Is Capricorn compatible in a love tandem with Cancer?

These two are both repulsed and attracted to each other. In addition, the signs in question are in opposite positions on the zodiacal circle. What they will become to each other – inseparable halves of the same whole, or evil enemies, depends on the people themselves. But astrologers confidently assert that there can be no indifference between them.

Capricorn and Cancer compatibility

An earthly representative is ambitious, calculating, cold-blooded, and cruel. He is a careerist, always seeking to achieve his goals. But on the other hand, a water sign is soft, emotional, and sensitive. His head is often in the clouds, likes to dream and fantasize. Yet, Water can surround his beloved with care, love, and warmth. In principle, they have every chance of a successful union. It is possible, thanks to the planets that rule the signs. They can successfully interact, so people will find common ground if they try. For example, Saturn rules Capricorn and the Moon – its companion. To build a strong marriage, they must learn to adopt each other's best qualities and realize mutual benefits. This representative of the water element has a relatively weak character; he is vulnerable, affected, and therefore subconsciously seeks a strong partner. It is precisely that kind that will be able to ensure his safety and make his life easier. The mentioned earthly sign is the best suited for this role.

Bad or excellent sexual compatibility of Capricorn in bed with Cancer?

Here things are not as smooth as they could be because of the different views on the intimate sphere. The Earth sees physical intimacy as a way of achieving physical pleasure. On the other hand, Water sees it as a sacred act in which people’s souls merge. The water representative seeks romance, tenderness, and sensuality in sex; caresses and foreplay are essential to him. Sometimes it is difficult for him to understand what the other half wants. The earth sign sets itself the task of finding out what the lover needs. He does not often seek to make love and satisfy sexual needs.

Is true friendship possible between Capricorn and Cancer? Review of the compatibility

Such people can become friends only if they are both interested in it. They can find a common language, some common ground. They can easily find mutual hobbies. As for complete trust and openness, it will not happen. Generally, it is difficult for an earth sign to open up to people to show genuine emotions. There is a mask of a cold, rigid person who, for the most part, does not care about the feelings of others. On the other hand, Water needs emotional closeness, ready to open up and confide in the one he will love. They will not be best friends, but they will be pretty good comrades.

They can achieve success in the business sphere. They calmly work hand in hand because they complement each other and make a great team. Water is full of creative ideas; they approach everything from a creative point of view. Rationality, a systematic approach, and scrupulosity characterize Earth. He has a specific policy for each project; he does not give up and brings it to an end. Such people will go to the last minute to achieve their goals and will not admit failure.

Capricorn and Cancer compatibility percentage

Capricorn and Cancer compatibility percentage

Will Capricorn make a great match with Cancer? Collapse or still soulmates?

These two have little in common. A confrontation flares up between partners for this reason. The water representative is too weak to interact fully with his mate. Communicating “as equals” is out of the question here. Earth sign has a totalitarian nature calculating mind, he wants to rule, and no one agrees to obey. These qualities wound the sensitive water sign. The latter sees a cold and indifferent person in his companion’s face. He will show his discontent and complain to his beloved, which will cause resentment and displeasure to the Earth. The latter can’t provide emotional protection, and this will add depression and oppression to the Earth’s sign.

Capricorn can face potential problems in a relationship. How will Cancer behave?

The partners should prepare to meet the crises that are sure to arise. What it may be, is difficult to say at once because it all depends on what the halves will not agree on. But They can overcome all if they work tirelessly on themselves. Everything can start small – the manner of communication and manifestations of feelings, and end up with global things. They shouldn’t try to find out who is right and wrong but start working on the problem immediately, look for ways to solve it and try to come to a common denominator. It is worth listening to each other; if the earth sign makes constructive remarks, Water should pay attention to them. There is no need for the Earth to immediately try to solve the problem, to think only about it, going ahead. Her companion can show a way around the difficulty or provide a solution that the earthly representative did not even know about.

Capricorn in the family. Marriage for life or compatibility with Cancer is very shaky?

In family life, the earthly sign will do everything to provide the loved ones with everything they need, earn money, and improve living conditions. Water will create home comfort, and the hearth will be responsible for the psychological climate. Spouses respect family traditions and rules, so the likelihood of conflicts is minimal. They will come into the marriage with similar goals and interests – to make the future happy and prosperous. Because of the cardinally different worldview, it is difficult for these representatives of the zodiac signs to understand their companion. But they will find the key to the heart of the other if the loved ones will look at reality from a different angle and know what they need to change to be in harmony with their mate.

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