Signs Your Relationship Is Getting Serious With A Woman

The problem arises not even in building serious relationships but in the very understanding of this phenomenon. It is essential to initially find out how your chosen one understands a serious relationship and whether your ideas about it coincide.

If you want to meet a person with whom you can create a family, and live a long and happy life, be together in sorrow and joy — this is the desire for serious dating. But, perhaps, you have different definitions of the serious relationship meaning, then you should discuss your vision. When you both pass this threshold, you will not only feel relaxed knowing that you have found "the one." In fact, serious relationships, for instance, dating in your 30's, require a lot of work. This is what you are going to read about.

serious relationship

What defines a serious relationship

Girls and guys often express unique signs a relationship is getting serious and think differently whether the intentions of a loved one are intended towards a joint future. Two people can express long-term plans concerning each other, even at the stage of falling in love when everything is just in its infancy. First meetings, you still know each other only superficially, but you are already starting to look closely at your partner and evaluate the possible prospects of your nascent relationship.

Serious relationships imply a joint perspective that extends over time, perhaps even for a lifetime. The logical stage of a significant relationship is to enter into a legal marriage, the birth of joint children, but this should not be the goal of your acquaintance — the stamp in the passport itself has not made anyone happy. Besides, when men seek women online for dating, they not always imagine them as the mothers of their future children.

When does a relationship become serious?

Psychologists say that in their practice, more and more people entering into a serious relationship cease to understand what they want for themselves. Many people seek signs you're in a relationship in panic and relax when a partner shows them any committed intentions. People strive for serious relationships and often force events. This is the reason for early marriages.

More often, women are subject to this, but this also happens with men. They understand what is suitable for the family, for their soulmate, and later for the children. But at first, they do not allow themselves to think, and then they cannot understand what they themselves want, which is good for them personally. The result of such a renunciation of oneself for the sake of the family is dissatisfaction, anxiety, loss of interest in life, and sometimes a severe personality crisis. And the smarter and more versatile a person, the harder the consequences of losing their independent personality. So, it is not good to call your relationship serious until you are 100% sure in a person. For some, it can take years.

Is it worth the wait? In fact, men are no more afraid of marriage than women are. Most often, they are just too lazy to organize an event, maintain a schedule, and get lost when dealing with the passions that surround the organization of the most critical event in their life, a wedding. If you have been living together for a long time, that is a few years. You have a full right to ask your partner when you are going to pass on to the next level. Committed dating requires entering the stage of official marriage sooner or later unless you are child-free and object to having a wedding.

Signs a relationship is getting serious.

And yet, how to recognize a serious relationship at the initial stage? Let's look at some signs that may indicate that your contact will last a long time, perhaps a lifetime. But, the fact is that men and women manifest their serious intentions differently. Therefore, to understand how you are treated, get acquainted with the signs, a casual relationship is getting serious.

Your partner has little time, but for you they find it

Time is the main criterion by which one can determine how deep the feelings of another one are. Your partner has only a couple of weekends a month, and they want to spend them with you? Always find a moment to write you a message? Asks about your free time a month in advance? All these are signs of a serious relationship. They seek to meet and communicate. So, you are their chosen one and priority.signs a relationship is getting serious

How do you know if your partner is serious about you? They don't care how you spend time together. They are happy to meet, just to drink coffee, watch a movie, or chat. If the main incentive to make an appointment for another person is to have sex, this is just physiology.

They are generous

This sign applies mostly to men. A man in love wants to surprise and impress. And it's essential for him to "show off" in front of a lady. Therefore, any serious cavalier is characterized by wide gestures — beautiful dates, dinners in luxurious restaurants, gifts, bouquets of flowers, and small surprises. No, he is not trying to buy you. He just likes to pamper you. Well, at the same time, a person wants to demonstrate that he is the right choice in this way: after all, financial well-being for the stronger sex is synonymous with success in life.

You seek to build dialogues

Partners will not discuss their problems if they do not care about the opinion of each other. And even more so, the person that is serious about you will not "educate" you and try to convince you of something, especially their point of view. A fleeting novel does not provide for a showdown, compromise, or attempt to get to know each other better. When does a relationship become serious? When you feel free to discuss any arising problems and when you finish each other's thoughts.


Even the most authoritarian man or the strictest woman will melt at the sight of their beloved. If your partner considers you as a potential companion of life, then even more so. No, a big respectful man will not behave as soft as a teddy bear. But awe, care, and attentiveness give him away. He protects you like a treasure. Any partner will show tender feelings and care for you if you mean something for this person.


