Ten proven ways to make a good impression on a woman on a first date

Table of contents:

  1. Tips for preparing for the rendezvous
  2. Where to spend the first date
  3. Rules for communicating with your chosen one
  4. What to gift, and who pays
  5. The taboo on the first date

Finally, the girl you like is going on a date with you. You are in anticipation of such a coveted meeting, ready to fall in love with her, but there is a problem – you haven’t gone on a first date in a long time. Do not worry; there are effective methods that will help make the right impression so that she agrees to continue communicating.

The main thing is not to be overzealous or try to present yourself as something you are not. Yes, your woman is undoubtedly beautiful, but not a deity. Be calm and confident in the conversation.

how to make a good first impression on a date

Tips for preparing for the rendezvous

Do all the necessary hygiene procedures, and use deodorant and your best perfume. Before the meeting, you can visit a barbershop for a haircut or beautiful styling. Remember, a woman will closely examine and evaluate you. And a presentable appearance is the key to success and self-confidence.

Clothing. You should select it based on where you plan to spend time. If it’s a restaurant or theater – there’s nothing better than classics. It would be cool to wear a stylish suit or a shirt with pants. Such clothes can transform any man. And if the girl is used to seeing you in sportswear, she’s sure to aghast.

Mood. Smile and try not to show worry, even if it is present. Instead, try to act naturally, make jokes and be positive. A smile and shining eyes can make anyone more attractive to a partner.

Where to spend the first date

Ideally, if you have known your chosen one for some time and you know her tastes. For example, you work in the same company or know her friends. Then you can ask where the lady likes to rest and invite her to an appropriate place. On the other hand, if you just met her, it’s better not to stray from the classic spots like a restaurant or a cafe. You will already know what your companion likes and can use this knowledge on the second date.

Classic – restaurant or cafe

Choose the right restaurant. The right one means the one that will suit all tastes. When getting an acquaintance, you have yet to learn what the young lady likes. So it should present a variety of cuisines. In addition, it should be a quiet place, without noisy music, drunken company, and fights.


how to make a good first impression on a date - image 3If it’s a nice, warm summer day, why not? Choose a place that is not very crowded but not lonely because it can scare the companion. The main thing – warn her to dress accordingly. Otherwise, she will be uncomfortable in the countryside in a short dress and high heels. And if you do not tell her where you’re going, she will not be comfortable.

Take care of all the arrangements: food, blankets, water, and barbecue, if necessary. A girl should not go on a date laden with extra things.

Exhibition or museum

It’s not the wrong place for a first conversation, but you need to know a little about the lady’s preferences. Here you will learn about her tastes, discover something new and experience positive emotions together. The main thing is to prepare for the event and learn more about the exposition from the Internet or books. And, at the exhibition itself, it will be possible to impress her with their intellectual knowledge. Women love intelligent men, so she will definitely like this.

Rules for communicating with your chosen one

Be punctual and polite. Arrive at the rendezvous at least five minutes early. Show that you have been looking forward to this moment. Be a gentleman when you meet: open the door, pull up a chair, and give your hand. Be polite not only to her but also to the servers or other staff of the chosen establishment.

Be creative in the conversations. Refrain from talking about the usual topics: what the weather is like, how many sisters or brothers she has. Instead, it’s better to prepare a couple of three subjects and find common ground between you. Ideally, suppose you have a common hobby, favorite music, or movies or work in the same field. In that case, the conversation will go quickly and casually. If not, don’t get upset; ask interesting questions. For example, what would be your best day? Such questions stimulate the imagination and allow you to learn more about the other person. By answering, she will tell you what she will do and where she will go. From all of this, you can immediately find out what you like, and there you have a common theme that you can develop further.

Eye contact. Eye contact is necessary to establish affection and trust for each other. When a person averts their eyes, they are hiding something. And if he turns away when the girl is talking, it’s also repulsive. The lady will decide that she is not being listened to; she is dull and uninteresting.

Establish sensory contact. It is not necessary to be too aggressive in this matter; you can scare away the companion. But you can put your hand on her arm or back. Mainly, you will immediately become aware of how she is attracted to you. Who knows, maybe she will be so charmed even to allow herself to kiss.

Say compliments. A friendly word will melt and open up any woman. At the beginning of the meeting, assess her image, and don’t stop there. When a lady hears compliments, she tries to reveal even more of her positive qualities to her partner. In addition, you will increase the chances of a second meeting.

Invite your beloved on a second date. If you are going to do it, do not put it off for a few days. Any woman, like a man, during the meeting, will torment doubt whether you liked her, whether he is interested, whether everything goes well, whether he will call again. Your invitation will let her know that you are set up for a long relationship and give her peace of mind and confidence.

Be careful with alcohol. If your date is in a restaurant, don’t lean on alcohol, even to calm down a little. With this, you can easily overdo it and then talk too much and do too much. No woman would like such communication, so there may not be a chance for a second date.

What to gift, and who pays

The most understandable for every man – flowers, well, where do you without them? The rest is at will. Expensive gifts and souvenirs with innuendos are better not to give. If you want to attach something else to the flowers, let it be a nice little thing that most ladies like, such as sweets. It is better that it was not just a chocolate from the nearest supermarket but an original set without unnecessary confessions. Another option is an unusual surprise, say, a fortune cookie. It seems like nothing special, no practicality, but a lot of emotions. Your partner will immediately perceive you as a creative and artistic person.

In payment matters, the rule is that the one who invites pays. And suppose your first meeting took place at the lady’s suggestion. In that case, all the same, financial initiative should take the man.

There are times when a woman wants to pay half. Here it is important to watch her body language. If she’s shy or speaks uncertainly, it’s better to insist again. Perhaps she offers to pay half out of politeness. But sometimes, it is a matter of principle for a girl. She is strong and independent and always wants to show it everywhere. Don’t cross her. In the end, you will only get to know each other. 

The taboo on the first date

how to make a good first impression on a date - image 2Refrain from inundating the woman with questions; she’s not at your interview. Of course, you should be interested in her, but not in such a way that she feels her partner interrogates her. The conversation during the meeting should be light and relaxed. Don’t ask her about her previous boyfriend, if she wants to, she’ll tell you. And don’t talk about your exes yourself.

If a lady confides in you and begins to tell you about her failures with men or simply in life, be a considerate and understanding listener. There is no need to “cure” the woman and try to explain what she is guilty of. The girl opens her heart so that her partner will take pity on her and support her, not so that he will bombard her with moralizing.

Don’t talk too much about yourself. Some men think they will conquer their partner by giving away all their achievements. In reality, such a man seems self-centered and arrogant from the outside. It appears that he is interested and loves only himself. And a date is an opportunity to get to know each other, not a presentation of one’s personality.

Don’t make dirty jokes and naughty stories, especially about yourself. The moment when a woman finds out about all your adventures in life is yet to come. But believe me, and dating is far from it. You will scare the girl away.

And another rule is “no devices.” News, messages, work calls – all this will wait until the end of the communication. Otherwise, look, as usual, for a second, and several minutes will pass. After that, no one will like it, and the young lady even less. She will realize that you are not interested. And, in the worst case, when you look up from your smartphone, you may not find her there.

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