How to apologize to your girlfriend and when it is necessary

Table of contents:

  1. Five ways to repent to the girl if you are wrong
  2. One way to apologize to your girlfriend if she is wrong
  3. Mistakes that are not allowed during the admission of guilt
  4. You don't need to say words of remorse in these cases
  5. A few last tips

People make mistakes in the love union and hurt each other. Therefore, asking for an apology is necessary. But some people can't do it. Banal "sorry" does not have the desired effect. On the contrary, it causes irritation and distrust in the sincerity of the one who apologizes. Today, we'll talk about situations when a guilty man needs to apologize to his girlfriend. How to do it correctly? And do you always need words of remorse?

how to apologize to your girlfriend and win her back

Five ways to repent to the girl if you are wrong

Before thinking about the ways of expressing your sorry, you need to find out what exactly you are guilty of. Sometimes a man doesn't know what actions or words offended his lady. He was late, forgot some memorable date, or bought something for the house without the advice of his beloved? The apology can be purely symbolic in words. However, if the offense is more serious, you will have to persistently redeem the guilt for a long time. Suspicion of adultery, a significant loss at the casino, cheating on some fundamental issue, or something similar requires particular action.

The first tip is to wait for your emotions to calm down. If your lady is on edge, swearing, or crying, she may not hear you and your words. So, take a pause and then start to act.

A trusting intimate conversation is the best option. Sit down next to the girl or across from her. Take her hand in your hands. Look intently into her eyes. And tell her how sorry you are. You can support your words with a small gift or an excellent sign of attention. You can also invite the girl to a restaurant and talk about your offense in a quiet, calm atmosphere.

If an evil deed is committed, a massive bouquet, jewelry, soft toys, and sweets are given. But the desire to turn back time and fix everything is more potent. In some cases, gifts can be more expensive.

Some men offer to help around the house as atonement for their guilt. For example, someone walks the dog, buys groceries, and does household chores they have yet to do before. Also, it can help if the wife hates household chores.

Original ways include writing particular words in giant letters right before her windows. Or order a message on a billboard on the way to work or somewhere where she will notice it.

There is an option to make amends in bed, namely, to give your partner an incredible night of love. It is also a working method. However, a heart-to-heart talk is in the first place. It will show her that you are remorseful and intend never to do that again.

One of these options will work. Which one? You decide because only you know your girlfriend's reaction to your remorse. So, choose and act.

One way to apologize to your girlfriend if she is wrong

The French have a famous expression: "If a woman is wrong, just ask her for forgiveness." Yes, these situations happen too. Your beloved said something that hurt you, but she cannot admit her guilt. She was brought up that way and is too proud and embarrassed to admit her wrongdoing. As a result, the problem still needs to be solved, and the relationship is strained.

step-by-step guide on how to apologize to your girlfriend

In this situation, someone has to be more intelligent or more flexible. Why do not you play the role of a hero and a real man who eliminates conflicts? Just hug her gently and whisper the words of support. A universal phrase also saves any situation: "Honey, we've been distant from each other lately. If I was wrong and did something wrong, forgive me. You are the best woman I've ever known. And I want you to feel joy and happiness by my side!" After such words, there is a 99.9% probability that the girl will instantly forget all the offenses. And your partner will find a way to thank you for this attitude.

Mistakes that are not allowed during the admission of guilt

If you admit your guilt incorrectly, the effect will be the opposite. Keep this in mind in order not to make mistakes.

It would be best if you did not have such a meaningful conversation by text message or correspondence. Voice mail is also not the best option if you are nearby and not on a business trip abroad. Then, the girl can ignore you. It would help if you did not repent in the presence of third parties. Please don't do it publicly; everything distracts from a confidential conversation. The girl will not hear you, and the attempt will probably fail.

Repenting through manipulation is also a bad idea. The scheme: the forgiveness in return for something works poorly. It will be insincere, and your partner may experience unpleasant feelings. Don't set conditions; speak sincerely, from the heart.

Speaking words of remorse, you should watch your intonation. The tone should be appropriate, reserved, and not loud. No imperative, commanding, or even admonishing. You are to blame, not the girl, and you should not forget it.

Another mistake will be to pass words of remorse through someone. It's wrong to ask a mutual friend, mother, brother, or sister to share your comments. Or to "put in a good word for you." It will show you as a cowardly, weak-willed person. And the girl will probably not be satisfied.

It is also wrong for a man to behave when he has not been forgiven, to take offense, and to stop communicating with the girl. It is common for a weak-willed, cowardly man to blame someone else. Do not let this happen if you love and appreciate your woman.

You don't need to say words of remorse in these cases

We often get into situations when we need to speak words of remorse. But sometimes, there is nothing to be remorseful about. In such cases, you should not ask for an apology. It's enough to smile and stay with your opinion.

regaining her trust how to apologize to your girlfriend

When you tell the truth in response to her question, the dress makes her look fat, the swimsuit is too revealing, or the color of her hair doesn't suit her, and you say it. She may be upset and offended. It's her right, and you shouldn't care.

You shouldn't say "I'm sorry" for your opinion, principles, or position in life. That's your bottom line. But, even if the beloved has a different idea, that is her right. And here, we need to agree. Only by respecting each other's views can you build an alliance of equal partners.

For your refusal to do anything, this is your position. You decided so, and that's final. Explain why "no" was said, and the girls will understand. 

For what someone else wants from you. Other people's expectations are also not on the list of things that require words of remorse. For example, your partner expects you to live a healthy lifestyle, jog in the morning, and do grueling workouts at the gym. And you are a programmer who writes code for ten hours a day and hates fitness clubs. It turns out it's not about you; there's nothing to blame yourself for.

For the blunders of others. "I'm sorry, what is this?" - you may ask when you have the wrong pizza delivered or a suit two sizes too small. However, a better way to put it is, "What is that? That's not my order. Bring me mine!".

For not knowing something. You may not know some things, but it's normal. You can always catch up on some gaps in different matters if necessary.

For misdemeanors that you are accused of, but they didn't happen. It often happens, too. But it would help if you stood up for what is right. Let those who accuse you feel guilty.

For your feelings, desires, and emotions. This aspect concerns only you, so it is not subject to discussion or justification. You wanted to, and you went on vacation. You wanted to shed a tear over a touching old movie, and you did. You tried to give half of your savings to charity or a fund for homeless cats, and you did it.

Also, never say "I'm sorry" for the nefarious acts of others. Even if they are people close to you, it is their fault and their words. It is not matter who does what. It's their life and responsibility.

A few last tips

Admitting your mistakes and misdeeds and repenting is one of the excellent skills. It helps a lot in a relationship. It helps to prove to your loved one that you value her and treasure your union. You need to repent and constantly analyze your misdeeds so that you don't let them happen the next time. During communication, you will understand what pleases your beloved and what - brings her to tears. You will realize what things she can understand and forgive and what - categorically will not accept. You will learn what is acceptable in your couple and what is better to give up. This ongoing relationship development process is beneficial and exciting. It gives excellent life experience.

Give your beloved more joy, make her happy, and talk about your feelings more often. Be loyal and sincere, honest and open. Please don't bring her to tears of pain and despair. Instead, do things you can be proud of and not for which you are ashamed and need to say "sorry. Then your tandem will be solid and long-lasting, and your communication with your partner will be soulful and harmonious!

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