Is Sagittarius ideally compatible with another partner - let's talk about his relationship with Aquarius

Some people feel good without feelings. Fire and Air are free-spirited and independent individuals. They can feel great both individually and in pairs. Fire cannot feel bound by any obligations. And Air likes to spend time alone with itself. According to experts, these two have everything they need to build a good love union.

Sagittarius and Aquarius compatibility

Representatives of these elements can develop feelings from the first meeting, but they must work and ensure mutual involvement to achieve ease and harmony. If partners do not restrict each other's freedom, they can make it work. For example, Fire will want to go on a trip, and Air will let them go and spend the time they get along with their hobbies. The latter will not suffer and will not call his partner.

When they look at each other, they see themselves but in a different light. They have similar but, at the same time, different ideas about what a connection should be in a pair. They are good together and apart. They will have bright meetings, deep conversations, and dreams about the future. However, they can declare their future obligations and must remember to fulfill them. For a partner, this will inevitably cause problems in the future. The Air can fall into melancholy and even depression. But in alliance with Fire, it is easier for him to maintain a positive attitude. They attract a fiery partner with their high spiritual development and creative potential.

Sexual Sagittarius and changeable Aquarius in bed - is their compatibility harmonious?

In intimate terms, representatives of these elements make a good couple. They will find a common language in the bedroom faster than in any other area. Their mutual attraction begins in their heads. They will never disappoint each other. Partners feel what each of them wants and need, and both strive to satisfy these desires, constantly trying something new and unknown. This is how they inspire each other.

After sex, partners can have an equally exciting time exchanging funny stories or interesting facts from their past lives. They like to laugh and joke about someone or something together. In the long term, representatives of the elements of Air and Fire will understand how to keep the flame of passion and mutual sexual interest.

Briefly about the compatibility of temperamental Sagittarius and Aquarius. Will opposites find common ground in friendship?

Such a tactic is an essential aspect of our life. But can Fire and Air be friends? Representatives of these elements have many common interests and hobbies. Moreover, they like to be in the same companies. Some common causes may bring partners together. Lightness and freedom make the friendly feelings of these two valuable and pleasant in every way.

Sagittarius and Aquarius compatibility percentage

Sagittarius and Aquarius compatibility percentage

Are Sagittarius and Aquarius such good matches to be soulmates forever?

The kinship of the souls of these partners is famous for some rebelliousness, love for freedom, and everything new. Intelligent Air likes the open disposition of Fire, and the latter appreciates his partner's spontaneity and original ideas. However, there is still a certain contradiction in their harmony. His description includes one word: unpredictability.

In the beginning, this excites the imagination and stimulates the senses, but later it can bring a lot of unpleasant moments to the couple. For spiritual kinship, they need common ideas, comprehension of the secrets of the soul of the chosen one, and long conversations about the high and eternal.

Will there be potential problems in a relationship? How can Sagittarius and Aquarius avoid them?

A couple does not need conflicts in an alliance, but both representatives can avoid them. Ruled by Jupiter, Fire takes the easy way, constantly expanding and growing. Air under the influence of Uranus sees difficulties and obstacles in everything. These people have different approaches to life, which can lead to misunderstanding. Another possible problem may be the heightened concern of each partner with their projects and the unwillingness or lack of time to invest energy in the union's development. But love can overcome any difficulties. If partners find time for each other, they will be happy together.

Meeting creative Sagittarius and organized Aquarius at work - how great is compatibility?

We spend most of our lives at work, so who surrounds us in the team is essential. Partners work quickly and smoothly, creatively approach the tasks and try to achieve their goals effectively. So, the union will become even more effective if one of the partners is more responsible than the other. Thus, the couple solves business problems on time with the best result.

Both colleagues are comfortable working in large teams. They know how to rally the team and establish all processes. Moreover, natural optimism and an easy attitude to everything attract people to a pair of elements of Fire and Air, as they lead to success in any business.


For each of us, how we feel next to others is essential. Emotionally, Fire and Air seem to be in sync. As a rule, both evaluate the situation in terms of logic and rarely show outbursts of emotions. Open, straightforward Fire will immediately report its feelings, whatever they may be. Air is more restrained in its manifestations and can pronounce them aloud only when necessary.

Initially, representatives of these elements are not focused on a love union. They are closer to meeting new people, having friendly feelings, and implementing exciting projects. They can often go from company to romantic marriage. Fire will most likely make the first move. It may take time for the Air to figure out if they need to develop their feelings to the next level. They will be close emotionally, and it does not matter whether it is friendship, business, or love.

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