Dating an Engineer: Tips and Advice

Dating an Engineer: Tips and Advice

Engineers are kind of inventors. Representatives of the specialty facilitate the life and work of people with the help of complex mechanisms and functional devices. It is difficult to find the categories of production or social life, where they haven't taken part. But if you are engaged in dating an engineer, you will deal with not only their creativity but a few drawbacks of these overly practical people. How to cope with this and what are the main tips on dating an engineer – read below.

dating an engineer

Dating Engineer Pros and Cons

Regardless of the specialization, there are standard requirements for engineers that are valued in this profession. Such a person must be mathematical, logical, and brilliant at analysis. This gives that special charm and is manifested in a row of positive qualities such as:

  • accuracy up to pedantry;
  • responsibility and perseverance;
  • creativity and imagination;
  • determination and initiative;
  • self-confidence and ability to defend a point of dating site

The profession of an engineer is a vocation. To satisfy all these requirements a person must be prepared to perform complex mathematical calculations for hours and look for a solution to the problem. They should be ready to regularly attend specialized forums and courses to improve qualifications and acquire new skills. The reason why girls lose interest in guys is that the former stop to develop and become boring. You will not face such a problem dating a person from this sphere, they are always generally interested in the various topics, intelligent, wise and ready to share their knowledge. Now, let’s look closer at the list of dating engineer pros and cons.

They will always have a job and can provide for your family. Today, the profession of an engineer is spoken of as one of the most prosperous. According to statistics, 80% of people who have received specialized education are employed within 3-6 months. Due to the variety of offers from employers, even a young specialist can choose the most interesting direction. When people are dating for two years or more and start thinking about creating a family, the stability of income and career prospects of a partner play a big role in making a decision.

The more they develop – the more they earn. Another plus is the increase in workers' wages in response to increasing their professionalism. If necessary, certified engineers can always improve their qualifications through training in commercial and budget forums or courses. People who are always ready to study in this industry, occupy key positions in enterprises with a worldwide reputation. So, your partner will not turn into a couch potato after a few years of quiet family life, their job forces them to move with the time and constantly learn something new.

They are attentive to details. Engineering specializations means the need to perform monotonous work, which requires special concentration. The slightest miscalculation of an employee or a mistake made at a practical stage creates a risk of reducing production efficiency and even the development of a dangerous situation. Even though the salary of an engineer does not always correspond to this level of responsibility, these people should be always on alert, so they will be careful with their partners too. Their attentiveness towards their beloved is one of the reasons to date an engineer.

But… This can transform them into geeks. People who constantly work with complicated data and analyze everything can be too scrupulous in everyday life. Sometimes dating a software engineer resembles building relationships with a constantly working machine that knows nothing except for the rules and following algorithms. It will be a challenge for you to wind them down if you are not from the same sphere.

Their competitive spirit can be annoying. It is not easy to get an education in this field. It’s not enough to go to the chosen university, it is also necessary to devote several years to studying several complex disciplines: mathematical analysis, drawing, and numerous narrowly targeted subjects. With obtaining a diploma and starting work as an engineer, these difficulties do not end there. An ambitious and responsible specialist should constantly improve their skills, be aware of the latest technology trends and scientific achievements.

Not all engineers are cool and rich. It is not enough to know everything that is needed to become a good engineer. One must have great patience to succeed in this field. During the first years after graduation, only the most talented and active young people receive the desired positions in an interesting industry. And the main share of graduates has to gain experience and earn a name, working for a minimum salary.

7 Tips on Dating an Engineer

It can seem that they are from another planet, especially if you are a person from the field of humanity studies. Dating an engineer can be tricky if you are not aware of what kind of people they are. Nonetheless, it is time for the 7 tips on dating an engineer.

Calculations over risks

dating a software engineerDo you want to throw a wild party or swim in the sea naked? Be prepared that your beloved will spend some considerable amount of time thinking over all the pros and cons of such an affair. It sounds a little boring, but it is their nature. They are forced to deal with risks every day on their work, they love formulas and if the issue can be solved technically, they will use this possibility.

Prepare to listen about things you don't have a clue about

They love devices and talks about their work. Praise is a stimulus for them to work harder in their field. When they discover a new approach to a difficult task or learn something new, they will vigorously tell you about it. If you want to date an engineer, you should learn to appreciate such moments, after all, they care for your opinion if they let you into their world.

Let them fix something for you

Do you know what is the best way to attract someone? Let them do you an offer. Ask an engineer to help you with something they are brilliant at and see how they sparkle with enthusiasm. Or a more advanced option, let it be something they are not quite sure about, then the task will stimulate them to study the new sphere and then be even prouder of themselves.

Be straightforward and honest

Their brain works similarly to a computer, it reads your commands and doesn’t have time to decode the hints. Let them know what you think, want and ask for openly or they will not get you. Be honest, and you will notice the same attitude back.

Be aware that most of them do not like parties

Often, they find people there dumb and music too loud. It distracts them from their smart thoughts. When you are involved in engineer dating, be prepared that they would rather relax in a quiet café or chill with you at home after a long working week.

Do not ask for more time

Engineers are involved in working on a project or thinking about it in their free time. If they could, they would skip sleeping hours only to invent something else or come up with a new solution. This is one of the reasons you can meet them online on an engineer dating site. Because they cannot afford going out in real life.

Help them with household duties

Being busy all week and wanting just a little bit of a recharge and sleep during the weekends, they can forget to do dishes, laundry or cool food. If you do this for them, your engineer partner will definitely appreciate this.

Surround them with love and show at least some interest in what they are doing. Engineers are very warm and cute people inside, their job forces them to be serious and precise all the time, but the right approach can help you open their real personality.

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