What Do Russian Women Think of American Men?

International marriages are a common phenomenon today. We live in the globalized world where the boundaries are not so distinct thanks to the technology. People from different corners of the world can communicate with each other via the Internet. The technology has also influenced romantic relationships. You don’t have to go overseas to meet your destiny – you can find “the one” on the Internet and build your relationship remotely. You must have already noticed that a lot of Russian and other girls from Eastern Europe register on online dating websites. Yes, they do want to find a foreign husband. And it’s great because many foreigners would like to have a Russian wife. Men from the USA, Europe, and Asian countries want to know what Russian women think of them and what they expect from a relationship with a foreigner. Today, we’ll gain insight into how Slavic girls view American men.

It should be mentioned, that Russian women’s views on Americans are a bit stereotyped. They all watched movies starring American heartthrobs and it formed their opinion about overseas men in general.

What Do Russian Women Think of American Men

They are better-off. Looking at the apartments Americans live in, clothes they wear, cars they drive (already in high-school), Russian girls think that they are a pretty rich nation. In Russia, students and college/university students don’t have their own cars (except for the guys and girls from rich families). Judging from American cinematography, an average citizen can afford a plane ticket and travel to their relatives by air while in Russia, people normally travel by train because it’s cheaper.

They respect their significant others. This is not to say that all Russian men are disrespectful but many Russian women tend to think of Americans as more gallant and supportive. Russian guys want to seem tough while Western men are not afraid of expressing their tender feelings. Since Americans are more success-oriented, they are more confident, decisive, and independent. These qualities make them integral personalities who don’t feel the need to assert themselves at the expense of their loved ones.

They are romantic. Again, this stereotype is imposed by the romantic comedies where the main male character does beautiful and romantic things for his woman. Every woman loves romance and her ideal partner should necessarily be romantic. Russian women believe that an American man will always find an interesting place for a date and will pleasantly surprise them.

They are more sociable. Russians seem pretty reserved. When you walk on the Russian streets, you’ll rarely see a smiling face in the crowd of passers-by. Americans are different in this respect. They generally seem more open, gregarious, and polite. They like to smile and try to keep things positive. Such behavior and attitude to life contrast with Russian views on interaction and this is what attracts Russian women to Americans.

They are healthier. Russian men are notorious for their alcohol abuse. This is one of the main causes for divorce in Russia. Alcoholism is an acute problem of the men living in villages and small towns where unemployment rates are the highest. These guys ruin not only their lives but also the lives of their partners. Since America is a more prosperous country, men there are more conscious about their health. Actually, they even look younger that some Russian guys. Most of them play sports, exercise regularly, and try to keep fit.

They have a specific sense of humor. Some Russian women think that Americans can’t understand Russian humor. Russian humor is specific since it’s based on irony, so one needs to be alert all the time.

They know little about Russia. Russian and American systems of education are different. Russian students get the extensive knowledge of many different subjects while Americans get more practical and specific education. That’s why they might not know some details from the world history or literature that Russians learned during their schooldays. That’s why if you plan to date a Russian girl, make sure you know at least some general facts about her country.

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