Are the air astrological element Aquarius and the earthly astrological element Capricorn compatible in a relationship?

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The represented couple will find it difficult to achieve happiness in love matters. Moreover, it will be difficult for such different personalities to build even normal interpersonal relationships. This is not surprising because the representatives of these zodiac signs have a completely different set of character traits. As a result, many of them contradict each other, and conflicts will inevitably appear, negatively affecting the partner’s perception.

Aquarius and Capricorn compatibility

Everything can be explained simply by belonging to different elements. The first sign belongs to the air element, having a corresponding mindset, character, and approach to life. The second sign is the offspring of the Earth; therefore, it can be called somewhat down-to-earth and lacking in excessive lightness.  

Aquarius and Capricorn: their sexual compatibility in bed

Earth signs are very responsible for their choice of partners. Therefore, they genuinely need to have a solid emotional connection and straightforward and sincere feelings. Moreover, the representatives of this element often only take action if they see for themselves the prospects for a further continuation of a budding romance. They can only relax, give themselves to the process, and enjoy it under such conditions.

In parallel with this, the air signs do not have such clear rules, so it is possible to expect a certain relaxation when choosing partners and to observe fidelity. It is not worth expecting any extraordinary adventures from them, but in contrast to the earthly half, they are more reckless, although they like stable stability. On this basis, the couple will be able to achieve harmony in intimacy if both parties become serious about their intentions. If it succeeds, intimacy will become varied and will not get boring for a very long time.

Aquarius and Capricorn’s friendship compatibility

The presented elements can quickly form solid and friendly alliances. This is because people with such different characters can qualitatively complement their partners. The first can soon shake the second, while the second, on the contrary, sometimes saddens the windy temper of the first. 

A partnership relationship can be built on nothing or have a foundation of several common themes and goals. In any case, even a slight lead can become a catalyst for forming a solid mutual understanding. And it will be based on respect and acceptance of each other. It is common for parties to have a friendship that remains a friendship without the slightest hint of a romantic continuation. This couple may confirm the thesis that friendship between a man and a woman is possible without various additional desires of one of the parties.

Aquarius and Capricorn compatibility percentage

Aquarius and Capricorn compatibility percentage

Are Aquarius and Capricorn an excellent match to be soulmates?

Like all the other ties of this couple, the soul connection is doubtful. Again, all the difficulties revolve around too different minds and personalities. Because of this, it is challenging to find common ground between the carefree air sign and the sedate earth element. Because of this, some common theme or reason for communicating is necessary to maintain an ongoing connection. 

In this case, there will be a chance for success because if people have a reason to be interested in each other, they will be able to find the strength to tolerate the nature of their partner and correct their behavior. True, all this requires a considerable amount of effort from both parties. And, quite possibly, sooner or later, someone will get tired of being in a constant struggle with no apparent end in sight. Therefore, it is possible to conclude that a spiritual connection is still possible. But it can be destroyed literally because of some minor aspects.

Potential problems in an Aquarius and Capricorn relationship

Hardly anyone can find a couple that has no issues with each other. This is entirely normal and does not diminish people’s love for each other. It is just that when two adults have to communicate constantly, there can be difficult moments. Speaking of the couple in question, experts highlight the following acute areas. At the beginning of joint tenderness, the parties expect something impossible from the other half in terms of intimacy. This is usually solved by simple conversations and identifying everyone’s preferences. But some people break up because of total dissatisfaction, which is a real problem.

Often the difficulty is in taking a step forward. Because of this, a certain estrangement may appear, constantly increasing unless one of the parties takes the courage to do so. But this will only be possible if both drop their favorite habit of digging up past grievances. It is critically vital that partners put all their energy and desire into their future together. If they agree and develop this approach, no problems will be able to destroy their relationship. But this means “working hard and persistently,” there is no hope of success without this factor.

Aquarius and Capricorn’s marriage compatibility

The families of such couples are potent unions that can withstand even quite severe shocks. The explanation is simple – if it comes to the marriage of such different people, it is one hundred percent a weighted decision based on long deliberation. On the other hand, if the representatives of these signs could find common ground, their combination could give profound results. This is an excellent option because both parties have several features that the other half does not have. Practically it allows them to get a lot of positive moments and significantly improve their personal qualities with each other.

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