The Biggest Communication Mistakes to Avoid with Russian Women

Whining and Complaining

Perhaps, there is nothing more unattractive and detestable to a Russian woman than a man who is constantly complaining. It’s a different thing to complain about a bad day at work to a woman you’ve been   married to for several years, but if you’re just beginning your relationship with a Russian girl and are constantly complaining about how everybody is unjust and unfair with you, she will probably think you’re not mature enough to take care of your own mess.

With Russian women, everything counts, every time you complain to them about even the smallest thing, the amount of respect they have for you goes down. Constant whining about how you want a break in life or your career will probably force her to leave you before you even get married. Russian women like rough and tough men, who are strong enough to take care of themselves and their beloved ones in every situation.


Online Russian dating sites have men from all over the world trying to woo beautiful Russian girls. Some of these men have the wrong perception about Russian ladies and try to get them to bed right since they start talking. This has made Russian women feel like their image is distorted in the west. Although, Russian women are very much into sex and other kinky bedroom activities, they despise men who just view them as sex objects. Russian women want to be respected as much as other western women and hate men who think so despicable of them.

Dating a Russian girl means loving her and taking care of her and not just using her to fulfill your sexual desires. Russian women are cultural and educated and hate it when rich men try to woo them by throwing a lot of money around.


Men who are arrogant are disliked in every part of the world, but Russian women take their standards to a whole different level. No matter how much respect you show to your girl, if you don’t respect her from the bottom of your heart, she will find out and be very disappointed. Respecting your parents is another thing Russian women highly value. They deem a person to be very responsible if he takes care of his aged parents.

Men who are popular in their social circles also make a pleasant impression on Russian women. They believe their man should be dominant in all spheres of life and his friends should respect him as much as she does.

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