Dating Tips: When to Give Up on a Girl

Hello, my dear friend! If a girl shows the guy in every possible and even impossible way that she doesn’t like him, and the guy doesn’t see this, it looks pathetic. I don't want you to suffer, so read carefully. When you meet a single girl online, at the beginning of your relationships, everything will be perfect. But then, due to hundreds of different processes that happen between two people in a couple, some problems may occur. Thus, you must know when to give up on a girl, but how can you possibly know this if you have never tried to date women online, right? Go ahead, try your luck there and find someone who will be truly happy to receive your attention and love.

But if you are already in relationships and feel that something is wrong, then keep reading this article. We are going to help you understand if you really have problems in relationships, and if your problems are real, then we will help you deal with them. Stay tuned to learn more.

why does a guy doesn't give up on a girl

When You Should Stop Perusing a Girl?

The secret of happiness is that you need to invest in someone who deserves it. And don’t waste time on someone who is not worth it. Without mutual love, you will never be able to be happy with a girl. Some girls like to play roles: today she behaves as if everything is normal, and tomorrow she behaves flirty with your friends. How can you be happy with someone like that? You just can’t, but this is the best way how to know when to give up on a girl. Remember, your mental health is the most important part of your life, and it is very easy to damage it. For example, when you fall in love with someone who doesn’t really care about you. Mental suffering is the worst tortures a man can suffer from. Keep reading this article to get the answer to, "When should you give up on a girl?"

She avoids you

When you mutually in love with a girl, she will do everything possible to spend as much time with you as she can. Besides, couples in love even if they can’t meet with each other, tend to communicate via phone. If you are the one who always starts your conversation, while she answers with short phrases, or single words, such as: OK, fine, nice, etc. And she constantly changes her plans before meeting you, and she does this more than two times in a single day, then you should run away from this girl. She maintains communication with you only because she needs you for something. For example, for your car, or a discount in local Hokan bar. She doesn’t want to be with you, but she doesn't mind using you. Runaway from this girl, she will give only pain and disappointment.

She always tells you about other guys

If a girl is in love with you, then you will be the only guy for her, she simply won’t need anyone else except for you. In the case of real love, this problem will never appear, so if this happened in your “relationships,” then you unmistakably know when to give up on a girl. Because usually boys who got into a friendzone are forced to listen about other guys from their beloved girls. She may be compering other boys, maybe complaining about them or telling you how she would like to be with one of them because, “He is so cool, strong and handsome.” I can’t imagine something more humiliating than listening from someone you love how she would like to spend time with other men. This happens because in the eyes of a girl who lets herself speak with you about other guys, you are no man at all.

She's angry at you

This happens very often, and guys have no idea what is going on. Yes, this is not the clearest sign when to give up chasing a girl, but still, it is very informative. For example, you fall in love with a girl. This means that you want to spend a lot of time with her. So, you begin texting, calling, and even chasing her. You invite her to various restaurants and try to have endless conversations with her, and then, at one terrible moment you receive a message from her in which she brutally tells you not to text her anymore. Eventually, you end up in a very bad mood because you have no idea what has happened. when to give up chasing a girlBut the answer is simple. All this time she was suffering from you, but couldn’t tell you to go away. For some girls, it is usually hard to tell someone to leave them, so they try to transmit this information with small hints. But you fail to render those hints, so she gets angry on you, and at some moment, she eventually overflows with anger and spills it on you.

Major Signs She Is Giving up on You

Now, when you know how a girl will behave if she doesn’t like to have any relationships with you, we are going to share some information when to give up on a girlfriend whom you have been dating for some time. If a girl has decided that this relationship has been exhausting for her but does not tell you about it because of fear or for another reason, she will show imperceptible signs of disinterest. The perfect moment for you to be wary and understand what is happening, and that it is time to give up on a girl.

Female patience and love sometimes tend to end, and then the usual “I adore you” is replaced by “Goodbye, dear.” The reason for such a sharp change in mood is not always associated with some other man who has appeared in her life. Sometimes it is a variety of factors that can make your girlfriend take radical steps towards the end of your relationships. The sad experience of many people says that this is a very unpleasant moment in life. But these 5 signs will help you not only prepare mentally but also rethink relationships before it is too late. We sincerely hope that such problems will not be encountered at all in your life's journey!

1. You are the last to hear the news

It's funny, but the words from Enrique Iglesias’s song very clearly describe this symptom, “Do you know how it feels to be the last one to find out about a changed door lock?” And you are at risk of knowing how it feels when your beloved girlfriend stops sharing any good news with you. You will see if this ever happens in your life because all the good news will be transferred to you in the last turn as if those things don’t mean anything at all. This happens because her list of priority people has changed. Now you are in the last place. There is practically nothing you can do about it because there may be a whole complex of reasons why she does that. The best way is to end your relationships and move forward.

2. Flirting and sexual hints are ignored

How to understand that she ignores your sexual hints? For example, she comes out of the shower, and you reward her with an admiring look or make some hints about her magnificent appearance. But all you get in return is cold silence and ignorance. Or another example, you write her an SMS about how much you miss her and look forward to seeing her tonight. But you are very surprised by her meaningful “haha” in response. Such an attitude can mean a lot. She may be just having a bad week, and you haven’t paid too much attention to her. Let's be honest! All that holds her is her sexual motives or self-satisfaction with your admiration. Don’t fool yourself because she will leave soon.

