Can Taurus love the opposite - compatibility with Scorpio

We can only make a first impression on a person once. The first meeting of these opposite partners can be called hot; sparks fly in all directions. The first reacts to the mysterious sensuality and energy of the representative of Water. And the representative of the element of Water was intrigued by the partner's ability to express restraint and calmness. But as soon as the intensity of passions subsides, the development of relations is called into question. These people are too different.

Taurus and Scorpio compatibility

Both partners have strong characters. They are stubborn, and neither of them will avoid quarrels. Therefore, the partners constantly live in extremes: very good or terrible. The union between water and earth representatives can be volatile and even hostile; they are emotionally draining to each other—a perpetual struggle filled with doubts and mutual complaints.

But since these couples are fixed signs, they show fidelity in the union. They also show strong affection for each other, and each one is determined to protect his partner. Therefore, no one has the prospect of being rejected. Partners usually come late into family life, often after other partners. Early marriages do not characterize them. Partners initially weigh all the pros and cons, choose the right person for a long time, test their feelings for strength, and only then decide to legitimize their union.

Sexual compatibility is so important. Superiority in bed - who will win Taurus or Scorpio

The sexuality of some people's partners seems almost physical. In this case, the sexual attraction of the couple's representatives rolls over. The so-called "chemistry" between them is almost physical. It often becomes the basis of their union. The partners of these representatives are active in the bedroom, kitchen, living room, or any other place where they gather. Both partners know how to show their feelings and pay great attention to them. Sex is just as important to them. The earth element's representative is attentive and focused on pleasing his partner. And his beloved, at this time, can relax and enjoy the process. But at the right moments, the latter will also show the passion and ardor of his nature.

Compatibility or contradictions in friendship. Is a Taurus union with a partner possible? Or will Scorpio not get along?

Friendly will prolong feelings between these two people because they are very reliable, firm, and determined. They can give each other a shoulder to lean on in difficult times. When it comes to romantic union, each couple is very cautious. But they are more open in friendly relations. Ambition and popularity help them to prove themselves. Here they can unite and create an excellent partner tandem, helping each other to achieve their goals.

Taurus and Scorpio compatibility percentage

Taurus and Scorpio compatibility percentage

Are Taurus great couples to become soulmates with Scorpio?

The kinship of the souls of two people can manifest itself at any moment. According to astrologers, these two representatives are a complicated couple. However, it is not right to condemn their union for failure. To keep the balance, the signs of Earth and Water need to do a lot of work and be very tolerant and attentive to each other. A soul mate and deep affection may gradually be born in such a union.

Possible problems in the love of Taurus are not an obstacle to a reliable union. Relationship with Scorpio

It is difficult for us to avoid any problems in a love union. In the collaboration between these two people, one of the biggest problems is communication. The earth representative may be friendlier to talk to, and the partner is usually a bit sarcastic, but it doesn't matter because they don't listen to or hear each other. Both are stubborn, hard to compromise, and may not be able to say things like "I'm sorry" or "I was wrong" to their partner. The representative of the element of Water thinks that he knows best of all what and how to do. The partner in such a situation will defend himself and prove his case. They will look for ways to challenge each other. Unfortunately, this is often unhealthy and prevents each partner from developing.

The earthly representative is completely passive against the active lover. This reason could be a problem. Perfectionists and skeptics want to avoid accepting a partner for who he is. And they can annoy the earth with constant reproaches. Flexible and dynamic representatives of the element Water quickly get used to changes. They can find solace even if they move to another city. But partners hold on to the old and do not want to change their lives radically. Such disagreements often lead to heated arguments that are easy to resolve if both parties are willing to do so.

The emotional component of Taurus. Compatibility with Scorpio in the same union

Strong chemistry may not always keep the two people together long-term. Emotionally, it can be challenging: dramas, conflicts, and heated arguments. Since both partners are proud and down to earth, they tend to show each other some detachment and emotional unavailability. As if each of them is trying to control the other. Of course, many emotions exist, but the connection is very doubtful. Whether to enter into such an alliance is the choice of everyone. However, it is unlikely that something good will turn out here.

Compatibility Taurus in working with a partner. Can he complement and Scorpio

The connection of both partners in the business sphere can be positive or negative. It all depends on the nature of the partners. They will achieve a lot if they can see the solid qualities of each other and join forces to achieve a common goal. Or both begin to play the big boss, and then successful cooperation becomes impossible. The representative of the water element most often finds himself in the role of a boss, and a discreet partner becomes an ideal employee. Naturally, such a working union will be the most harmonious. But it is important to note that the former are good performers who know how to organize themselves well. Therefore, astrologers recommend that representatives of these elements give up stubbornness and learn to negotiate with each other.

The advantages of both partner unions are passion, desire to gain, willingness to argue and argue, and hard work. Reliability, diligence, strict adherence to instructions and deadlines, responsibility, and love for complex tasks are both hallmarks. If necessary, partners can forget about personal grievances and work productively, no matter what the circumstances.

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