent is tough, but it's not as complicated as being a woman at any time of her life, but there are things both sexes have to deal with that might throw them off the mating game. For example, do not extrapolate the previous relationship experience into the current, as instead of avoiding old pitfalls, this might lead to digging new ones. And don't expect your new interest to perceive you with your eyes.

Also, because in many stages, dating reminds more of boogie-woogie than waltz — with all respect to its gracious trajectories, most couples tend to stick to more active body language, frequently changing positions and even catching the rhythm separately. And dancing together, hand in hand, 24 hours round the clock at such an insane pace — only real love could give strength for such a thorny path to win happiness, win posterity eventually. Like in an old movie, where a dance marathon turns into weeks, and people either drop out or expire, you either withdraw alone or finish married.

Her first impression of you builds on the grounds of your last impression of yourself, and while sometimes guys make themselves their worst enemies, girls subconsciously adopt such preset. You try your hardest to get her into the game and win her off, but the thing is that you rarely start from the pole position — unless she is a divine vestal with no tragic background behind her, which is rare even in Ukraine, with legions of sex-hungry lads. This should be one of your primary fears, and all the spectrum of feelings and emotions (as short feelings) you experience when seeing an attractive woman impulsed through your synapses deviates in what you say and, most importantly, do.

You should decide how close you want to be with a lady, as this stipulates your next move. In this matter, it's a win-win situation if you have a profound history of online communication and know quite a bit about each other. Then, your overheating introductory phase could be shortened to a greeting.

The more you already know about the lady, the less you would have to ask her what she would not want to share immediately. If you are both more introverted than not, you could be too reserved to share much, even online, but seeing one another in real could spur your inward intentions to unfold. However, you should ask yourself what you want to hear before asking your new acquaintance about what she is looking for — the more comfortable you feel with one another, the better.

Besides, you should not treat a Ukrainian woman like you would not do with your locals. Stepping out of your comfort zone is sometimes harsh and predisposes actions, some of which are not always clear in the foreign land. Nevertheless, her Ukrainian origin does not mean a necessity for some extra gentleness, nor does it deserve vulgarity.

Where to start communicating with a Ukrainian lady?

how do you say hello in UkrainianBefore practicing your speech, think of where you can meet a decent Ukrainian woman, beautiful and humble, preferably in her natural habitat. This should be where you can maintain eye contact to identify your possible future or the less depriving outcome. Building a connection is difficult since bridging the gap between the two cultures is a pivotal part of any commitment.

So, begin your search with public places, like malls, with all their cafes, food courts, skating rinks, and fine dining restaurants. Plenty of beautiful chicks surf for nice things of various ages and temperaments, usually walking hand in hand. As soon as they are done with short-listed spending sprees, they are all yours, exhausted and vulnerable but happy. 

Setting up first eye contact demands your complete concentration on a girl to clear up her intentions. Also, she could be accompanied by a boyfriend you do not see standing in a line for coffee. If you are sure she is free, nobody bothers you to step up to your dream lady (if you are unsure, you can also give it a try).

It only matters where you approach a lady if you feel confident enough to do that far from home and your peers. Knowing her background from the chat or letters gives you a carte blanche in your future endeavors because it is no longer a cold call. A woman you know is in the same position as you are in this situation.

Before you begin sharing your wit, you should remember the following:

Her first impression of you happens just once

If you set up an actual date online, ensure you know who you will meet, neither exaggerating her merits nor diminishing flaws. Show up in advance to have some time to get your mind together to keep up with the news of her current life, not fantasizing about anything. Besides, punctuality is the politeness of kings.

If you have spotted a gorgeous girl swaying on the skating rink like a Tchaikovsky's swan, drop dead or put on skates and join her. Make some extra effort to impress her! Ukrainian women love mavericks and hotheads, no matter your age — yet prone to paternalistic mode, they easily dismantle western egalitarianism deep in their minds.

Her body language is more than just sexual

In case you have seen each other in video chat and operate a heap of online memories, and after a long path, you finally arrange an actual date, it will be easier to detect your date's real ambitions towards you. For instance, you might be familiar with some of her gestures and might even like it when she touches her hair with all five and gets stuck when you say something terrifying. You probably already know when she is comfortable with you.

On the opposite, if none of her gestures you find familiar, stick to the basic set of body language rules, like when she's touching her earlobe or her wrist, pointing out the exact time for you to get on board and raise your periscope. Even if you are new to each other, you can touch a girl you like if you are not close enough. The first speechless icebreaker is shaking hands when she feels your gentle power.

