Sex after 60 for Men: Tips and Advice

It is believed that older people do not need sex. In fact, this is not always the case. For some, the interest in sex after 60 years of age remains rather high. Others, having retired, discover for themselves all the charms of stress-free life. Practice shows (as well as sociological research) it is a topic worthy of close attention. Indeed, sex possesses a huge potential for people of all ages. When we talk about a more mature age, the concept of "potential" is best revealed through the concept of "energy". Many older people lack energy. Most often this is due to two things - poor physical health and depressive mood. If everything is clear with physical health - we have the origin of the problem and the ways to solve it, then with mental health things are a bit more complicated. After all, there can be a lot of reasons for depressed mood in old age.

male sex drive after 60

Bad mood, stress - these things steal energy on a completely unscrupulous scale. And while some seek salvation in drug treatment, psychotherapy, esoterics, alcohol, gambling, others quite intuitively find the most effective and universal remedy - great sex after 60. Sex, which after 60 acquires completely new meanings and qualities. So let’s talk about it a bit more.

How Sex Life Changes After 60

To talk about the frequency of sex after 60, you need to have it. And sometimes it depends not on the age, but on the state of health of the person. That's when the time comes to regret that they neglected the 15-minute exercise, walking in the fresh air and light workout at least 2 times a week. Having become accustomed to bliss and lack of tension, the body cannot withstand sexual exertion. Therefore, a change in the sex after 60 for males directly depends on what kind of life you led before that age. It is difficult to talk about any exact, universal trend. But if now you have caught yourself at the disappointing thought about your own laziness, which you indulged in for dozens of years, you should not despair and stop reading this article. Sports are still available to you - now your workouts will be less intense and you need to make a plan for them, after consulting with a specialist.

And now let's talk about the age-related changes in the male body, which occur regardless of your love for an active and healthy lifestyle. Surely many can notice a change in their behavior. By the way, this change became the starting point for creating many masterpieces of world art, reflecting on the attractiveness of everything young and fresh, which men feel especially strongly in adulthood. From the point of view of biology, there is nothing unusual in this change. Before the onset of menopause in men at the age of 55-60, the sex hormone is produced in an increased amount. Behavior changes, men start to care for younger women, leave the family. From excess hormones often develops prostate adenoma, this affects more than 70% of men after 60 years. Then it all goes away and the man cannot explain the motive of his strange behavior.

After 60 years, when menopause ends, the body already lacks hormones. During this period, the man should not give up intimate life, it just needs to be changed and adapted to the new physiology. Difficulties begin with the realization that the desire remains, and opportunities change. By this time, the production of sex hormones is sharply reduced by almost two times.

In addition to the lack of physical strength for dynamic sex, the sensitivity of the head of the penis is reduced and an erection occurs after preliminary excitation of the penis and testicles. In addition to the loss of sensitivity of the penis, at this age, men with an unpleasant surprise find that they have lost their spontaneous erection, as male sex drive after 60 is reduced. All this is due to a decrease in the level of sex hormone - testosterone.

Excitability decreases, erection, and ejaculation become sluggish, sexual intercourse turns into a protracted process.

sex after 60 for malesAll this is very frustrating for a man, makes him depressed, which further enhances sexual disorders. Men are embarrassed to talk about their sexual problems, and even more so to contact doctors about this. But with the extinction of sexual function, headaches, insomnia begin to torment, irritability appears. All this can be avoided by taking a course of hormone replacement therapy. Of course, in no case assign it yourself. Such changes are a reason for a heart-to-heart talk with a doctor, which will help you choose the optimal problem-solving tactics.

At this stage it is very important to understand that sex after 60 for men is the thing that is worth fighting for.

Frequency of Sex After 60

According to the research of Taiwanese scientists, sex in old age is very useful for men. It allows you to extend life, makes it more fulfilling and happy.

Studies have shown that having sex at least once a week can extend the life of men to 80 years. It is enough to have one act per week in order to increase the probability of living for more than 80 years by 50%. Regular sex reduces the risk of death of a man from a stroke by 50%, by 40% from diabetes and by 30% from a heart attack.

For the male body, such an indicator as the level of testosterone in the blood is very important. The less sex happens, the lower the level of testosterone is. Therefore, the likelihood of death from these diseases increases.

Dr. Huang-Kang Chen from a university in Taiwan claims that if a man is left without a wife at the age of 65, his chances of living to 80 are reduced by 70%.

The study involved 800 men aged 50 to 91 years. Speaking of sex after 60 for females, the frequency of sex and health do not have such an obvious dependence. Sexual life causes hormonal changes in the body, which can be called rather unfavorable, according to German scientists.

