Are Aquarius and Virgo compatible?

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Virgos are the children of Mercury, the heirs of the gods. The planet protects its descendants from difficulties, helping them to make the right decisions in the most nontrivial situations. The patron of Aquarius is Uranus, who is considered the embodiment of the ancient sky. It is a very unusual planet, peculiar to everything original, sometimes even strange. Therefore, people born under this sign always choose non-standard solutions. 

Aquarius and Virgo compatibility

Virgos radiate energy and are very active because their element is the Earth. They are personalities who do not know rest; they are in constant motion. Aquarius is a creative person who is always in the clouds. No wonder, since their element is Air. When such people are under pressure, they can seem calm and inert, but everything can change instantly. 

People under the patronage of Uranus and Mercury have a great future. Excessive coldness on the part of earthly symbols has a misleading nature. Passions are constantly raging inside Mercury wards. Aquarians are born in winter but can not be called cold-blooded; they are alien to a delicate calculation. On the contrary, they are incurable cheerful people, for which the glass is always half full. Fascinating and multifaceted life is their ideology. 

These elements of the zodiac circle are united by excessive demands on the people around them. This trait is quite capable of becoming the basis for a strong union. Representatives of the sixth sign are very pedantic; they rarely enjoy innovation and tend to follow the rules strictly. But, of course, it does not fit the picture of the world of active and daring heirs of Uranus' boundless sky. 

Aquarius and Virgo’s sexual compatibility in bed

Intimacy is the natural glue for such a contrasting couple. Virgo will gladly leave her puritanism at the bedroom's threshold if she has an appropriate partner. Representatives of this sign can awaken all the secret desires In defeating that will make intimate life spicy. Making love is very expressive and imbued with sensuality. Tenderness and irregularity are the main ingredients of intimacy. The children of Uranus know how to make their partner desirable and unique, giving him what he needs so much. The harmonious formula of love begins with a banal embrace and takes deep roots to the bowels of the bed. Aquarius has a unique intuition; they see through their partner, easily anticipate the innermost desires and translate them into reality. 

Friendship of the elements of the zodiac circle of Aquarius and Virgo: good compatibility

Romantic connection and the bed are not the only factors that unite representatives of these signs. A powerful, friendly alliance can also form between them. They draw from each other, missing from both extremes: Aquarius gives fantasy and dreams, and Virgo nurtures the grain of rationality and earthiness. Therefore, quite a strong friendship based on mutual assistance can form between these signs. 

Mercury children like to plan, systematize, avoiding excessive emotionality. Pets of Uranus show stubbornness, constantly change their way of life and are alien to discipline. Routine work seems too dull and monotonous to them. A Virgo may be situationally fascinated by the unconventional nature of her mate or girlfriend. Still, she will never accept this way of life. Aquarians like stability and friendly help but despise judgment and criticism.

Aquarius and Virgo compatibility percentage

Aquarius and Virgo compatibility percentage

Are Aquarius and Virgo a good match to be soulmates?

Such a pair will have an intellectual connection rather than an emotional one. Both signs have a sharp minds, so their bearers quickly find common ground with each other despite their different personalities. Loyalty and diligence are among the qualities of representatives of these signs. Coziness and comfort will reign in the couple's family life. Aquarius men are straightforward in approaching children, and they are very friendly. It may be difficult to call them model men, but there will be no problems ensuring well-being. Virgo women greatly appreciate these qualities in their lovers. 

Potential problems in an Aquarius and Virgo relationship

Discipline and rationality only sometimes combine perfectly with creativity and the need for stability. To avoid problematic situations and strengthen their union, a couple needs to be able to find compromise solutions. The main reason for arguments is the fussiness of Aquarius. It isn't effortless for Virgo to accept this quality in their partner. Yet for them, stability and reliability are essential, which are fundamental values. Uranus' pet likes to take risks very much. So the couple will have no problems with mutual support and mutual assistance. Still, such unions are by no means devoid of passion and drama. At the beginning of life together, domestic conflicts are commonplace. Lovers may regularly find themselves on the verge of separation but remain together. Aquarius never loses faith in his partner. Virgo is sorry for the effort spent, so conflicts are smoothed out, and life returns to normal.

Are Aquarius and Virgo marriage compatibility

Aquarius does not show any desire to legalize the union. However, Virgo is very fond of rules and constancy, so marriage is essential for them. Different attitudes towards formalizing a partnership go deep into the psychological peculiarities of representatives of the signs. It is hard to imagine a disciplined pedant who does not honor traditions and conservative ways of life. The lovers are very different, so their marriage is almost perfect. On the one hand, there is comfort and stability; on the other hand, there is always time and space for new sensations and surprises. Representatives of these signs will never get tired of each other.

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