Are hardworking Taurus and secretive Cancer compatible in a love union?

Weekends beyond dreams, goodies and movies about life are integral elements of the symbiosis of such tender partners. The wateriness of a man and the earthly nature of a woman, and vice versa, create an incredible tandem. Yes, they cannot be called 100% allies, but they combine thanks to different types of energy perfectly.

Taurus and Cancer compatibility

The first partner stands firmly on his feet, while the inert lover compliments him perfectly. Reliability and stability are essential for the first, and the second is better than others can give it all. And for a water dreamer, a reliable partner provides the basis for emancipation. As a result, there is a powerful spiritual interchange of energies. The study of the influence of the planets reveals all the ins and outs. The results of research by specialists regarding this pair are impressive.

The magnetically sexual energy of the Taurus is compatible with the irresistible Cancer. But will they get along in bed?

Our heroes can be safely called the hottest couples. According to observations, the sensual side of the issue is not an empty phrase for them. Haste and impatience are not about these lucky ones. The Earth tries to satisfy desires, which is necessary for a partner. Each of them knows how to subordinate the body to their wishes. They don't have to blush when they're together. There is a great deal of tenderness present during intimacy.

Partners do not rush things; they enjoy each other before moving on to the most intimate part of their lives.

This approach is an indispensable part of their close contact. Earthly nature yearns to feel adored, and, at first glance, the shy half generously bestows this. The more their hearts open, the better this sacred process will become. They are inventive. Nothing will stop them from enjoying a partner. Their nature allows them to accept themselves as they are and have no illusions about their partner. The confidence of this couple goes far beyond the bedroom.

The lunar influence here extends to both; such a position of the planets provides the absence of emotional surges. They have the same vision of the situation. Therefore, none of them will give the other a terrible surprise. No one in this union will pressure or demand specific behavior.

How perfect will the reliable Taurus and the secretive Cancer compatibility be in friendship?

These lucky ones can become great companions. However, the first one is more patient than the representative of the water element. The latter needs to express itself from time to time. After the emergence of trust, he can speak freely about his emotional experiences. The Earth can appreciate such sincerity. Also, with Water, she is united by a respect for her family, caring for loved ones, and her home. Only these lunatics would deprive themselves of sleep for a cinematic masterpiece.

Cupid usually throws arrows at the two when they are already friends. They will never refuse to support or provide advice. These are the people in whose presence you can cry without embarrassment. The July romantic sees a reliable shoulder in the May comrade, and he needs the first to show the wrong side of his feelings.

Taurus and Cancer compatibility percentage

Taurus and Cancer compatibility percentage

Are the stalwart Taurus and unearthly Cancer the right fit to become instant soul mates?

Of course, difficulties and misunderstandings can arise here. However, they have a typical basis. Both do not like to take risks to be away from home. Heaven itself contributes to their unbreakable union. Partners are loyal and caring.

If you look at other couples, this unit is undoubtedly one of the most favorable unions. You just need not cut from the shoulder at the start of the distance, and the harmony of the partners will be perfect. The second half gives the water genius everything he craves: security and stability. And in return, he receives a spiritual mentor, a reliable support in life's adversities.

What potential problems await the uncompromising Taurus in a relationship with vulnerable Cancer

It is difficult for these lovers to show their genuine emotions. Here, a bursting-revealing conflict in such a pair is impossible, resulting in an expression of anger towards a partner. On occasion, they will seek to wound the enemy in the heart. According to them, "to touch the inner core" means to win a battle or dispute. In this regard, the water partner is vulnerable, and the object of his adoration rarely shows his pain and a certain percentage of calculation. It is easy for a representative of the earth element to offend his partner. Water can be silent, although resentment will settle deep inside.

Also, when upset, she closes up and sneakily shows her displeasure. Her partner is also in no hurry to splash out the negative but craves retribution. This union can become indestructible if these two people learn to argue correctly and hear each other. The advantage of the Earth's character trait is its constancy. It is habitual for Water to fluctuate, as the element that controls it creates ocean tides. As a result, she cannot constantly experience emotions, the routine eats her up, and the Earth does one thing every day and does not lose heart.

What will happen if Taurus opens to earthly pleasures and Cancer, soaring in the sky, enter into marriage

Here the approaches do not coincide at all. The Water quickly expresses dissatisfaction, and its outwardly calm lover will pretend everything is fine. This situation can continue indefinitely until a barrage of negativity hits the Water melancholic. The Earth will be straightforward and will not contain her anger even about the situation that happened a year ago. If the partner goes too far, everything can end. Water cannot break the bond, but it will suffer. However, this rarely happens. Usually, everything falls into place, and the couple quickly forgets about unflattering words and insults. These lucky ones often go down the aisle and keep their vows until the end of their days.

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