One of the signs she wants a serious relationship with you is that the girl tries to implement a slight form of control or care. This is healthy to some extent, and when she asks you where have you been, there is nothing scary about this. If you are a "backup option" for someone, they absolutely don't care who you spend the evenings with or who texts you at night. But a serious-minded person who loves you and wants to marry you will surely feel jealous. At least inside, because mature people will not throw tantrums and scandals. But the tension in their eyes at the mention of a competitor will say everything for them.

There is no control

Partners do not like to be monitored every step. By restricting the freedom of another, we create a vicious circle. There is no place for common sense in this circle; a new round of development may never begin. Therefore, you should not control the situation as a whole. When you feel that the relationship is getting serious, there is no need to control someone because you trust the person. Otherwise, why would you build long-term plans involving them?


It doesn't matter how many dates you had and how well they know you — at any opportunity, they will emphasize your merits and compliment them. The person that wants a serious relationship with you will be happy to spend every minute together. It doesn't matter, will you go paragliding or grocery shopping — this is an event worth celebration for them.

No event rushing

What makes a relationship serious? Even if the partner is potentially ready for the wedding and the children, they do not rush events and do not force you. The partner trusts you and knows that you trust them, so everything happens naturally. Over the years, you have laid a strong foundation, got to know each other, and made sure that you are ready to share time, life, finances, and life in general. Everything goes gradually. You may skip some stages, but you both know the end result of your story — this will be surely a "happily ever after."

What to do next?

In order for your communication to develop and be able to grow into family ties, it is worth working on it. Below you will find some tips on developing and maintaining a connection that has shown signs of a serious relationship.

Learn to track your desires

Often ask the question, "What exactly do I want?". Perhaps on Saturdays, you go to your parents. Ask yourself if you are doing it on your own, or because you need to? Then you can obey your desires, or do as you should — in a serious relationship. You should still decide for yourself. It is crucial to separate your desires from the general. To wonder what you want, you need to track even the little things. For example, buying products in a store. Do you choose them based on your soulmates' tastes, or do you remember to treat yourself? Try to maintain a balance even in this, and you will feel happier.signs you're in a relationship

Protect your freedom zone

Scientists from the University of Kansas, studying the secrets of a happy marriage, found that in strong, happy couples, people certainly have their part of life separate from the family, and this is not only their work. Spouses in healthy families do not sacrifice their old habits for the sake of family and children. The "Freedom Zone" can be anything from Saturday football to the habit of gathering for coffee with friends once a week, from organ concerts to meditation in evenings. The presence of such a private zone allows you to relieve the accumulated tension and get a sip of freedom, increasing the feeling of joy in life.

Provide personal space for yourself and your loved one

It follows from the same study that the need for personal space cannot be underestimated. Each family member in the house should have their own corner, where they can be alone. Psychologists note that men are especially in need of solitude. Of course, in small apartments, it's not always easy to realize it, but understanding this need and creating the opportunity for each other to be alone should be all the same. In the end, this can be achieved artificially: by a shift in the weekend or an agreement between spouses that every week on Wednesdays, she takes the children away for the whole evening to visit her grandmother, and on Fridays, he takes them to the cinema.

Take care of your development

Answer your question: "how have my plans for life changed during our relationship?" If you dropped out or abandoned your career path, then for what? What will happen if you deduct intimacy from your life? If the result suits you, if you rethink life, and find out that you did the right thing, then there is nothing to worry about! And if not? Reflect on this issue, it's never too late to get back to the business of your dreams or go to education.

Remember: independent, self-confident people are able to take risks. They ask themselves what they would like to achieve in life, and they are trying to achieve this, despite the risk of being defeated. Be sure to find what you are interested in what you can do for your own sake, which will inspire you and increase your self-esteem!

Chat with friends

You must have good, faithful, close friends on whom you can rely. Friends of a family and joint friends of a husband or wife do not count. You need your personal friends, with whom you feel good, who support you and whom you trust. Take time and opportunity to communicate with them. But so that it does not cause jealousy and rejection in the second half. Explain why you need it and insist on your right to meet friends periodically. These people should always listen to you, give advice from the side, and you should be able to tell them things you may not reveal to your partner.

In love, we always dissolve a little in each other. For this reason, it is hard to tell, "when is a relationship serious?" This is so great, especially at the beginning of a relationship! Beloved person and their inner world captivate us more than our own usual and already a little boring business and hobbies. When two people feel united, it seems that you cannot live for a minute without each other. They can force events because nothing seems to prevent them from finally tying the knot.

But family relationships suffer from such light-mindedness. It is only at first that the reckless devotion and dissolution of one of the spouses can please the second. Then this relationship becomes boring. The second half becomes as familiar as your own hand or leg. Serious relationships require serious work and constant reflection. You should not relax after the engagement or giving birth to children — this way, you will save the passion for life.

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