Best Yoga Dating Sites for Mindful People

Relations between men and women can be long and happy if people work on themselves and both of them move along the path to self-improvement. Every person wants to love and be loved. This is a natural need. But to find out what love is, one often has to go a long way. And this path can become a path of spiritual search. For many people who try yoga dating, this is not the subject of another photoshoot on Instagram, not a separate sport. Yoga is a way of life, something that improves its quality on all levels. It helps build good relationships.

yoga dating sites

Mindful dating - what is it?

When we are talking about spiritual dating, mindfulness is a conscious and active approach to dating. This means that you understand what you need from dating. This applies to setting limits and other nuances. It is also about sending positive vibrations, which, as you hope, will be mutual.

Many people are opposed to close date. They just use dating apps and scroll many photos thoughtlessly. They complain that they can’t meet single females, but they ignore the good opportunities for this or go on dates without the desire to get to know each other in real life. We live in an era of personal development and many of us have already realized that old family models don’t work and lead to numerous divorces and quarrels. It is not enough to get to know a nice person and start a close relationship with him or her. Many people want to find a person with whom they can feel harmony, intimacy, understanding and develop personally together. This is exactly what mindful dating is about.

Rules of spiritual dating

Are you looking for a person who shares your hobbies and interests, for example, meditation, yoga and a healthy lifestyle? But for some reason, your relationship doesn’t look like that. Here are some tips for meeting someone who understands you and who you really feel comfortable with:

dating a yoga girl1. Define-what you want

The simplest but most important rule in yoga dating is to know who exactly you want to meet and what qualities in a person are important to you. You also need to understand why you need a relationship. Have you just experienced a breakup and need to raise your self-esteem? Understand that this is not fair to the other person. It will not benefit you too. To build a harmonious relationship with another person, you need, first of all, to build a relationship with yourself.

2. Attend places with like-minded people

Once you decide what kind of person you would like to meet, you also need to understand where you can meet such a person. It is unlikely that you meet a person who is interested in yoga and meditation in a bar or a nightclub. So, attend themed events or clearly identify your interests on social networks.

3. Ask great questions

It may sound funny but the choice of a partner should be approached as an interview. Determine the main requirements for the candidate and ask important questions at the meeting – what a woman is interested in, what relationships mean for her, and in what direction she wants to move on. Of course, everything should be in a more relaxed and easy format.

4. Plunge into your body

When you meet in real life, try to really immerse yourself in your body and see what is there for you and what is happening. On a date, it is important to listen to both your feelings and physical sensations – what you feel at the meeting (interest, boredom, discomfort). Do you feel free in the presence of a person, do you want to be closer or stay at a distance? Listen to your body and it will help you understand whether you are on the right way.

5. Waves of positive

Maybe it seems strange but when you are dating a yoga girl, it is important to keep a good atmosphere on a date. Even if you have a bad experience in dating, you have to learn how to turn your negative thinking into the good one (otherwise, it will affect badly your date). Instead, try to be kind, open, and smiling – you should be kind and hope that the person you meet can become that special one in your life. You should look for good moments in your date.

Yoga dating sites

For many busy citizens, dating sites are the only way to expand their social circle and meet interesting people, and possibly their love. There are many yoga dating sites. We will consider the best of them.


There are sites for dating, flirting and socializing, creating serious relationships, and there are dating sites based on interests. Meetmindful is the first yoga dating website in the world for those who practice Yoga, Tantra, are interested in Vedic and Tantric knowledge. This site was created not only for dating but also for communication, exchanging of experience and solving emerging problems in the field of relations. It is free, but you can get a premium account for the higher opportunity to find a person with similar interests, thinking, and lifestyle. The creators of the project hope that the site will contribute not only to virtual communication but also real acquaintances in life, the creation of new relationships, and help you meet your soulmate.

yoga dating sitesFitness-singles

After filling out a profile on the site for free and without registration, you will be able to find like-minded people, really passionate personalities, as well as very interesting yoga singles and learn a lot. Yoga fans will be able to learn something entertaining about a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, chat about different things, find a devoted and faithful friend, start a romantic relationship, and even create a strong family based on common hobbies and principles in life. Many women and men, register on the site every day, chat, meet in real life, and spend time cheerfully and usefully. Many have already found their significant others and live happily!


Welcome to the dating site for yoga fans and those who want to create a family or search for like-minded people! If you want to create a strong healthy family union based on moral values, live happily ever after, then this site is for you. It values relationships based on the purity of intent and trust. The site helps people leading a comprehensively healthy lifestyle to find each other. On the site, you can find friends or meet a future spouse! That is why it is worth filling out a profile as soon as possible, which can help you find a person who shares the same aspects of life. Complete your profile and start looking for a person with a rich spiritual world and likes yoga. Such a person will certainly appear in your life soon!

The Spiritual Awakening

On numerous spiritual dating sites, it’s quite difficult to find a person who gravitates towards the development of the soul. Therefore, this dating site was launched, which allows you to find friends, like-minded people, and your soulmate. After all, developing together is much more interesting, joyful and faster. A family, based on spiritual values and spiritual closeness of spouses is the key to happy family life, filled with love and harmony. And children born and brought up in such a family will grow up in joy and happiness. Developers tried to create a place where people who are pure in heart, with high moral ideals can meet. On the dating site, you will not find parameters of height, weight, and social status, as well as photos in a bikini but you will meet many open and sincere people.


Those who are seriously interested in self-development know how important it is to have a person nearby who supports this aspiration. But how to find a reliable life partner who can support you in your aspirations? The yoga dating site is great for this purpose. Don’t waste your time and fill out a profile and attach some of the best photos to begin the spiritual contact with people with the rich spiritual inner world. The sophisticated search engine simplifies the search results and helps you find the best match. SpiritualLoveMatch will provide you with love and happiness. So, use the site for free and enjoy it.

So, mindfulness dating means an opportunity to learn and grow being in relationships. Try such a dating trip. Keep your pleasant feelings through the ups and downs of dating, using your mindfulness. Getting close to dates like this will help you stay calm and open to your future partner.

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My girlfriend has been doing yoga for 2 years. At first, I was shy about practicing yoga with her. But then, I tried and I really liked it!
21.08.2020 11:20

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