Senior Dating: Dating a Girl Older than You, Useful Tips

Senior Dating: Dating a Girl Older than You, Useful Tips

It has already been noted that the average age of the most popular women among readers of men's magazines ranges from 25 to 30 years. How to explain this rather unexpected pattern?

find older women to date

For a long time, popular culture told us that an ideal woman should be like a gymnastics champion: a beauty queen and a model all in one. It is not surprising that it was believed that men dream of meeting ladies like that. Fortunately enough, finding older women that want to date is quite easy right now. However, to find older women to date is not the topic of our article right now. We are going to talk about the reasons why men date older women.

Reasons Why Men Are Attracted to Older Women

Men are not interested in the eighteen-year-old divas who captured the imagination of film producers, but adult prudent ladies who have some life experience and can maintain a conversation on an interesting topic. It is only natural to ask the following question, "How exactly did adult women manage to conquer men's hearts over young pretty girls?" This happens for the following reasons.

Such women know exactly what they want

By clearly seeing the prospects for a relationship, adult ladies may directly require more attention to them if they feel the need for it. And vice versa, having felt the cooling of feelings, they will not “drink male blood” with coquetry but will find a way to end a relationship that has reached an impasse. This is the main reason why so many men want to find adult girls looking for dates so much, young girls are not capable of assessing their desires and needs.

They can speak and listen

Why men date older women? Education and life experience make adult ladies pleasant interlocutors, which cannot be said of the young girls who can talk for hours about their plans to buy new shoes and, at the same time, not allow a man to insert a word about themselves.

They are financially independent

Why do men date older women? The presence of a woman's own source of income significantly increases her attractiveness, as it saves the man from the need to spend days thinking where to get money to satisfy the next whim of his partner.

Adult women do not depend on anyone and value this

They do not require constant attention and do not arrange tantrums for any trifling reasons. Having time to study the masculine way of thinking, such ladies know for sure that their chosen one highly values personal freedom and prefers to communicate not with just a “doll” that needs continuous care, but an independent lady who will always find something to do in solitude.

They know how to appreciate men's attention

Adult women don't perceive the partner as a "piece of furniture," so they don't respond to his courtship with cold-blooded indifference, but with gratitude.

They have experience in sexual relationships

This increases their importance in the eyes of men, who usually avoid communication with young ladies and prefer to meet ladies with a rich sexual imagination.

They know the value of free time and do not waste it

An adult lady has a balanced psyche, and therefore, in a restaurant or at a concert, she does not go too far with alcohol and does not throw a tantrum for any weird and unpredictable reason.

They are less vulnerable and sensitivewhen a older woman dating a younger man

By cold-bloodedly perceiving all sorts of men's weaknesses, such as being late for a date or having interest in a pretty girl who was passing by, an adult lady will not make scandals or be jealous every single day.

They do not need to coordinate every step with their peers

Why do younger men like dating older women? Men who date older women like their independence from their peers. Unlike young rivals, adult women can solve all issues themselves and therefore, they will not hang on the phone for hours asking their friends whether or not they should go on a date with any given guy. An adult lady knows what and who she needs in life.

They have no high expectations

A partner should not constantly pretend to be a prince on a white horse and can behave naturally, which greatly simplifies his life.

Top Tips for Dating Older Women

If you are dating a girl who is older than you, you will find many exciting adventures and fun experiments. If you are worried about how to behave in such relationships, just remember that the most important thing is self-confidence, so you should not take your age difference too seriously. So just sit, relax, and enjoy the relationship just as if you were dating a girl of the same age. If you want to meet a woman now and find yourself a nice adult lady, then follow the following things.

Radiate confidence

If you really want to date an older girl, you need to be confident. When an older woman is dating a younger man, it probably means that this man has some self-confidence. If you have low self-esteem or you feel that you do not know how to behave in a romantic relationship, it will be very difficult for you to meet a girl who is older than you. An older woman that is starting to date a man younger than her certainly does not look for another son and does not want to become his nanny. Such a woman wants a man who knows his worth, regardless of age. If you lack confidence, it's time to work on self-love and on eliminating your shortcomings. Do not be too self-critical and do not speak negatively about yourself.

Concentrate on what you like about yourself

Accept this challenge as an exciting test, and do not find reasons and excuses why you cannot cope with it. Work to radiate confidence with your body language. Stand straight, look into her eyes, smile. Do not slouch and do not look awkward, even if it seems impossible.

Of course, it will take a long time to develop true self-confidence, but you can take a few small steps to eliminate your weaknesses. Besides, try to accept your shortcomings, which cannot be completely eliminated. Make a list of what you like about yourself and work to expand this list over time.

Another important part of self-confidence is being friends with people who help you love yourself. If your friends constantly hurt and offend you, you are unlikely to feel good.

Impress her with your independence

How to date older women? You have to become independent. Older girls do not want to have anything to do with the little helpless dogs that will follow them on the heels everywhere. They want to meet a man who has his friends, interests, and goals, which he is actively trying to achieve. Therefore, make sure that your life is eventful and does not revolve only around this woman. If a woman feels that nothing other than herself is happening in your life, she may leave you.

Besides, own interests, goals, and hobbies are a sign of a mature character. If you are not interested in anything other than your video games in life, it is unlikely that older girls will consider you an adult, dynamic person.

Whenever possible, continue to spend time with your friends. You should not give up all your affairs every time to spend time with the girl. But it’s important to show that your relationship with her is very important to you.

Do not be jealous of her. If you ask where she was and what she did too often, she will think that you are not mature enough to trust her.

