A real volcano with Sagittarius or a haven with Taurus. How compatible are the partners?

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It is challenging to create a harmonious tandem between these two because of their different natures. The Fire, subject to Jupiter, is characterized by activity and unpredictability. He is used to acting quickly and spontaneously. The subordinate of Venus is a model of measurement and stability. Our heroes can reach an understanding if they have a genuine interest.

Sagittarius and Taurus compatibility

The planets in the horoscopes are different, so attraction at first sight, is unlikely. However, they can sense curiosity about each other and use that as the basis for building a family. The different paces and speeds of life will cause obstacles in the way of these two to cherished happiness. A representative of the Fire element will rush things, and the earthly partner wants to understand and accept what is going on to enjoy the process. It is essential for the former not to see indifference and coldness in the loved one. The partner loves to control everything, but the loved one needs freedom. This situation can cause contradictions and conflicts in the couple.

Are fiery Sagittarius and earthly Taurus compatible in the sexual sphere? What awaits them in bed?

A mismatch of temperaments between the representatives of these people and different visions of good sex can cause problems in the intimate sphere. For example, the Fire likes spontaneity and quick change of positions and caresses. Taurus, on the other hand, does not want to rush things. On the contrary, his sensual nature seeks pleasure at the moment and wants to feel as brightly and thoroughly as possible. And only the trusting communication between these earthly and fiery representatives will help to make the sexual life harmonious and colorful. In the bedroom, the Fire will be a teacher for the partner in the field of unhurried deep pleasure. And the earthly partner will help his mate unleash the hidden passion and liberate himself. Everything will work out if the feelings of both are sincere and permanent.

Will Sagittarius be able to become devoted partners in friendship? How will Taurus behave?

Our heroes can be friends if they try very hard. The reckless energy of the fiery partner is too different from the motionless energy of the representative of the Earth element. It can either complement both partners or make them furious. However, if the earth partner learns to accept the spontaneity and unpredictability of their friend, and the latter, in turn, will get used to some slowness, everything can work out well.

Taurus is usually more invested in and supportive of their soulmate, so they are focused on their partner and their needs. However, if this care begins to “strangle,” the fiery mate may start to avoid such a friend. However, if he lets Sagittarius go and becomes a support for him, rather than a short leash, the friendship between these two will surprise many people.

Sagittarius and Taurus compatibility percentage

Sagittarius and Taurus compatibility percentage

Will the partners make a good match? Will the fiery Sagittarius and the earthly Taurus be able to become soulmates?

Spiritual affinity does not begin from the first word of communication. The representatives of these people may be interested in each other because they are extraordinary and bright personalities. However, partners will quickly discover the difference in worldviews in a conversation. Therefore, it will be difficult for them to become soul mates and make each other happy. It will take a lot of patience, understanding, and compromise to pull the invisible thread from heart to heart and create a family for years to come.

Emotionally, our heroes are different. Fire openly expresses his feelings, and his chosen one seeks security and stability. The first quickly ignites but immediately cools down, and he is hot and impulsive. The Earth partner can be intimidated by such emotional swings and the ease bordering on flippancy with which their mate refers to the relationship. Therefore, Fire may receive reproaches for not being severe and superficial with their soulmate. Only speaking out of their grievances and being willing to look for the golden mean will help these two stay together and enjoy it.

What potential problems can arise in a Sagittarius relationship? How will he interact with Taurus?

The dialogue is complex. The earth element’s subject will think for a long time, analyze, and doubt before discussing something. On the other hand, their fiery chosen one likes to talk; he has a lively mind and often jumps from topic to topic. The first will be silent, and the second will see it as unwilling to communicate, which provokes quarrels. These two should seriously work on exactly how to talk to each other.

The second point of tension is the different vision of building a family. The Earth wants to spend evenings at home, next to the person he loves, in an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. The maximum that he is ready to agree to is the visit of a few closest friends. The Fire wants action, travel, noisy parties, and new adventures. Only compromise and love will help to smooth out the sharp edges.

How will Sagittarius behave in the business sphere? What will be their communication with Taurus?

The professional alliance of these two people cannot be called a success or a failure. Everything depends on the involvement and willingness to work. The different ways of achieving goals will help partners become more effective and prove themselves.

Both know the value of money and learn how to earn it. If partners can agree, they will surely get an excellent result. For example, the Earth partner has analytical thinking, calculates everything a few steps ahead, and can spend hours doing the most monotonous work. And his fiery colleague has brilliant communication skills, instantly generates ideas, and can effectively organize the work process. Such a tandem can lead to success and bring profit.

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