How much are the temperamental Scorpio and the ambitious Leo compatible in life?

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From the first minutes of the meeting of these two people, there may be an attraction. At the same time, meeting more opposite signs for life and friendship is challenging. Jealous Scorpios will insist on being right, which is difficult for a proud and strong Leo to handle. They are self-sufficient personalities who want to be leaders in any situation, which can be the cause of their quarrels.

Scorpio and Leo compatibility

So what happens when the Leo man (sometimes an incredible possessive!) and the passionate, jealous Scorpio woman decide to start a family or just become a couple? One thing is for sure: it will not be boring. And in the case of the opposite gender and zodiac situation, neither will it be.

Both of them will want the partner not to lead in a pair. As both seek leadership, the difficult adjustment phase will either be the beginning of a more mature relationship; or the end of a romance that didn't develop into something more. It is more likely to succeed if these two get together at a mature age when the period of adolescent maximalism has passed. Then, it could be the beginning of a strong, happy family.

The all-consuming passion between sexual Scorpio and high-minded Leo. How compatible are they in bed?

If these two are alone, between them, there is a natural flame of passion. Leo man is interested in solving the mystery of a woman born under the element of Water. The aura of unbelievable attractiveness of the chosen one also attracted him. And a woman born under this sign feels the desire to possess such a strong and charming person.

The love that has arisen will become stronger if passion and variety prevail in bed. Usually, in the intimate sphere between them, all is well. Their nasty temper and tremendous sexual energy do not make them bored. On the contrary, these signs love experiments and novelty in bed because each can safely claim to be a skillful and competent lover. Representatives of the water element radiate innate eroticism and physical attraction that the element of fire cannot ignore. Therefore it is not surprising if they become physically intimate after the first meeting. Only their love idyll can break because of "Scorpio's" jealousy.

Does Scorpio have a chance to build a strong friendship with Leo? How compatible are they in a sincere union?

Friendship can be called a rare phenomenon in this couple. Two "predators" already see from afar who is who, so they are wary in advance and even hostile. In this case, their characters will not play a minor role in the outcome of the meeting. And yet these two are more likely to become rivals in the power struggle rather than people between whom a revelation is possible.

People of the same gender born under these signs find it difficult to limit their friendship because they attract subconsciously. But pride and ego come to the fore. Finally, however, the possibility of a strong team can happen. It is effortless for a female Leo to make friends. Still, for a male Scorpio, it is a bit more complicated because he does it more selectively. Self-analysis of Scorpio men only allows them to enter into new friendships after thinking them over.

Overcoming subconscious rivalry, these representatives of Water and Fire find common ground. They unite by common goals and interests, for which both are ready to go till the end. As classmates or fellow students, they go through thick and thin together, gaining trust and support. How successful is the tandem at work? Their business alliance is perfect in crises when they need to act quickly, boldly, and uncompromisingly. This strong and enterprising tandem can move mountains. In routine work, there will be conflicts between partners.

Scorpio and Leo compatibility percentage

Scorpio and Leo compatibility percentage

So different, but still a good match with Leo? Or what are the chances that a Scorpio is suitable to become a soulmate?

A sworn enemy or protector? The position taken by these signs will determine their future communications. Neither man nor woman born under the sign of Scorpio will tolerate resentment.

But the "fire predator" is not afraid of anything or anyone. Why would he be cautious with Scorpio when he can openly declare his intentions? He is proud, brave, and always right. By the way, nothing would separate them if both became friends in childhood. Despite their character flaws, both will understand, learn and protect one another. But at a more mature age, this couple will quarrel more often than enjoy each other's company.

Scorpio demands the treatment with respect. Leo can make such "sacrifices" if he is genuinely in love. Both can give each other what is necessary for a healthy family life. But to do this, they should learn to listen, not to prove who is right. The ability to find a compromise, even in the most challenging situations, will be the starting point in their life together, whether they are friends or lovers. Whether they will be able to go through these metamorphoses together is a big question.

Do Scorpios face potential problems in a vibrant relationship? Help or resentment, Leo?

The ability to compromise can lead these two to an understanding. Both can be picky and demanding, but partners must turn a blind eye to each other's shortcomings more often to preserve the union. Despite the many contradictions, both have common points of agreement.

Fire Leo is generous and ruthless; Scorpio, who is patronized by Water, on the contrary, is petty and vindictive at its worst but typical manifestation. Both are ambitious and prefer leadership. It is difficult to get along with such partners, and what to say when both claim the leading role in the same team is a real war. The problem is that lovers constantly reproach, annoyingly criticize and even humiliate each other. They go to their victory by any means to be in a winning position. As if they do not understand that sometimes it is better not to be correct but to be happy.

Communication between two fires: how can a Scorpio get along with a strong and proud Leo?

If both are intemperate, it can even come to an everyday fight. And restrained partners will just endlessly sarcastic irony and put sticks in each other's wheels. Why bet on Scorpio in this duel: He knows how to get his way in a long argument. Loud tantrums and quiet silent scenes will wear Leo down. Finally, he proudly slams the door. And as he leaves, he will remember how beautiful and bright everything began with this ruthless and cynical Scorpio. Although he needed very little: he was not neglected; he loved with all his heart and was reminded of it every minute.

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