Unvarnished truths: navigating the tough terrain of long-distance love

Table of contents:

  1. Number one fact: eye contact matters more than ever
  2. Fact number two: virtual intimacy hardly displaces physical, but you have no choice
  3. Fact number three: nervous breakdown risk
  4. Does a long-distance relationship work for all?
  5. How could a remote relationship work?
  6. How to prove her invaluable status from a distance?
  7. Conclusion: why more than half of long-distance relationships make it

In the post-Covid epoch, when remote interaction has become a new normality for the world, distant relationships do not look so dramatic anymore. Times have changed irrevocably, and what seemed impossible yesterday is now fine. Trying not to lose ties with someone miles away, especially with a beloved one, could be a challenge and an excellent experience for you. It is frustrating, especially for a lady, to resemble solitude in committed relationships, but life is unfair sometimes.

3 harsh facts about long-distance relationships

Surprisingly, almost 60% of long-distance relationships survive, according to recent polls, and numbers are stubborn things. More than half of those interviewed with such an experience admit that the odds of making it through the remote phase are even. Less than half met online, with almost 30% confessing to residing in totally different areas before they coupled. The same survey yields eight months as a critical phase, since which distant relationships become much more feasible.

According to the research, one in fifteen married couples in the U.S. do not regularly see each other. Due to many reasons, almost 10% of couples continue to practice a guest marriage, which is nothing but a long-distance relationship. Approximately 75% of all couples have once experienced intentional or unintentional separation. In the 21st century, with the world in your palm, you will not surprise your better half with a ridiculous reason to disappear for a month or two.

While you can enjoy your time alone, the significant distance devastates relationships, leaving your woman on the edge of obscurity. You do not have to think that you must quit any time her compulsive jealousy or obsession with loneliness overweight your intention for return, but if you love her — you better come back asap. In this article, you will pick up some cases — real-world scenarios of relationship outcomes, good and bad — and how you can deal with them.

Number one fact: eye contact matters more than ever

Confess: she has never trusted you more than a reserved note has ever trusted in God, never leaving her trust out of sight. Her “healthy” jealousy that usually grows suspicion with you around will, no doubt, snowball into more intense sentiments and form a new behavioral pattern. Do not be so sure you want to mess up with it any time soon, as she becomes smitten with your potential betrayal.

3 harsh facts about long-distance relationships - image 2No matter whether she might start checking up on your geolocation, timings in messengers, and so on, a mild form of jealousy is absolutely standard. It is a good sign of a woman remaining in love with you, the most prominent gentleman on Earth, and the importance of your commitment. Your overreaction will humiliate her feelings, leaving you one step before becoming a Sunday father.

Successful long-distance relationships predispose frequent face-to-face online contact. The latest study demonstrates the interdependence of frequency of eye contact with a soon break up. 30% of couples survived remote relationships with a single contact within a week, whereas 67% of distant marriages reported frequent face-to-face contact within one or two days.

In some cases, couples did not literally see each other for months and years, during which their jealousy was overwhelmed by the weight of time itself, but far not like with those meeting online regularly. This is the most crucial factor that keeps relationships afloat. If you do not practice checking up on her, not when you want it but when she needs it — your chances as a couple go to zero. 

Fact number two: virtual intimacy hardly displaces physical, but you have no choice

You get aroused watching her posing nude in front of the webcam, and at best, you would trade your soul to be with her at the moment. But you are too far away, and the warmth of her tender touch is impossible without you there. The closeness within your imagination is supplemented well by the screen image, but it is still an imitation of her, your brain-sucking and vicious goddess.

Is it holding hands that you like the most in relationships? Nope, you probably like sex with your woman more, some devilish intoxication of her scent and flavor. This is what you miss, what you whinge for every single day of yours, without the softness of her body and strength of her wit.

You do not have to read one's mind to realize the lack of physical intimacy has a tremendous negative impact on relationships. The closeness brings a more evident marital satisfaction for both a male and a female in their everyday routine, which comprises emotional, mental, and physical stability. The webcam intercourse cannot substitute physical contact, but with all your gratitude to internet inventors, you have no other reality other than virtual to spend the night with her. 

Any possible interactivity tool allows you to see her face and body online within your first peculiar, later more common, and highly predictable video stream. She, of course, likes you watching her playing with her body, but she would likely feel your touch instead of her own. The course of true love never runs smooth, and her absence is like the dark cloud spreading over the sky, and only your laptop shrinks this darkness.

Fact number three: nervous breakdown risk

The situation is stressful for both of you, and the more you are emotionally attached, the higher the risk of such decomposition of senses. A long time apart is more detrimental to a woman’s psyche; it threatens to destroy her naturally fragile grip on reality. The prolonged solitary being will make her temporarily unavailable to conform to everyday life.

What is worse, the breakdown is guaranteed if your separation was upon someone else's good or bad will, totally unexpected, with some hostile consequences for you. It would be physically and emotionally staggering for her, something she might not pass over. She would have to face reality, but the question is in her mental condition.

