Is Aquarius compatible in a love tandem with Pisces?

At first glance, everything can work out for these two, but still, better not to jump too quickly to conclusions. The elements of these representatives are not too warm to each other. So there is a lot to think about in this case. It is easy to be wrong and to compare the interests of the two potential partners. The work of establishing a contract does not cause problems. On the contrary, the tendency of aquatic representatives to mimicry will lead to finding common topics of conversation and having a good evening. However, this is not enough to create a spark and ignite the flame of passion.

Aquarius and Pisces compatibility

As in other cases, lovers will have to work well on developing the resulting connection. It is necessary to consider the other half's peculiarities, which sometimes seem incomprehensible. For example, the romantic tendencies of a Pisces may seem contrived, and the lack of sincerity may scare off the partner. The dreamy Aquarius moves at the expense of a prolonged reflection on their feelings and sensations. They need to find a foothold and push off from it, even when it comes to love affairs. The first acquaintance should leave an imprint in the memory because the Air appreciates mutual understanding.

Sexual life of Aquarius in bed. What is compatibility with Pisces?

The couple's first sexual experience will be eye-opening, as they can manifest their particularities without shame. After that, each of the partners tries to understand the other half and give them pleasure. A rich sex life can be an excellent reason for an even greater rapprochement. Experiments in bed will not cause problems in this union. On the contrary, the openness of Pisces will allow the partner to show imagination and not be ashamed of their desires. Because of this, the intimate sphere will unite the halves and make them more liberated and confident in the symbiosis.

The ability to grasp each other's desires also comes in handy for these two. Aquarius strives to be understood correctly, and the representative of the element of Water is just ready to do what the partner requires of him. Establishing a deep connection allows them to make optimistic predictions about this couple. It is worth being frank to maintain the contact. Partners will readily accept what is said and take words to heart. The desire to satisfy the partner also says a lot about the couple's chances of becoming a great couple and living life together.

Friends or enemies with Pisces? What will be the compatibility of Aquarius?

The establishment of contact at the first meeting will allow them to begin a friendship, and how long such a friendship will last depends on the quality of communication. The Air wants to find someone who can understand their impulses and appreciate them. It will take the friends quite a bit of time to do this. Pisces is ready to support its partners in friendship and in love. However, they demand the same attitude from the other party, which often leads to deep disappointment.

Partners will need to go through the stage of establishing friendly relations. Therefore it is necessary not to dwell on emotions. Since these representatives like to think, this approach will be to their liking. Thus, the romantic nature will be able to get through to the creative person and move the communication in the right direction. The emergence of an attraction will not cloud this friendship. The secret lies in the fact that no one in this couple will make the first step. However, if it comes to establishing a close union, they will be satisfied with the new friend: Air is faithful to friends and partners.

Aquarius and Pisces compatibility percentage

Aquarius and Pisces compatibility percentage

Will Aquarius become soulmates with Pisces? Will these people make a good match?

If these two aren't soul mates, that doesn't mean it won't work out. The only thing to worry about is the reserve of strength and time to overcome misunderstandings. But, unfortunately, the difference in attitude towards emotion says nothing about the couple's chances of a future together. It is necessary to remember several partner characteristics and give them as much attention as they need to create a strong alliance. If there are frequent problems with this, Pisces may become overly reflective and alienated from the other half.

It is also challenging to reach the Aquarius spouse. However, the representatives of this element have some difficulties expressing their emotions, so they do not demand the impossible. In time, this problem will be solved by itself because this is how this person manifests their attitude. The ability to solve problems will win the heart of the romantic Pisces. In their world, the most significant values are actions and support. So even though Aquarius' empathy is rare, their willingness to solve unpleasant problems will help keep their partner close to them.

Are partners emotional, and how compatible is Aquarius with Pisces in showing feelings?

This area of interaction raises the most questions and concerns. Differences in perception of situations can be a real challenge for lovers or friends. The emotional background of these representatives of different elements is also diverse, so there is no way to avoid problems. The lack of desire to deal with other people's emotions is one of the reasons for misunderstanding. Pisces appreciates the support from a partner, and without understanding excessive emotionality, it isn't easy to achieve the desired result. Therefore, it is possible to be afraid that the partner will disappear because of their insecurity about the sincerity of their feelings.

Anger or resentment does not accumulate in the Air. Instead, they think about cause-and-effect connections. They are unequal because Aquarius makes decisions only after establishing contact with a partner. For this reason, they may seem cold to a loved one. Some work will be necessary to resolve these misunderstandings. First, it is essential to establish contact and open up. The next step to rapprochement will be the desire of Aquarius to satisfy the needs of the emotional partner, who will gladly respond to any request. Then, the couple can reach a compromise thanks to constructive dialogue.

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