How to find out the girlfriend's ring size - basic details that a man needs to know

Table of contents:

  1. What should be considered when buying a ring?
  2. How the age of the chosen one affects the size of the ring
  3. Mistakes When Choosing an Engagement Ring

Proposing to your beloved is quite an exciting process. That's why you want everything to go smoothly on this day, without obstacles. Then, of course, you can invite the lady for dinner, a walk, and in a romantic atmosphere to give her a ring, bought in advance, as a symbol of endless love. But everything works out perfectly if you know your beloved's finger size. And if you don't? Of course, you can go to a jewelry store together, but the surprise will not work. And we all know how much ladies love surprises!

how to find out girlfriend ring size

In any case, to buy such an accessory, you should know its size. How to know him secretly from a loved one? Read more about this below. In addition, we have collected useful tips.

Print out a special "cheat sheet" from the World Wide Web, and discreetly compare any ring of your girlfriend to it. It is the easiest way to find out the size.

You can do the following: armed with your beloved's ring, put it on a sheet of paper, and trace it with a pen or pencil with a thin rod. The resulting diameter should be measured with a ruler.

In a secret way from your beloved, take her ring, try it on your finger, and immediately make a mark in that place. Then use a string to measure the circumference of that place and buy a ring of the given size.

While shopping, visit the jewelry department and offer to look at and try on jewelry, including a ring. Without interrupting the conversation, ask about the size of her finger.

"Steal" for a while the ring of your beloved and visit the nearest jewelry store. Then, with the help of special devices, a consultant will tell you the size. The main thing is not to be suspected of stealing the jewelry. 

Ask a friend for help, in this case, the bride's friend or sister. Perhaps they know the size. You can ask a friend to go to a jewelry store with her lover so that she casually tries on a ring or help her choose a piece of jewelry. In addition, offer to try on the ring too. This way, you will know the size. The main thing is that your girlfriend did not blab about the upcoming surprise, or the event will be ruined.

Choose the most acceptable way for you and start the task. This is very important for your dreams to come true.

What should be considered when buying a ring?

So, you've decided what size ring you need to buy. Congratulations – that's the most challenging part! But keep in mind that this is not all the information. What additional factors influence the determination of the size? Let's consider them in more detail.

  • Different fingers differ in size. Also, the fingers of the left and right hand are other. Therefore, you should measure the finger size for which the ring is intended. 
  • Fingers may change slightly in volume during the day. As a rule, there may be swelling in the morning or evening. The best time to measure size is during the day.
  • Diet: eating salty, smoked, or greasy foods, and drinking heavily, can lead to finger swelling. When the diet is correct, try to measure the size of her finger when being away from holiday meals.
  • The size of the fingers is affected by specific days of the cycle. A few days before the onset of the critical days, there is some swelling. Hormonal fluctuations influence this fact. Therefore, take measurements after the end of the cycle.
  • The temperature has a significant influence. Heat contributes to swelling of the fingers; in the frost, on the contrary, they become thinner. The optimal for measuring the size is 19-22 degrees.
  • The model of the product influences the final size. A thin ring of up to 6-7 mm is recommended to be purchased to precisely the correct size. A broad piece suggests a 0.5 size margin for a more comfortable fit on the finger.

You should also decide in advance what kind of ring you want to buy: buy a ready-made version or choose a custom-made product according to your design. It is recommended to buy only from reliable, time-proven companies so as not to become a victim of scammers who offer a lower price.

how to find out girlfriend ring size - image 2

Buy a ring with fitting

If you have decided to make a joint purchase – to try on the ring on your beloved's finger – you have made the task much more manageable. But there are some nuances.

It would be best if you visited a jewelry store during daylight hours. Then the size of the fingers will be the most accurate. Fingers may be swollen in the morning or evening.

Do not come in for a fitting after a workout or physical activity. It contributes to the swelling of the fingers.

Try an engagement ring directly on the ring finger, as the other fingers are different sizes.

Fitting conditions.

If you come in from the cold, it is recommended to wander around for a while to let the body get used to room temperature. Also, it will help to find an accurate finger size. It also applies in the summer, when you go indoors with air conditioning after the heat.

It is a well-known fact that the product's proper width can improve the hand's appearance. But these are all conventions. Of course, you should be bold and choose the perfect shape. But, ideally, the chosen one should not feel the product on her finger while admiring the design.

Comfortable fixation.

Feel free to twist the jewelry on a finger to see how it feels. Pay attention to whether the inlay is clinging to clothes.

These tips will help you choose a ring for your lady with the most accurate size. And, of course, the product must please your companion.

When choosing the optimal size of a wedding ring, it is advisable to consider not only the size of the finger but also other parameters: the width of the surface and the thickness of the section of the jewelry. It determines the comfortable feeling when wearing it. Each choice is made individually and depends on the structure of the finger.

  • Classic - the ossicle of the second joint from above is slightly wider than the extreme phalanx of the finger. Here the ring must pass through the bone with little effort. 
  • Proportional - same width of the joint, phalanx. The best option, in this case, is a wide ring with a small margin.
  • The third option - the finger joint is slightly smaller than the size of the last phalanx. Narrow pieces up to 4 mm wide are suitable for such wearers.

Buying a ring that is thicker than 3 mm is not recommended. It will cause discomfort when clasping the fingers, which is undesirable for daily use.

How the age of the chosen one affects the size of the ring

Of course, this phrase should not be taken literally. But the product is selected considering your beloved's age changes. It is recommended to buy a ring with a rounded convex inner part. Over time, the size of the finger may change, so the wedding ring should be chosen so that it can be adjusted.

how to find out girlfriend ring size - image 3

When choosing your favorite symbol of your fidelity, you should understand the combination of decoration options. A thin product of up to 3.5 mm is ideal for owners of delicate fingers. If the width of the ring is 4-6 mm, then this option is suitable for the chosen one with short, plump fingers. Gold jewelry from 6 mm is the best option for a total girl.

Remember that buying half a size larger for a comprehensive product is better.

A ring's size, shape, and appearance directly affect its comfort. A piece of jewelry chosen according to the wrong parameters can fall off the finger and eventually get lost or become too tight if it is too small. Then, of course, you can take the item to a jewelry shop, where they can adjust the size through modern technology. But this method does not apply to all products, only to simple ones. For example, a ring studded with stones can only be corrected with damage and the risk of losing inserts. And an ordinary piece of jewelry can also become deformed.

Mistakes When Choosing an Engagement Ring

If you are determined to choose an engagement ring for your beloved, try to avoid making common mistakes. Instead, read more about this below.

  • Tribute to fashion. Not all modern models can sit comfortably on the hand. A wedding ring is designed for everyday use, so choosing a discreet design without protruding elements is preferable.
  • Money saving. In an impulse to save money, you can buy a product of a poor quality or a ring with thin sides. Such a model can quickly deform, which will cause discomfort. There are also budget models with a concave profile, which will also cause pain at the end of the day.
  • Wrong size. It may be one of the main factors. However, considering the ring is designed to last for many years, it is advisable to take it seriously.

Before you make your choice, it is recommended to ask about the taste preferences of your beloved and identify the exact size. Be sure; if you do everything correctly, you will get a surge of pleasant emotions from your beloved!

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