3. She has changed

Remember how she despised the sales and said that she would never go to a large shopping center exclusively for vegetables? And now, everything has suddenly changed! She calls a friend and goes there for the whole day. This is exactly the case when a girl tries to communicate less with you. In other words, she will do everything that she didn’t do before. And she goes somewhere, invoking urgent matters or a new hobby. Habits can change for other reasons, but when a person changes on their own, then it's time to sound the alarm. Maybe recently she was used to having fun and waited for evening walks together or was used to meeting her best friend and talking about all sorts of things. But now her mood has worsened sharply. Especially when you are near. No doubts that at these moments, she thinks of something serious, and this is a clear sign of silence before the storm.

4. She doesn’t go to sleep with you at the same time

This is not the most common problem, but it is a clear sign of pressing problems in a relationship. A girl may not go to bed with you at the same time to avoid awkward conversations or intimacy. Or maybe both. For example, you can go to bed early, and she will be delayed as long as possible. Or the girl, referring to the important planned things, will leave to rest before you. It is a rare but effective way to ignore a partner in a relationship. Add here if she watches favorite TV shows alone. For example, the new week is accompanied by the next series of your favorite series. But this time, she watches new episodes without you. What could be worse than that? But seriously, this is a clear sign that the girl is not worried about joint activities. Even such an insignificant, at first glance, refusal to watch a series or a movie is already clearly hinting at problems. Fans of such television shows will realize how insulting it is.

5. Ignores your family

A wife or girl may begin to act as if seeing your parents for the first time. She will be shy, embarrassed, or even try to leave. Moreover, it will be more convenient for her to ignore your family members exactly like she wants to ignore you. This kind of behavior towards your loved ones is projected out of dislike for you. She may truly respect or even be afraid of your parents, so she feels guilty about her behavior towards you. In the worst case, she will project her hatred for you on them. Keep this sign in mind and prepare yourself for an unpleasant turn of events. This is a clear sign that you should leave her. I don’t understand why a guy doesn't give up on a girl if she behaves with his parents like that.

How to Move on?

Now, after reading those signs, we hope that you won’t ask again, “Should I give up on a girl?” Indeed, this is a very hard decision, but, if you see that more than three of our signs matched with her behavior, then you know that is a time to give up on her. You may try talking with her about those matters. But don’t expect too much from your conversation because chances are high that she will leave you anyway. In any case, the best way to give up on a girl is to do it through an open conversation. Thus, you won’t insult each other, of course, your calm conversation may turn into an argument, but at leases, you have tried to resolve your problem calmly.

what happens if i dont give up on a girlMany men all around the world want to test their luck and want to find out “what happens if I don’t give up on a girl.” The answer to this question is a pain. No matter how hard they will try to maintain relationships with a girl who wants to leave them, they will still fail. You can fix something that was completely broken. All you can do is to extend the period during which nobody will notice that relationships are broken, but the longer it takes to put an end to dead relationships, the stronger your pain will be.

But still, even if you have this “tough” conversation with your girlfriend exactly after reading this article, you will still suffer from terrible pain during your breakup. We are going to provide you with small advice on how to move on after the breakup.

Enjoy the solitude

You may not believe it right now, but some people truly enjoy their solitude. And there is absolutely nothing bad in it. If you can’t spend time alone and be happy, then you have some mental problems. Of course, it is not going to be easy to find happiness in solitude, especially if you have just suffered a breakup. But the ability to spend a couple of evenings alone without suffering is crucial in finding a new girlfriend and establishing a long-lasting relationship. Because only through happiness in solitude you will learn to be happy in the company of people.

Live for yourself

This may sound rather selfish, especially if you have been in relationships for a very long time, but you need to learn to live for yourself and understand that there is nothing bad in it. Maybe you have been dreaming about something for a very long time. Now, this is the best time for you to finally get what you want. Remember, you can’t stop in your life. Every day millions of people face breakups and problems in relationships, and they successfully deal with those things when they decide to live a couple of months for themselves.

Focus on fundamental things

Pay attention to the most important things in any human life. For example, you were used to dreaming about creating a family and raising kids with your ex-girlfriend, and now it seems impossible. Of course, it is impossible, but only with her! Your breakup doesn’t mean that you should give up on your dream about having a family, just think about ways how you can get what you want. It is easier to know what to do if you create a list of goals. Thus you will know what to do to achieve what you want.

Get your body in shape

First of all, take care of your health. Both mental and physical. After breakups, many people tend to forget about those fundamental things, and this leads to very serious problems and consequences. It is perfect if you start working on improving your physical and health conditions. Thus you will become more attractive to girls. Remember, you simply can’t allow yourself to forget about your body. Your body is what represents you in this world. Plus, according to statistics, many people meet new lovers in gyms. Physical exercises create sexual and romantic tension, and you can use this to your advantage.

Make new friends

When you spend a lot of time in relationships, you start having common friends with your girlfriend. This happens because your interests change in a couple, and you may lose your interest in your old friends. But now, when you are alone again, you need to have a new friend too. Try to repair your ties with old friends, maybe you still have something in common. If not, then you need to make new friends. It is not that hard, don’t worry, all you need to do is to start visiting some hobby clubs.

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My girlfriend has changed recently. She began to be standoffish with me, and we spend less time together. Moreover, she flirts with other guys. I think it’s time to give up on her.
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