Are fickle Aquarius and narcissistic Leo compatible?

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In such difficult signs, success in love lies in a mutual desire to coexist peacefully, harmoniously complementing each other’s strengths and weaknesses. And the main work is expected from Leo because their royal nature often makes it difficult to cope with the natural boldness and desire to show their superiority. 

Aquarius and Leo compatibility

These two signs are united by an inclination for ambition and stubbornness, even if these traits appear from different angles. It is necessary to understand that Leo is characterized by constantly demonstrating his superiority over others, projecting his continuous sense of the hero outward. In turn, Aquarians are characterized by a firm confidence in their victory in any situation, regardless of their emotions. This couple will occupy a leading position in society, the team, and even among friends or family. Nothing is surprising in this because their partner’s calm confidence will complement Leo’s ostentatious dominance. But it will be possible only with internal consent. 

Sexual compatibility between windy Aquarius and fire-loving Leo in bed

The intimate life in such couples is usually full of high activity and general well-being. The secret lies in the harmonious merging of two relatively similar characters. Due to this, both partners have similar desires or understand and accept the partner’s preferences. According to psychologists, it is due to mutual sexual needs that signs build love with a rock-solid foundation.

Intimate relationships between these two signs can be extravagant because, in the case of achieving a strong mental connection, partners understand each other without words. Men are usually the initiator of various experiments, seeking to liberate and relax the woman. Because of the similar sexual temperament, it does not matter which one is Aquarius or Leo. 

Of course, it is essential to remember the inherent selfishness of these signs. In the heat of passion, they may forget about the loved one for a while. But this is possible only at the beginning of the relationship. Over time, an understanding will indeed develop. But if one of the parties does not see the feedback, there will inevitably be a desire to change the partner. 

Friendship compatibility between always cheerful Aquarius and serious Leo

Due to overlapping character traits, friendships between representatives of the two signs of the zodiac can begin in childhood. Or be built in adulthood. But in any case, they will be based on shared hobbies and similar views on many life situations. However, for such a friendship to happen, both people must make a lot of effort to accept their partner. Otherwise, someone, most often Leo, begins to show their dictatorial traits. On the other hand, Aquarius does not cope well with pressure, often simply refusing to tolerate such an attitude and cutting off ties with the person who is comfortable with them. Strong friendships are possible, but they will inevitably have to pass some tests for durability.  

The friendship between Aquarius and Leo almost always consists of many rich conversations, joint trips, and so on. In this case, both sides will readily support their partners based on mutual respect. But it will still have to be earned and subsequently put down any attempts of one of the friends to dominate the couple.

Aquarius and Leo compatibility percentage

Aquarius and Leo compatibility percentage

Are the Aquarius and Leo elements of the zodiac circle suitable to become soul mates?

In theory, the fire sign Leo is compatible with the airy Aquarius. Still, for these two people to become genuinely kindred spirits, they must spend much time and effort. First and foremost, Aquarians may find it challenging to cope with the perpetual stream of confidence in their irresistibility from Leo. Fortunately, their inherent friendliness and diplomacy counterbalance their natural ability to speak their minds without too much sentiment. Therefore, Leo, who likes compliments, can hear quite a lot about themselves, not always pleasant things.

According to psychologists, representatives of these two zodiac signs can come together precisely against the background of contrasting complementary qualities of each other. For example, excessively impulsive and sometimes even aggressive Leo can more quickly calm down, seeing the cold emotionality of Aquarius. On the other hand, Aquarius can learn from Leo to be more assertive and defend their positions. As a result, when building a connection between themselves, these signs should be prepared for some difficulties. But the efforts are almost guaranteed to result in a long and reliable connection. 

Potential problems in an exciting Aquarius and Leo relationship

Even the most loving and selfless couples periodically go through difficult periods when minor miscommunications between partners seem like something severe. It is possible to point out such difficulties, which individuals born under the signs in question can almost always face. Apparent stubbornness and persistence are characteristics of both sides of these relationships. Therefore, they must constantly search for a compromise or prepare for frequent quarrels. Like all fire signs, Leo requires enormous attention from their person, and the partner often gets tired of constantly concentrating on someone. In turn, the air constellation appreciates independence, which can cause negative emotions from the other half, who likes to control everything. Couples are not necessarily guaranteed to face the difficulties presented above. But it is better to know about such features of character and take them into account in the course of various life situations.                                                                                  

Marriage Aquarius and Leo: complementary compatibility

Despite the whole heap of perceived difficulties that a couple from these signs may encounter, denying yourself the attempt to build a strong family is unnecessary. The fact is that a married couple consisting of two such opposites has all chances for a long and happy life. True, the spouses will have to spend a lot of time understanding and accepting each other’s particularities.

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