Control the situation when it is in your power

If you plan on dating a girl who is older than you then you should remember the following thing. Although you should not try to dominate an older girl, you still do not need to take a completely passive position and put up with everything that a girl tells you only because she is older. She may have good ideas on how to spend time together, but do not forget to take the initiative and plan a joint pastime. You do not want her to feel that being with you is very difficult. Offer your options where you can go for lunch, what movie to watch and what to do.

Decide in turn what to do on dates. A woman should not always decide everything just because she is older.

If you kiss, and it comes to intimacy, and if you want, you can take the first step. You do not want her to find you too timid.

To control the situation from time to time is quite useful, so you show that you are much wiser than your age. However, in some cases, it makes sense to ask a woman about her opinion, especially if you are not sure what to do. The ability to recognize the fact that you do not know something is an indicator of maturity.

Let your age be your advantage

If you think, “I want to date older women,” then you better take advantage of your age. Do not take your age as something that holds you back and prevents you from enjoying a relationship with an older girl. Besides, there must be a reason why she likes to date a younger guy, right? You may not have enough experience and knowledge, but you are full of enthusiasm, excitement, energy, and a positive outlook on life. Show your girlfriend that there are advantages to having a younger boyfriend.

Impress her with your boundless energy and ability to constantly try something new. Do not be skeptical about things that you have not even heard of before. Instead, use every opportunity that comes up to you!

Even if you haven’t done much yet, you can always talk about what you would like to try and what you think will be exciting.

You should not say, "I am only eighteen, but ..." You do not want your age to be perceived as an obstacle.

Do not bother about her age

If you want to build a successful relationship with an older girl, in no case you should focus on the fact that she is older than you. Even though some women easily talk about this, other women do not want to look “older” and just want to enjoy the relationship on their terms.

You do not want to accidentally insult the woman you are dating. Therefore, if she does not talk about this issue, try not to focus on her age. If you constantly pay attention to her age, she will think that it is uncomfortable for you to meet a woman who is more experienced than you. Besides, it will make you less confident in her eyes.

Do not change too much for her

You may feel that you need to change dramatically to build a happy and successful relationship with an older girl. However, if you change too much, a woman may lose interest with the guy she liked initially. You can work to become more experienced and mature, to learn how to behave in a relationship. But you should not change yourself so radically that your girlfriend does not even recognize you as the guy who originally invited her on a date.

In the end, you want the older girl to love you the way you are, and not the embellished version of you. If you feel that you are no longer sincere with yourself, you need to stop.

If you want to build meaningful relationships with a girl who is older than you, you should not hide your features and important qualities to seem older. Let her know you for who you are.

Be a gentleman

If you want to date a girl older than you, you need to learn how to behave like a real gentleman. You do not want her to think that you do not follow your manners, or that you do not know how to communicate with women. Now many women consider ideas that a gentleman should hold a door for a lady and push a chair for her are too old-fashioned, so just try to understand your girlfriend’s expectations. Besides, it does not hurt for you to be polite, watch your manners, and avoid rude topics when talking. If you want to be a gentleman, the most important thing is to respect your woman.

Come on dates on time and give your girlfriend little gifts from time to time.

Before you go on dates, take a marathon and work on your appearance. You want to show your girlfriend that dating you is worth it.

Compliment her so that she knows that you consider her beautiful and attractive. Also, respect the people around you. Be kind and polite with the staff, friends, and even strangers, this will show that you are a well-mannered person, and not just trying to impress a woman.

Do not worry that you do not have enough experience

An older girl, most likely, had more experience and more partners in her life than you. But this does not mean that you need to constantly talk about it or be offended that you cannot offer her much. If a woman is more experienced than you in the bedroom, it’s wonderful, enjoy the fact that she can teach you everything. Try not to focus on your past and think about how you can enjoy the experience of a relationship with a girl older than you.

If you want to be a good partner, you should not focus on the fact that you are not experienced enough. Firstly, you can offend a girl who is older than you, if you desperately try to talk about her past relationships, and secondly, you will look insecure.

dating a girl who is older than youWhen it comes to intimacy, try not to worry about the fact that you are not experienced enough in sex. If you get hung up on this, you will not be able to enjoy and have fun.

Be persistent

Be the person who knows what he wants and is not afraid to say so. If you constantly doubt yourself, mumble something under your breath and wait for a convenient moment to express your opinion, your girlfriend may begin to be more attracted to more persistent and confident men. Be confident if you want to tell the girl how you would like to have a date, about what bothers you, and also about what you want.

To be persistent means to have your own clear opinion when it comes time to speak out. If you speak too quietly or get confused in words, you can hardly be called persistent.

You should not interrupt a woman when she speaks, but when it is your turn to speak, you need to be able to comfortably and calmly express what is on your mind.

Be a mature person

You do not have to be the oldest and most experienced guy in the world, but you should make an effort to gain life experience. Do not succumb to outbursts of anger over various silly little things (or behave as if you have no idea what is happening). Try not to look ignorant if you do not understand how and what works, find information about it. Learn to be polite with others, treat them with respect, do not think only about yourself. Your girlfriend probably wants a guy who will be mature enough and adult for her.

Do not whine or complain about various trifles. This indicates your immature behavior. Get rid of children's habits (bite your nails, laugh at people, fight with your brothers or sisters). When things are not going as you planned, try not to get upset or angry too much.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to not try to adapt yourself to someone else’s rules too much, and, at the same time, to not let the worst traits of your character to get the best of you. Being yourself is always the way to go, it is what you have been doing your entire life, and this what you are the best at

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