If extreme scenarios are dismissed, male or female distrust caused by the absence of one of the actors often, if not always, leads to a prolonged depression which could cause a breakdown followed by a forced breakup. It is not the best outcome, and as a man, you have to take care of it to prevent it at an early stage. You will save your love if you hear her cry before it echoes the diaphragm; if not — you simply do not know her and cannot guess her moves yet.

Sometimes, a breakup precedes a nervous breakdown. Then, your master plan should include a backup plan: a plane (train, balloon) ticket or a shrink. Each of your choices is better than nothing.

Does a long-distance relationship work for all?

The abovementioned outcomes of remote romance will not disprove its medieval magnetism, when a prince charming had nothing to do but write a poem and deliver it personally to the tower guarded by a dragon. Your princess sits in the tower with a high-speed broadband connection, so you do not have to climb up a rope to deliver it personally, risking falling into a ditch in heavy armor.

Even though it works for 60%, individuals of both sexes tend to repudiate the magnificence of remote relationships at all costs. These are timid, tender souls, too thin to store negative emotions yet unable to absorb the air alone, like lovebirds. If they were to pick either seeing each other online for a year and then meeting in real life and never part till the last breath or spending the moment together now and fading away — they would choose second.

How could a remote relationship work?

If your love tank is half full, not half empty, you will finish up renewed, with an enormous love capacity and higher sex durability score. However, it could be half full under a single circumstance: you love each other. "Why only half?" sounds more rhetorical than the ancient chronology issue that still troubles both hen and chicken.

3 harsh facts about long-distance relationships - image 3The second requirement is to trust one another because how else could you two negotiate the invisible boundaries to defend the purity and dignity of your commitment without this word in the lexicon? Love is impossible without trust, and the opposite is true, too. Therefore, any relationship will succeed if you keep the fire of love and polish the granite of faith, irrespective of mileage.

The following are the ground rules for maintaining relationships miles away from each other:


Desirable, consistent online communication with the one you want to see every day and the day ahead secure your future together. With the current superabundance of different tools for communication, it would be ridiculous to keep silent unless with purpose. Hence, if none of you intends to streamline your contacts through video calls, it is a red flag.

However, it does not guarantee healthy communication: correspondence relationships perform the same as full-time daily chores but only if two people are genuinely interested in continuing without physical presence. Regular online contact allows you to stave off losing touch with each other, secure emotional connections, and keep the bond tight. In addition, it ensures effective mobility control and contact with other people.  


Your girlfriend wants to know everything that is happening in your life. Watching each other from a distance sharpens her view inside of you and your private space and makes your vision clear about the future together. Your mutually transparent mindsets guarantee the coherence of expectations and needs, helping you go through the deprivation without loss.

If you accept it as your primary responsibility, the risky emotional swings will be eliminated, promises kept, and rules obeyed. Your reckless and uncertain position, like skipping precisely coordinated time frames of your live online date, will ruin the plot initially.


You must reach one another anywhere you stay or go, especially in an emergency, which is always the case for the more subtle of you. You should not pretend to be as busy at work as you were in the previous relationship. It is obnoxious when you can see each other only through the cam.

If anything out of your competence happens, considerable distance usually exaggerates the problem and impedes your ability to find the right solution fast. What is more extravagant is that you cannot split it up and must perform as a solid team. An online relationship works out perfectly if you two completely comprehend the idea and consequences, which could be grim.

How to prove her invaluable status from a distance?

You both know she is one of a kind, but any flower fades away without a care and decent contribution to sustain its growth. Your choices are constrained, but, mature enough, you know how to express your affection from a distance. If you do not, you either do not know your lady well enough to marry her or know too well to divorce her. If first, you have plenty of time to learn about her — anything she indulges herself to share, second — nobody knows better than you what to conduct.

If none of you feels encouraged to spend a decent portion of time separately, you should elaborate on a brand new blueprint for your swift reunion. It is a dilemma, and if you cannot meet up soon enough, you should keep in mind that your relationship is incomplete without physical presence. Also, some great expectations to meet a new, better person other than the old defective one to begin a new page of your journey might lead to an epic fail.  

Conclusion: why more than half of long-distance relationships make it

Long-distance relationships fail for many reasons, among which the lack of physical intimacy is paramount. But for some couples, their spiritual essence, accompanied by the high intellectual potency that helps them understand the senselessness of body juggling, compels them to work on tightening the tight bond.

However, if you met online and continued to see each other solely online, but eventually, your feeling has not grown into something more serious — you may find out you are not a match online as well.
Here are some adverse outcomes:

  • Emotional devastation due to a lack of closeness.
  • Lack of positive momentums that only physical interaction could give.
  • You realize that you move in different ways. 
  • Your love gets exhausted from you being apart. 

But there are also positive impacts:

  • Your physical separation gives you a chance for a spiritual reunion.
  • Autonomous existence contributes to feeling rejuvenation. 
  • Your appreciation of one another and your commitment increase.

Long-distance relationships are emotionally challenging, but you deserve your peaceful harbor if you have gone together through the stormy time apart.

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