What Attracts a Russian Woman in Long Term Relationships with a Foreigner

What makes foreigners so attractive to Russian women?

Do not think that Russian women tend to marry foreigners in order to immigrate only. If so, it would probably be easier for foreigners to marry Russian women right there. Likewise, women would not hesitate if a foreigner asked her to marry him. Instead, foreign men need to come to Russia or Ukraine at least several times to find a bride there.

To say the truth, living in a better country makes marriage with a foreigner a great option for Russian women. However, the better country is not the reason (or not the only one). What really attracts Russian women in foreign men is fidelity, ability to support a family, respect towards women. Another thing, which may influence the choice of a Russian woman, is an age gap, education level, the desire to have children, etc.

Attracts a Russian Woman in Long Term Relationships

Social difference:

The vast majority of foreigners do not lie to their women, while most Russian men tend to lie to their wives. Moreover, they do it on the regular basis, as if it was a normal thing to do. A foreign husband for a Russian woman is the husband, who will never cheat on his wife, as she is one in a million. Who else will take care of the house and all the meals, without waiting for any help from you?

Most Russian men have problems with alcohol. Problem drinking is where a man begins to experience difficulties in his life because of his alcohol intake. This is what most Russian families experience. It is pretty easy to understand a Russian woman in her desire to leave the motherland and to start a family with a foreigner. Moreover, problem drinking is a reason why Russian men are likely to die so early. Another issue, which bothers Russian women, is that police usually prefer to stay out of the family dramas and rows. It seems like there is no one to help a woman who is experiencing home violence, based on the problem drinking because it is not that common to speak about any marriage problems. Besides, Russian cultural norms encourage men’s controlling position in the family.

Foreign husbands may have a range of other benefits, which attract Russian women. Russian women believe that:

  • a foreigner will be able to maintain stability.
  • a foreigner will be less aggressive and more respectful than a Russian one.
  • a foreigner will be ready to marry a Russian woman officially, while most Russian men prefer to live with a woman without marrying her. To have fewer responsibilities, so to say.
  • a foreigner will not consider her too old to start a family in her 25 -30s.
  • a foreigner will not consider her children from the first marriage as a problem.
  • a foreigner will not drink to excess.

There are some uncomfortable truths that even those of you who love Russia should face. One of those is that many Russian men have, well let's say, some issues, that may not make them the most attractive mates to women.

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