How to Meet Russian Women

Russian women have become so popular recently that it’s no big deal to meet the ones anymore. Do you have a profile on Facebook? If yes, here you have the first option. Now, do you have an opportunity to go abroad? Here you have the second option. You see, it’s nothing difficult about it. However, there some peculiarities you should know in order to make all this work out.


How to become interesting for a Russian woman

Foreigners have a great advantage when approaching Russian ladies. Considering the fact that you two were brought up in different cultures, automatically gives you a lot to discuss. Of course, it does not mean you can always rely on cultural difference topic because you are not on the lecture about American or Russian culture but on a date with a girl.

Russian girls are fond of foreigners, especially those who combine confidence and respect towards women. On the one hand, this is what they actually lack about Russian men. On the other hand, foreign men have a unique chance to fulfill themselves as gentlemen in Russia. You will hardly meet a woman who will blame you in sexism when you suggest carrying heavy bags for her, for example. However, do not be self-confident as it may pull Russian women away. Thus, even if you feel that it’s not difficult for you to improvise, plan your date in advance. This will 100% increase the chances.

How to attract a Russian woman online

There are dozens of options available on the internet for single men. You can easily find some international dating websites. You can also use social networks to find a Russian girl online. Another option is using mobile apps, which will help you both find a mate and have some fun.

Do not be too serious! Russian ladies adore men with a sense of humor. It relates everything – from your profile to your texts. Let’s start with your profile. Are you confident enough to make fun of your nationality? If you left France and have been living for a year in the US, mention that in a funny manner. Something like, “I’m French. (Yeah, I know … nobody is perfect).” Try mentioning something about your style. For example, “I like flip flops (the sandals)”.

Of course, that does not mean you should write so if it does not feel right. You’re who you are. This is crucial. Thus, if you are a serious and strict man in life, you profile should has the right structure and short and interesting facts about you. This way a Russian girl will easily understand what kind of man you are from your very profile.

Speaking about texts and chatting, they should be easy to understand and light. The key thing here is to say what you feel and not to pretend you are someone else. It is a well-known fact that Russian girls have a really developed undersense, which means they easily get when the man lies.

Once you picked a dating site for your search, make sure you won’t become a victim of dating scammers. Yes, that often happens with foreigners searching for love.

How to avoid Russian dating scums

There are dozens of stories on that matter. Let’s consider some of them here.

  1. First of all, you should keep in mind the fact that Russian scammers usually lot upon your sensitivity (by the way your scammers may write you somewhere from India). Thus, if your Russian lady online seems to be perfect do not hurry up. Keep chatting with the one for at least 2 weeks. If you are chatting with the scammer, you will be likely to receive a text describing a desperate situation your Russian lady got into recently. She may claim that her mother has cancer and needs a significant amount of money to pay for the surgery. Besides, she won’t ask you to pay for that directly. She will make all the best to keep you emotional and sympathetic towards her.
  2. Another popular scam involves real Russian ladies. The thing is that they do not search for love, but for money and gifts from foreigners. That’s how they earn their money and live in general. Most of them consider it as a real and pretty normal job. Yeah, this is freaky. Everything is going great with these Russian ladies while you keep sending jewelry, cosmetics, etc. Besides, if you decide to visit this beautiful scammer in Russia, you will have to pay for all the entertainment and shopping there.
  3. The highest class is when a pretty Russian scammer is traveling with you to some romantic destination (of course, the one who pays for the journey and the apartments is you). I believe, these ladies sound more like whores than scammers.

Thus, if you believe that your relationship is too good to be the truth, consider the possibility that you are dating a scammer. Do more research prior. Just be attentive and try to check all the info if it is possible. Look through her Facebook or Vkontakte profile. For instance, a totally new profile with a few friends there should put you on the alert. Besides, you should keep in mind, that scammers often try to convince you to chat somewhere out of the dating website, suggesting email or skype for that matter.

