Is Taurus compatible with another element - what is the connection with Aquarius in a relationship?

People of this union without attraction to their partner. The Earth representative takes a more traditional approach to the union. He does not like change and can live according to his daily routine. The second is more inventive and strives for new experiences. Both prefer to push the boundaries of the familiar periodically, but the earthly representative makes it more difficult than his half. However, despite all the contradictions, these two people create an excellent tandem.

Taurus and Aquarius compatibility

Pairs consisting of air and earth representatives are often only suitable for each other. For example, earthly ones coexist better with air ones and air ones with fiery ones. But in the case of these two personalities. There is a manifestation of those qualities that are lacking in each other. Thus, realization takes place, and both people feel completely satisfied. The earthly representative is the ruling sphere of the second planet, uniting pleasure, passion, and playfulness. But, on the other hand, the beloved is the dominion of the seventh, the world of change, chaos, and disorder. However, these people together can provide for themselves everything that is lacking.

Taurus in bed - strong sexual compatibility with Aquarius

Representatives of this couple think differently about this plan. The earthly prefers the proven and familiar, and the second love experiments. As a result, this connection will be bright and full of emotions. An earthly representative is a person who likes to make new acquaintances and novels. He craves affection and pleasure. Such a partner will explore the body of the second half in every possible way. The air element concentrates more on its emotions and moves away from the physical world. However, he likes to bring something new to his intimate life. The couple will have to communicate in an intimate setting, raising each other's mood. If they achieve harmony, they can enjoy the time spent. This connection will be bright and unforgettable.

Will Taurus and Aquarius be able to build friendship - tandem breakup or compatibility?

A couple of friendly feelings are capable of causing dizziness. In general terms, these two people do not fit together. But only some things are so clear. The representative of the earth element is a reliable and generous partner, and his lover is optimistic and brings a new experience to the union. Of course, in such a union, both retain their individuality. But this is a strange couple who can find a common language, no matter what.

Partners belong to the fixed representatives of the circle; they are very stubborn and straightforward. If they make friends in childhood, such an alliance can last for years. This partnership is trustworthy throughout life. If the meeting takes place later, it will be easier for them to invest in the union. But even here, exceptions exist; for example, if they unite in the professional field, the marriage can last for years. Partners have much in common in the manifestation and expression of emotions. They are capable of being emotionally stubborn and too attached to their feelings. However, the slow opening of both allows them to get used to each other's habits and quirks.

The representative of the air element is an emotionally cold person. He may rationalize his feelings before he lets them come out. Such a trait puts pressure on a partner, and he must be attached to him. So he can feel safe. A partner can sometimes consider him too distant, while he prevents him from being objective and seeing the big picture.

Taurus and Aquarius compatibility percentage

Taurus and Aquarius compatibility percentage

Good match - will it be possible to be soulmates, or will Taurus and Aquarius collapse?

These two are neither the best nor the worst couple. Both are fixed square and capable of fighting but can form a long-term, stable partnership. In addition, they can create a harmonious tandem if they are ready to take responsibility for each other. They don't say that this is a heart-to-heart union about such a couple. On the contrary, these are feelings where joint, mutually beneficial conditions are in the foreground. Both partners can bring something new to the union and brighten the ordinary. Such a couple needs time to understand each other's needs. Marriages often fail initially, but they form a strong alliance if they overcome all difficulties. Ultimately, having gone through all the difficult moments in such a tandem, this couple will become tense, and trust will reign.

Potential problems of the tandem of Taurus and Aquarius - endurance relationships

The second planet governs the earth's representative. She is associated with beauty and femininity. The partner's planet is seven planets, the world associated with maturity and responsibility. First, you need to learn how to combine love and art, which is a priority for a lover; in return, he gives loyalty and sincerity. But here, you can cite other families that makeup such a tandem as an example. The attractiveness of this couple is due to their hot temperament and desire to make the world a better place. It is this pair that can show an unusual but intriguing combination.

Marriage of convenience for Taurus and Aquarius or a complete idyll in compatibility

Both people may need help in the academic field, as they have different approaches and interests. For example, an earthly representative may admire the beauty of physical objects and the natural world, while a partner admires the beauty inherent in innovation. Likewise, the desire of an earthly representative to talk about pleasures can cause the admiration of an ally. But the interests of a partner may appeal to something other than a mundane lover. Such couples face such problems. But they can have a long-term union, having learned to understand each other. Both representatives are curious people, but each area of knowledge is different. For example, it may seem to the earthly that the air knows-it-all. On this basis, conflicts arise in a couple, leading to long-term reproaches and resentment.

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