Women who have never cohabited with the opposite sex have excellent mental health. Male bachelors are almost always depressed.

In many systems of recovery of the body, an important role is played by regular sex with a congenial partner. No one denies that in youth, are much more hormones responsible for craving and erection in the blood. However, in old age, people are freed from many complexes, they begin to better understand their body and its desires, and therefore sex becomes even more rare but better.

People after 60 may already spend less time thinking of problems: their children have grown up, their careers are no longer in the first place. There is plenty of time to devote it to yourself, your health, longevity and the simplest and most natural pleasures. So, how to have great sex after 60? Just start to study your system and listen to your inner voice. Add regular light workouts and quit bad habits.

There are several rules for extending life, for example: eating breakfast daily, spending time in the fresh air, having a hobby (not watching TV!), eating more vegetables and less fatty foods, and having sex!

As sociological studies say, the average American has sex 58 times a year. This is a little more than once a week. Scientists believe that if this figure were 116 times, then life duration would increase by1.6 years. If you have sex every day, then life expectancy is increased by 12 years, respectively. It is a worthy gift for the pleasure delivered to yourself and your partner!

The effect of compliance with these rules about food, lifestyle, and sex in old age will be noticeable in six months. If you follow all the rules regularly, then a significant rejuvenation can be felt already in 2-3 years, and the whole life is extended by 15-17 years.

From all this, it is easy to conclude: the higher the frequency of sex you have, the better it is. But there is always a nuance - individual indicators of human health, which can impose restrictions on how often you can have sex. Before you begin to follow these guidelines, visit a doctor. You need to have the most detailed picture of health in order for your sex life to be beneficial, not harmful.

Male Sex Drive After 60: Facts and Advice

The first step to the restoration of an active sex life and potency should be a change in diet. In addition to products that charge the body with energy, it is necessary to give preference to what helps cleanse and strengthen the body:

  • having sex after 60Vegetables and fruits, herbs and nuts deliver large quantities of vitamins and minerals;
  • Seafood has always been considered an excellent aphrodisiac;
  • It is necessary to increase the amount of drinking water, green tea, and fresh juices;
  • Reduce the presence of salt in food;
  • Reduce the consumption of fatty and high-calorie meals, eggs, cream, sausages.

Such a change in diet will facilitate the state of the gastrointestinal tract, reduce the burden on the heart, clean the blood vessels, and return the former mobility of the joints. All this will allow a sixty-year-old man to live a regular sex life and to feel vigorous and healthy. Take care of your sex life from an early age.

Regularly having sex all your life, you do not lose interest in it either at 60 or at 80. Sex is considered one of the factors for human longevity.

Moderate and proper exercise also helps maintain health and sexual activity. Human physiology is impossible without movement. No wonder that bedridden patients stop working and the person suffocates. Cleverly selected physical activity should be regular, with control of heartbeat and pressure. It will help maintain optimal weight, reduce sugar and cholesterol in the blood, increase potency.

So how to improve sex after 60? Walking and yoga, swimming and cycling will help revive sexual function.

Aerobic exercises, normalizing blood circulation and saturating the body with oxygen, restore an erection. Exercises for the pelvic muscles help to cope with some chronic diseases of the urogenital area, contribute to the prolongation of sexual life. Active sex life improves metabolism, digestion, blood circulation, psychological health. Moderate sex reduces the likelihood of heart attack, prevents complications, stimulates the immune system.

Do not allow a break in sex for several months. During this time, sexual function can completely fade away. During the week there should be at least one sexual contact.

At this age, the support and understanding of a woman are especially important. Only pre-stimulation of the genitalia allows a man to get excited. In the case of the emergence and development of erectile dysfunction, you need to discuss this with a partner, seek help from a doctor. Bad habits not only shorten life and worsen its quality, but they also have a detrimental effect on sexual activity. Smokers have half the time to have sex. Overweight, stress, alcohol, depression - all this prevents to enjoy life, love, and sex.

Sex Positions After 60

No sex after 60? Maybe you just need the right position! Check our top three sex positions after 60:


Most of us are accustomed to this pose as the ideal posture for sleeping after sex. You hug your partner, he or she nestles against you and you fall asleep in absolute happiness and harmony. But it can also be a great pose for sex! In fact, this is a light version of the doggie style, in which you get the same pleasure but do not feel pressure on the joint.

Lying on Your Backs

Both partners are lying on their backs, as close to each other as they can. Then a female throws her leg over the male’s body, creating an angle which allows her men to enter.

Chair Position

For this pose, you will need a chair. A man sits on a chair, a woman sits on his hips facing him. It is very important that the chair is low enough so that the feet of the woman stand on the floor.

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