The Charm and Charisma of Russian Women

The world has become much smaller in recent years due to social networking, but there are still some basic differences between dating a Russian girl and a western girl. Like the saying goes “Only women understand women and that’s why they hate each other”, Russian women are very difficult to comprehend. Uncompromising in certain aspects, they may leave you in spite of any love, understanding or attachment that you have to them. Anyways, they are beautiful, elegant and simply irresistible, undermining all of their cons!

Very Idealistic!

The most important thing about understanding a Russian girl is that she is a dreamer! Life in Russia is tough and only hopes and dreams help them get through the daily challenges and disappointments they face. Optimistic in their approach towards life, they are also known to be possessive and want dominant partners.

Being a dreamer, though, doesn’t change the fact that the tough Russian atmosphere makes them smart and practical. Small things that are often thought of as too gentlemanly are adored by these women. Holding the door open, holding their hands in public, moving the chair and offering a hand when exiting the car are very important to them.

Equal - To Be Or Not To Be?

Russian women want to be equal to men, but not in everything. They want a fair amount of voice and opinion in a relationship, to feel that they matter. They want the same career opportunities and the same degree of education offered to men but to be treated like ladies at the same time. The thing that is very confusing for western men is that Russian women have come to envy the way their western counterparts are treated and are looking for the same amount of consideration in a relationship.

In exchange for the chivalry offered by most western men, Russian women are more than happy to support, care, love and shower affection. With sex still being considered a spousal duty in a marriage in Russia, if you take care of your woman in your way, she is certainly going to take care of you in her own special ways.

Be A Man, So She Can Act Like A Woman!

Russian women admire men with traditional family values and cultures. Although she might be as educated and modern as any western woman, a Russian woman yearns for a man who act manly so she can act more womanly. Tired of being their own protectors and providers they dream of being able to relax, feel like a woman and are often known to be saying “I want to be a weak woman next to a strong woman.”

Recently, a Russian heiress living in London spoke distastefully about the weakness of men and the shocking drinking habits of western women. Speaking with the Evening Standard, she said Russian women like men who are well mannered and take care of their women instead of demanding half the rent like most western men.

Why Put Up With All This?

Russian women are great mothers and wives, since they’re intensely devoted to the welfare of their family. This is reasonably true and Russian marriage agencies are very proud of this trait and to some extent capitalize on it. By nature, Russian women have loyalty to the family ingrained. If you manage to find a Russian wife, have no fear of loyalty to the family from her side. A Russian wife will do anything to protect and to ensure the well-being of her family.

Considered crazy shopaholics, Russian women love shopping. No matter how much they earn they spend a lot of money on shoes, clothes, bags and of course sexy lingerie! They want to be stylish and are really conscious about the way they look, probably why they’re considered so good looking abroad. Most of them wouldn’t want to buy a bigger t-shirt if they put on some extra weight, instead they’ll hit the gym or go one some special diet to get back in a good shape.

Foreigners coming to Russia complain that Russian girls are always dressed like they are going to a party. That is only because they try to be more chic and elegant. While other several other people are reported to have said, “Russian girls dress not for men but for other women”. That could be somewhat true as women in Russia pay a lot of attention to the way they look in public and probably even more attention to the way other women look. It is considered as a compliment if a woman asks another random woman what perfume she’s wearing.

Russian women are also very talkative and love socializing. Spending hours on the phone and surprisingly also in the hairdressing saloon. There are numerous jokes about the hairdresser also being the psychologist since she knows so much about her clients. Russian women are considered good wives and even better mothers. Most of them can cook delicious food and keep their houses neat, clean and tidy. One of the most important traits Russian women are admired for is that they are very strong in dangerous situations. 

Russian women are considered unique because they have adopted some qualities from the Asian women while some form the Europeans. Although, they have been more inclined towards the Europeans lately, most Russian women are still the same with the same cultural values.

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