On the other hand, if you decided to use the internet to meet Russian women, you should not worry about money so much. It is obvious that dating websites make money and this is fine, as you should pay to play. Besides, you are likely to spend more money in Russia than on online dating, not to mention time. There's nothing wrong with being aware of scams, excessive fees and the like; but this process isn't cheap and IMO expense shouldn't be the first thing on your mind, but how to achieve the best results should; regardless of cost.

Places to meet a Russian woman

If you are negative about the idea to meet Russian girls for marriage online, there are other options as well.  Thus, if you live in MA you can just go to Cape Cod in the summer some time - I'm pretty sure there are a lot of FSU students there, so you can try to meet somebody in person, not through dating websites. Of course, not every man would wait for the summer to start the search, as well as going to Cape Cod.

Do not limit yourself to dating websites and social networks searching for Russian women for marriage – be creative! My friend from University met her RUB man on a language exchange. He needed someone to practice his English and Spanish and she (my friend) needed someone to help her get to know Moscow as a local and practice her Russian.

Another tip on how to meet girls and how to meet women is to travel the world. It’s not such a big deal where to meet girls and where to meet women if you enjoy traveling. A traveler will agree that you can meet your RUB woman everywhere.  A guy I met once in Canada told me that he met a few girls from a few different countries and then kept up with them over the phone, the internet, etc. I would say for someone who doesn't travel, the best way would be to use social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace, etc., not forgetting about Russian sites similar to those. (Odnoklassniki, Moi mir, Vkontakte etc.) Make a profile, talk to girls, see where it goes.

Comments (5)
thanks a lot, came in handy
15.10.2019 18:28
I find it very useful since it's my main goal now to meet a Russian woman!
15.10.2019 18:29
Thanks for the great article!
15.10.2019 18:31
Steven K
Firstly, it is 100% true that girls in Russia like foreigners))) To be honest, they are even obsessed about them. I can say it after my trip to Moscow I had last year when it was a football world cup. Almost every woman I met with my friends were very cheerful and friendly to us. I wouldn't say they were too flirty but we had so much pleasure to chat with them. Sadly they don't speak English that good as I expected from Moscow and its progressive young girls((( but still, the communication was quite successful. Also, some of them are not so skeptical about feminism these days, but precisely those women we met in the most crowded spots of the city (well, football fans mostly) were very easy to talk to. They were pleased to take compliments and didn’t mind we bought them drinks!)) Anyway, for those 2 weeks we had many different occasions with so many Russian girls and women that it’s really difficult to say something accurate and universal about them, but I know that they are ALWAYS glad to meet guys from other countries, especially from the USA. What I learnt a year ago about Russian women is that they always demand you to be respectful to them. I’ve heard many times that there is a problem in Russia and other countries nearby. Their men can be very disrespectful and violent(( So take my advice and no matter how flirty a woman is, be a gentleman if you want to hook up or find a real girlfriend material. The fact that you came from the US, or Australia, or whatever won’t add you points if you don’t behave like a man. They really love it. Anyway, thanks for the nice article, I should have read it a year ago before I flew to Moscow, but anyway, you can spend a really good time there and find many decent girls))
25.10.2019 13:48
Jospeh Kinsey
It was kinda useful but I have to admit the writing could be better. What really matters here is that I met my current wife through Russian online dating services and I cannot imagine being any happier. She’s, of course, not perfect, and her cultural and ethnic heritage might be both a blissing and a curse. As a British man, I had to adapt to her in some way. True they say that Slavic people are drastically different from other Europeans. It wasn’t all that hard to meet her, they are very eager to answer your messages and often text you first on these sites. We had spent three months texting back and forth daily until I decided it was time for something bigger and more solid. What I imagined our first date to be turned out to be nothing more than an illusion. She spoke little to no English and we had to resort to interpreters and, well, as one may assume, having a third (yet useful) wheel on a date makes it oh so hard to learn each other. But we did have a good time and I realized that building a relationship with such a girl was possible and might even turn out pleasant. What I also didn’t find in the article was that she NEVER abandons her family. She lives for it. And I talk about both her “new” family with her husband and children and other relations like parents and siblings. She’s very reliant on their opinions. Remember it when choosing a Russian girl!
25.10.2019 14:03

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