Her smile is more than just a smile

Unlike western ladies, Ukrainian women rarely smile without a drastic reason due to the tough times they go through permanently. So unless it is dramatic, like your accident smooch or a predefined fail with her, you will not force her to smile. Gifts will put a smile on her face, by the way.

Instead, you're more likely to offend her by making jokes like an old mate never meeting online. Also, your fake smile will encourage her to continue the acquaintance. Phony emotions are more destructive than none, especially for a guy — just tell her you're happy to see her and see her shine.

Her name is more than just a name

hello how are you in UkrainianIf you think Ukrainian dating sites are a good way to meet women, you already know her name. If you don't, you should not ask her full name on a first date; otherwise, she might perceive it as your aspiration to change it for yours in the nearest future (that drama will cause her to smile if you wish). Instead, you better treat her family name politely.

Any Ukrainian girl awaits a prince charming to change her maiden name for good because each has been divining their fiance's features since the age of six. Some local guys know it and are pouring marriage promises on poor girls while doing their wicked business. From you, she expects a family man with serious intentions, not just a home base runner.

Her tender disposition may change in a breeze

Too tenacious, you might scare her off, especially doing your best to run hugs, squeeze hugs, or jump hugs after a year or two of correspondence and video chat. With all your confidence in her romantic disposition towards your humble spirit and meek soul, she might change if you show up with a cheap bundle of greens, for example. Hence, do not dilute the long and hard-established image of yourself by desaturating the contours and causing colors and details to fade.

The same goes with your first appearance on stage with her, but remember that a gentleman of your kind is yet running the dating show in poorly managed countries blessed with the overabundance of females. So even though this typically remains the paramount rationale for your expedition across the pond, and her gestures look genuine, don't presume by default that she will be pleased by the too-assertive physical touch causing nothing but the embarrassment of a young, healthy body. 

Finally, what would it be not too stupid to proclaim after you noticed a glow in her eyes?

Truth, if you are into her and feel it is mutual. Half-truth, if you are into her and feel it is mutual. Lies because, as any honorable Eve, she will sooner or later try out a forbidden fruit, and if she goes all in — you will have to follow her.

Do it, knock her off her feet with the words that all women want:

Vyhod' za mene = Marry me!

While she is making up her mind, tell her you are happy to meet her:

Ya duzhe radyi tebe zustrity = I'm so glad to meet you!

Don't try to compliment her with some simple sophistication, delivering anything like "magnificent looks" whatsoever — find some peculiarities instead: 

Tvoia rodyma pliama na schoci nagaduie zirku = That birthmark on your cheek reminds a star.

Don't forget to mention her clothes:

Meni podobaietsia tvoia suknia. Vona pasuie do kol’oru tvoikh ochei = I like your dress. That color matches your eyes!

By catching details and expressing your genuine opinion about them, you'll help your lady feel more comfortable!

Some standard greetings in Ukrainian are necessary for the first date:

Dobryi den’ = Hello!

The most widely used formal phrase, but it depends on the time of the day (relevant during the daytime). 

Pryvit = Hi!

It's the most widely used informal greeting.

Diakuiu = Thank you!

The most widely used word to thank people.

Bud' laska = Please (or "You're welcome!")

The most common phrase used to ask somebody politely to do something.

Yak spravy = How are you?

The most common question you ask a person you meet.

Duzhe dobre = Very good (or “Fine” or “Very well”)

These three are typical answers to the abovementioned question.

Vybachte = Excuse me (or "I'm sorry")

A common word used when you appear in undesirable situations.

De tse = Where is it?

It's a common question you need to ask looking for some location.

Skilky tse = How much is it?

It's a less desirable question for any guy but not you.

Vy hovoryte anhliis’koiu = Do you speak English?

She will switch to English if she does, no worries.

Conclusion: Don't overuse vocabulary on your first date

Whether you had an online history with a woman before meeting her in real life or not, your master plan should assume her first impression of you to be the best. To make it, remember that women in Ukraine are fed up with talking heads, as the entire political class has represented since the early years of independence. This talking shop does its best to conceal the kleptocracy, which they are only good at, as the median household income is still miserable.

Thus, if you find it challenging to deliver your thoughts (intentions) briefly, do not make your sweetheart beg you to shut up and finally kiss her. Words are just words and are never enough without actions powered by sincere attachment. Unfortunately, you are not a motivational speaker, so grab her until it's too late.

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