Four Perfectly Understandable Reasons Why Russian Girls Want to Leave Russia

No one would ever dare to argue with the fact that Russia is a beautiful and culturally rich country. As well, everybody is aware of its economic and political issues – and overall gloomy atmosphere around this region. It all started more than a century ago when the Soviet Union appeared as a governmental formation. Of course, it had some potentially positive ideas, and some of them were implemented successfully. For example, the word “union” has gained a radically new meaning in hearts of Soviet citizens. They all were united by the idea of prosperous future, and all worked together like an oiled mechanism. Likewise, this formation had left a great heritage of educational development and scientific achievements.

Nevertheless, the dissolution of the Soviet Union had left former republics in ruins. Russian residents love their country no matter what happens. There is another thing that should be pointed out. The territories of Russia are unbelievably beautiful and diverse, which becomes obvious when you look at its map – the country is truly huge. Do not forget about Russia’s cultural and art heritage. Numerous famous artists, authors, singers, and actors originate in this country. That is why naturally arises a question – why would a Russian girl want to leave her homeland? We got four perfectly logical reasons for that.

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  • The demographic situation in Russia is quite disturbing. Basically, there are more women than men in Russia. The difference in numbers has reached 10% point. This disproportion, of course, negatively affects the number of happy marriages. Disproportional demographics are quite hard to change; it involves radical governmental, medical and cultural reforms. Moreover, even the most effective plan of development may not give the anticipated result. Because, you know, we are human beings. The laws of procreation may not be adjusted rapidly.
  • Russian men have become spoiled and fastidious. This reason is a consequence of a poor demographic situation. Of course, if there are visibly more women in Russia, men can be scrupulous in their choice. Alternatively, women have literally no choice but to marry the one that is merely all right. Patriarchal traditions of this region even worsen the situation for women. For instance, girls often have to deal with abusive relationships, domestic violence, alcoholism, and other not really productive life patterns. Leaving the country and finding a decent foreigner is rather the only method of fighting this injustice.
  • Living in Russia is particularly hard. We must admit that even though nature and the geography of this country are uniquely good and priceless, economic and financial sectors of Russia is struggling to live up to the world’s standards. As we have already mentioned, the Soviet Union has left a rich heritage in various spheres, but overall industrial and social development have been abandoned even since that. Getting a good job with a nice salary is possible only in a company with foreign shareholders and investments.
  • There is a popular myth in Russia that leaving abroad is much better. In the early 90-s, when international dating became a thing, girls shared their successful experience with relatives and friends. An entire generation of women grew up influenced by the idea that only a foreigner can become a great significant other (which is not always truthful). Therefore, women look for husbands abroad in terms of this traditional opinion. Well, why not anyway?
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